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Adi88 chapter 4 . 8/31/2007
“And one of those statements is a lie.”

- There is probably a name and medication for the disorder you have. It may be a mild form of sadism, actually.

…Well. USUALLY mild.

“Kyouya checked off items on his agenda for the seventh.”

- …Creepy. I was just doing that for the 31st.

“Hunny had drawn up a menu that was both aesthetically and alimentarily pleasing…”

- Good lord. Really? As in, nutritious? Hunny? He really is Deep.

Oh my god, they made up! I take it back, you’re not sadistic! You are graciousness and mercy.

“Not that they had appeared to mind overmuch, once Kyouya introduced cameras in exchange for a small monetary investment.”

- Ah… THAT’S why they’re getting away with lazing on the job…

“If one of you is awake, would he tell me of your progress?”

- Kukukuku. I likes. It’s funny.

“We looked into it, and Mom’s company will give us a discount. Twenty percent off.”

- I cannot get used to these families. A discount… heh. That’s big business! Not even for the kiddies is there free lunch.

“Kyouya made a note to examine the budget and compare it to last year’s.

Twenty percent.


- Oh, sweet love. Because it’s like, something you look up later on, and he just… flicked through the stuff in his head. He’s like that creepy lady at Wolfram and Heart. “I’m Files and Records. That’s my job.”

“Yes, wherever does that go?”

“I steal it. That’s why I’m better at essays.”

- Well, the whole conversation wins awards really. I just yanked this part. That… is the epitome of Cute Banter. They are so One. Only not, because Kaoru is better at essays. And up to saying so! Ecstasy.

“Kaoru lifted his head away and tried to dry off the outside of his ear.”

- Naughty…

“And, Hitachiins; if you violate any local indecent exposure ordinances in your post-conflict zeal – and are caught – you will be faced with the most literal interpretation of the phrase ‘thrown under the bus’.”

- Excuse me, I have to go - forgive the vernacular - ROTFWL. I adores me a snarky Kyouya, yes I do…

“Haruhi said, through a bit of wire and at least one satellite.”

- Because why go all the way there when you can just call…

I would pay good money to hear that lecture.

“Maybe another fifteen minutes?”

- …Uh-oh.

“ ‘I didn’t expect watching wet clay spinning until it falls over to be so entertaining!’

Tamaki was silent, now. He might very well have passed out.”

- Oh, too cute, on both of their parts. But. But… does she even mean, and if she does, and… maybe she’s doing it to make Kyouya Act? She is sneaky like that. It would be most Her. But if she’s not… happy endings… oh messy. And they’re making pottery. Have you ever seen Ghost?


- Ah, only Tamaki.

“Kyouya…? Is there ice cream involved?”

- Love the way this lad’s mind works. Love, love, love.

“I’ll go with you. But! You have to have a sleepover with me.”

- Okay, I was too caught in tension to comment before this. Coherently, anyway. Choices always have consequences, damnit. But… Tamaki. Is just too much of a good thing. He knows his company is a blessing, is all.

“I don’t mind. I promise. Some other time, maybe. Or we could even have it as a Club activity.”

- Whew. But she’s not just keeping on right now, so Tamaki being there was part of the point, and that means… what?

Kyouya has a practical and time-saving method of answering.

“Tamaki sat next to him, looking out the window vacantly, and frowning at passing girls.”

- Frowning? At girls? Even not-seeing kinda way, he is out of it.

“I was not aware that I felt badly.”

- Well, you’re a dummy.

“I often give you choices. It is your club.”

- Mm for passive aggression or something. I just like that as an answer.

“The next time you’re lonely, just tell me. Don’t let me hurt you, okay? I don’t want that.”

- I need to go cry now. He is so awesome.

“So, Ootori Kyouya was limited to more natural resources.”

- Love for the full name. Witness this mighty man brought low by a blond furball.

“He wasn’t even thinking too hard about it; he simply knew that he had approximately ten minutes before the moon sank too low to be of any use.”

- He is so creepy.

“Move more carefully in the dark.”

- La. He sounds like Haruhi. Adoration.

“It hurt my toe, and my wrist…”

“How sad for you.”

- Like oil and water, if together they made something this cute and funny and occasionally heart wrenching. I can’t think of many chemical reactions that do that, though…

“Kiss it and make it better, please?”

- Oh my god. I am going to cry.

“…Because I would do it for you?”

“Would I ever need you to? I am not so foolish as to blunder about at midnight.”

- Yes, yes, yes.

“He set his notebook aside and brought his hand up to find Tamaki’s arm, but all he found was a chin.”

