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Kirah Ruth chapter 5 . 10/18/2007


Kirah: REALLY-

Kirah & Ruth: LOVE THE TWINS.

Ruth: Chapter four was by far the best, by the way. Not only because of the twins making up, though that was a (large) part of it.

Kirah: Nor was it entirely due to the fact that Kyouya realized he loved Tamaki, though that was an even bigger part of it.

Ruth: By the way, as identical twins, we are obligated- merely due to the fact that we have /fans/ who follow our reviews- to glare at you for including Hikaru and Kaoru.

Kirah: Obligation does not mean we will, however, particularly when we will make us hypocrites (go look at the stories we- I, actually- have written).

Ruth: Oh yeah, and... "In Which Real Life Is..." WHAT?


Ruth: And since you've gotten us hooked and all, you'll be hearing from us again.

Kirah: Endearing insaneness and all.

Kirah & Ruth: Tata!
tamaki chapter 5 . 10/9/2007
I LOVE it write more please!
Krysty chapter 5 . 9/25/2007
OMG I am loving this story! Tamaki is so kawaii!

"An electric apparatus designed to train the nation’s youth to drive badly and thirst for violence."

Oh so true. XP

“I’ve scheduled ‘existing in a non-car-bumping way’ for the next two weeks solid.”

Definitally one of my fav lines of the chapter.

I love how you portray the twins and how their symmetry kinda starts to die as the topics hit closer and closer to home for them.

I LOVE how peceptive Mori-sempai is in this!

"Where will your happy ending come from?"

I practically got chills! Go Mori-sempai! w00t!

I cannot wait for the next chapter!

I luv, luv, luv ur writing! Keep it up!
Ayjah chapter 5 . 9/25/2007
Hunny is so adorable is he not?
Adi88 chapter 5 . 9/25/2007
“Kyouya stopped writing out ‘seven days’ and looked up.”

- I’m sorry, but… seven days. I am a child of horror movies.


- Best. Nickname. Ever.

“Well – that, too. Also, would you like to come with us?”

- Oh my god so cute. Tamaki… is like Jack this way. He’s either got an elaborate plan or just makes it up on the spot and none of it has any deeper meaning whatsoever. Also, threesome. I just had to say that.

“Kyouya, in all his calculations, had given this possibility no more than one seventh-of-a-percent chance. He hadn’t prepared a response.”

- Because of course he had calculated these things out. Kyouya definitely is down with the planning. And yet Tamaki shall wins! In that he made Kyouya repeat a question for lack of Prepared Responses. *rubs hands*

“Yes, yes! We shall bump cars! It’ll be amazingly fun!”

- Mind. Out of gutter. He is so adorable.

“An electric apparatus designed to train the nation’s youth to drive badly and thirst for violence.”

- Damn straight.

“First. I do not want to bump cars with you or Haruhi-kun.”

- But Kyouya… it would be so FUN. How about bumping cars with BOTH of them?

“ Second. I will not enter into competition with you.”

- I just… like that. I hadn’t thought about it, sort of thing. Mm. Makes you wonder what happen if he did, something they both cared about, and then makes you cringe and back off at the thought…

“Supporting your Club.”


- Parents. Kids. I don’t know. Sweet.

“I’ve scheduled ‘existing in a non-car-bumping way’ for the next two weeks solid.”

- Oh snark! Laugh out loud.

And off he goes… *sigh* Hah. It’s sort of odd to think that Kyouya doesn’t have a present stored from six months back. Of course, a present that Tamaki would like six months ago might be irrelevant by now. Only Kyouya would probably find something he’d want/need more permanently. Possibly socks. A really good pair. I likes it, though. It bespeaks of stalling or having had the human problem of not-enough-time.

[Also, this is the present that we will see in the next chapter, right? Because of how I didn’t really guilt you THAT much? …Does this count as guilting?]

And this whole thing. I can’t drag it all, but… oh rapid-fire, and twins, and Kyouya, and… god, everything.

“There is nothing wrong with Tamaki.”

- Sez you.

“Sending them forth to multiply and everything.”

“On purpose.”

“Knowing what’ll happen.”

“You do know what’ll happen, don’t you?”

- Because that part is especially lovely. Biblical things, and all. I don’t know. Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

“Maybe it doesn’t count if they’re her affairs, too, Hikaru-my-love.”

“Well, that seems a bit exclusionary, doesn’t it, Kaoru-my-own?”

- Yeah, that clinches it. Use it as much as you like. It’s just… so fitting, innit. Or something. [Also, I adore how from that bit on they get assigned names, and he keeps track of which one’s which for the rest of the time.]

And incomplete sentences that they fill in for each other… and that in context of what’s coming.

“Hikaru materialized a few feet in front, heading them off.”

- I luffs how they can do that. Cheshire Cat.

“A challenge to a duel, perhaps.”

“We mean, really, it could have been from anyone to anyone at this point.”

- Oh adoration. Especially with the throwback to the first chapter - or second? - with Hikaru’s “That did not happen”s.

" ‘..Jealous.’

‘That's the word, Kaoru.’

‘It is.’

Both of them hummed it, close to his ears. ‘You're jealous.’ "

- Damn. Now what is this reminding me of…? Doesn’t matter. It’s just lovely.