- Oh my. Well… this would certainly eliminate a fight. Of course, the perpetual Tamaki issue is rather the same as Jack’s - does he have the slightest idea what he’s doing, or just… DO things? Is there a Plan or a series of fortunate events…

“Why is your face so close to my face?”

- Yup. Dummy. Even if Tamaki doesn’t mean it to be so convenient…

“No purpose. The symbolism of the thing.”

- ShinoShinoShino…

And this answers that whole marriage vs. glasses thing, anyway.

“It’s midnight. You burned through your sugar high an hour ago. Why are you awake, in my room, and molesting my glasses?”

- Mine is an evil laugh! And… he knows when Tamaki burns through the sugar. Also, Tamaki’s there anyway. There is just too much cute and snark.

“Tamaki. Focus.”

- La, cute.

“Because you’re here.”

- And sweet and… he’s just so… dedicated.

And what other reason was he looking for…?

“Kyouya looked at the little pool of skimped and saved light, at the very apex of the curve of his glasses so far away.”

- That’s just a lovely sentence. “Skimped and saved light.” Hellz yah.

“He might have fallen in love with Tamaki.

…How inconvenient.”

- Oh, indeed! Lovely, yes, it is encapsulating. Let reason and convenience dictate all… until it come up against Tamaki.
Ayjah chapter 4 . 8/31/2007
Getting into Kyouya's head is quite the adventure is it not?
Maskelle chapter 4 . 8/31/2007
Very, very sweet! Loved it and cant wait for the next chapter!
Romulan Empress chapter 4 . 8/30/2007
I loved the last line. Very Kyouya. Other points I liked were Kaoru's explanation for being better at essays and Tamaki's talk with Kyouya in the car. It was melancholy, but very in character. Overall, good chapter, and I cannot wait until the next.
Idiosyncracy chapter 4 . 8/30/2007
*GASP* oh! how lovely! me loves where the fluff is going! yays!

Krysty chapter 3 . 8/22/2007
I really like it so far! I'm sure everyone'll have some kind of a happy ending, even if it's not what everyone expects. But that's just my opinion.:P Please update soon, it's really good. You captured the characters really well. No matter how things turn out, maybe Haruhi will end up more feminine after all of this, and that would definitely give Tamaki his happy ending, _
Adi88 chapter 3 . 7/30/2007
[I am so sorry; yesterday completely got away from me. There was no computer-time. I shall… make it up to you! Being late. Somehow. *plots*]

“Mori didn’t have anything to contribute…”

- Sn. It’s because he never gets any screen-time unless he’s sharing with Hunny. In the show in general, I mean.

“They were making fine progress for having twenty days left and being full-time students. Kyouya could find no fault with them.”

- I love that, because for no discernible reason, absolutely nothing I can see in the words, I keep reading them as having an unspoken “…unfortunately.” Like he wants an excuse to yell at someone. Drain some tension. Or, not yell, because he’s Kyouya, but frighten somehow.

Oh… love. Such a Twins fight, a real fight, not like the overblown ‘things are boring’ hair-dyeing fight. They may Not Be Touching or Speaking to one another, but they’re still going to sit on the couch rather than chairs and as damn close as they can without breaking rule number one. Because there. Is. Nothing. Wrong.

“We were thinking of a design, but it’s a bit avant-garde for our sensibilities.”

- Because CUTE. All else aside. I suppose because it reminds me of n-whatsit-rich being their favorite epithet for a while in “Temperature.”

“Kyouya pressed his lips together. Below his expectations.”

- LOVE again. THAT is the death sentence. Yes. Adoration. Because with most people, that’s kind of a qualifier to an otherwise positive verdict [‘Well, not quite what I was expecting, but I like what you did with the pink. It’ll pass.’], and with Kyouya it’s ‘You fail at life.’ And all you need to put are those three words to cover it all.

“… and then the double-doors burst open to admit something blond and half-French.”

- Snarfle.

“Four people jumped, one of those instinctively grasping at another’s sleeve before remembering not to touch.”

- But he didn’t get in trouble for it, did he. Hikaru was probably kind of flattered, really. Comforted.

“He knew only one person who always opened both doors when entering a room.”

- …Ecstasy. Utter. This CANNOT be coincidence. Tell me you’ve at least seen “Conviction” from Angel. I am overflowing with Main Character love now [even though Tamaki isn’t, in the show or here, but you know what I mean. The TYPE. It’s about belief. People follow them because it’s nice to be in the wake of those both-open doors. Lots of room]. Our wacky boys… Yes. I’ve been cradling this dynamic especially close lately with “Chapter Black” in YYH, so I may just faint away.

“Tamaki hummed in confusion.”

- Heh-heh. I like that.

Edit: “I was waiting to talk to you about the next club outing. Perhaps during the ride home.”