"We can tell."

"I can tell."

- Every time. Every TIME. How many dimensions of beautiful pain to their relationship can you find? I keep being so certain you’ve plumbed the depths and then the bottom drops out from under my feet. It’s not fair. And… pretty. Last word/first word emphasized and all.

“He carefully stared ahead, writing himself out of the situation with surgical precision and acting as a neutral barrier.”

- Love.

"You're untrue."

- I think that’s my favorite part of the chapter. Just… mm. I don’t know.

“Smoothly, just as he had been rehearsing ever since that unfortuitous epiphany…”

- Well, the chance of this happening was probably mathematically higher, after all. have to prepare oneself.

"I do not like anyone. Particularly not anyone who has a prying disposition."

- Love. Snark and all.

"We're hurt."

"You've hurt our feelings."

"Are you happy now?"

"You brute."

- And the rapidfire and “we” is back… and also can’t help adoring “you brute” just because it’s an adorable way to put it, and also because Wash said it. “He makes everybody cry.”

"No, the top of the head. It's the heaviest part. Grab it, with a big, splayed, grabby hand. Like that. And the feet, too, must be hard for babies to hold their feet up. So. Mostly with your fingers, by the top of the head and the ankles. Okay?"

- Speaking as someone who has held far more babies than she would like to have… this is either very cute or very homicidal. Is Hunny just ignorant, or jealous of some specific baby and hoping Mori kills it?

" ‘Neat. Give him back, now, okay?’

Mori gave back the stuffed rabbit.

‘Yay!’ "

- And if he did want a baby dead, who cares? SO. CUTE. No jury would ever convict him.

That has to be the cutest tent ever. I will have to force someone to draw it.

“Hunny raised his hand.

Kyouya called on him.”

- Second-favorite part of the chapter. Too. Adorable.

Ah, Kyouya. Ever accommodating.

"No, you have to give reasons, too. Like a lawyer."

- Priceless. Bloody priceless.

"Everyone will have a happy ending - that is how the world works."

- Giles!Kyouya. This and the last spoken line… go beyond favorite. They’re just the best.

Mori leaned forward, close to Kyo

Mount Mori….

"Where will your happy ending come from?"

- Love. It brings to mind so many children’s books, where a happy ending is pretty much a real thing that you can go and find, although generally you end up back home to get it.

"I live in the real one."

- Best. Like I said. And the bit about not living in the same world as everyone leading in, and most especially his being pleased with himself… SO PERFECT. He may not get a happy ending, but he will get off a clever line, and who needs a fake world anyway?

Corrections: “Hunny peeked out through the opening of the forst he had just made…” forst/fort

“…he can find me a friend of his willing to give me a discount and I'm going to to talk to him again tonight." two “to”s

[And so THAT is the pairing of infamy! You had me rather inordinately worried, there. And I shall review and email tomorrow, pinky swear.]
MarshmallowPeepGod chapter 5 . 9/24/2007
I hope this story goes on forever and ever and that theres a sequal because I like it and I need stuff to read since the library closed and I read all my books and my mom won't buy me anymore and this is a majorly long run on sentence so I think I'll end it now bye.
Maskelle chapter 5 . 9/23/2007
Once again Mori knows all! That thing wich Kyouya said made very sad. I hope you do find a way to give him a happy ending. Loved it and thank you for writing it!
EpsilonZero chapter 5 . 9/23/2007
Yeah, that was a good chapter! I love your portrayal of the twins. Just like the real one, it's seamless and misleading and...unintentionally sexy. You get lost as to which one is speaking when, just like you're supposed to. And I love how they're sync starts to wear off as they get to the more sensetive subjects. It gives them just enough humanity for you to see through the act. I love Hunny in this chapter two. Adorable, and I normally don't like the loli-shota types either. I especially like how you've made Mori so perceptive in the end. It really brings a lot of depth to the chapter and ends it with a punch that makes me want to keep reading.

Really, the only complain I have is that I really wanted to read more but it's not written yet.
DesertCat chapter 3 . 9/23/2007
good job! i really like the comment about the flowers, it seems like something Tamaki would say. he has such a cool way of looking at things.
DesertCat chapter 2 . 9/23/2007
oh no! the twins are fighting..
DesertCat chapter 1 . 9/23/2007
lucky me, finding such a good author right when i wanted to read a host club fic. i just finished the anime today, and i was feeling slightly depressed. thanks for cheering me up by capturing the spirit of the show along with all the little details. now, on to the next chapter!

(normally i don't write very long reviews. i guess i'm feeling eloquent today..)
Sambucivox chapter 5 . 9/23/2007
Interesting. So now the stories are interconnected, huh? That "Is our little Shadow-chan lonely?" gave me goosebumps. In the good way.

Can't wait to read the nigh ending. Great work so far.
DeathCabForChibi chapter 4 . 9/7/2007
D'aw... cute!
Kabbage chapter 4 . 9/3/2007
Dude. This fic is cute. I'm looking forward to more. x3
Living in a fantasy chapter 4 . 9/1/2007
this whole chapter was really cute. I can totally im agine the way the twins were laying in host club
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