- This becomes important, doesn’t it. Good thing he didn’t really need to. Oh ow.

“Anyway, I came back to get my things. I forgot them in here when Haruhi-kun asked to go for a hike in the mountains.”

- Shyeah, when you had a joygasm and died, forgive my verging-on crudity.

“But then Haruhi remembered that she needed to get home, but I won’t let her use the train – I know what goes on there, I’ve read stories – and now I’m going to give her a ride home immediately.”

- …Yeah. I swear, one could write a treatise on socioeconomic prejudices in OHSHC. Isn’t he priceless?

“I did try to stop him from coming in here. I even swooned, like the twins told me to do in an emergency. It just made him want to take me home faster.”

- Because she’s so cute, and that is the most lovely thing to imagine… and then to go on to that after the reason she needs to stay…

“Comprehensible. He can be difficult to handle.”

- He’s so freaking… calm. About everything. ‘He can be difficult to handle for those who aren’t as good at as I am, but then I’ve had a lot more practice than you.’ Only it would be so pointless… waste of energy. And so he does not do it.


- Mm. But. Oh… just hugs all around.

“I’m sorry, Kyouya, I can’t ride home with you today. Later, okay?”

- …Ow. After he even said that about talking to him on the way back. One cannot say Tamaki gives less than his all.

“However, he had discovered a use when reading over some contracts binding his father’s company to a now-obsolete researching firm.”

- Haha. That’s Kyouya… plus, the dipthongs. I like that word. Dip-thong. Yes.

“Latin was a legal favorite. Particularly when dealing with the United State and tariffs and… loopholes.”

- Oh my god, he’s completely frauding things already. Only not technically, I’m sure. The letter of the law, and all that. Seek not to confound the Kyouya. He’s like a faery, and I spell it like that to avoid the other meaning, which is not entirely inaccurate in and of itself but not the point right now… but you know what I mean. Tithe-type fairy. He shall Trick You.

“It was filled with small vases and lopsided candleholders, ruins that were the only remnants of a short-lived school-wide interest in glassblowing.”

- Details. You pwn them.

“These were not failed, overeager experiments; these were what happened when lightning struck a desert with a conveniently candle-shaped hole in the center.”

- Because it is a lovely sentence and description-thingy and also it reminds me of Small Gods. Plus, o~oh. I get it. Client.

“She was sincerely sorry each and every time, though.”

- Because it’s cute and reminds me of… hm. Oh! Sound of Music. Something in that “How Do You Solve…” song.

“He made sure that her glasses were framed by the candlelight, because then his eyes would be similarly complemented from her side.”

- Oh perfect. When he applies himself, he does it well, yes. Latin and romance.

“How was your week, Shola-chan?”

- …beg pardon?

“I told you about Lao Wen, didn’t I?”

- …not a coincidence. And not an in-honor-of, not with both of them. Oh. My. …I would burst into tears of joy and smother you in kisses but I’m going to hold out and make sure this isn’t lemon juice in the cut somehow.

“Shola beamed, proud that someone like Kyouya had paid her life so much attention.”

- And there he’s just Cam Janson. But it doesn’t hurt her to think it.

“I told you that we were arranged to… to be married. When we were young. I was the one who first called him Lion, since I couldn’t pronounce his name.”

- Officially completely the same people. They… whoo. They have new life. They’re okay. They’re gonna get MARRIED. … ‘were’ arranged…

“He had heard all of this before. But as long as he stayed neutral, she trusted him.”

- I don’t know. I just like it. Leetle bit distracted. Shola. Right THERE. In a yellow dress and all.

“He told me he loved me!”

- …again past tense. Oh lord.

“Shallow black eyes, reflecting the dancing fire, slowly slid closed.”

- I am going to feel for Kyouya again as soon as I know where Shola and Lion stand, and when I do this will be most… yes.

Oh… oh. And I know the story already, or a version, but… gods. And “Lao Wen had found out, chosen his fists over his words as an initial reaction, turned the teacher over to the authorities, and taken over the major decisions in Shola’s life.” The sort of beat. beat. beat. of it. Lion does things. Just does them. And takes over.

“If he didn’t pass judgment on anything she did – either in the positive or negative – she was able to be herself more.”

- Instantly in love with Kyouya all over again. It’s… funny how nicely they fit together, as that goes. Shola needs to have someone not judge, with Lion judging EVERYTHING, and what Kyouya does best is neutrality. Shola. Lion. Wow.

“Having a profiler assess his personality was not the same as ‘meeting’ someone.”

- Heh… at least he still realizes that much.

“He makes you happy.”

- Because if I wasn’t so… they’re alive! - I would want to hit Lion a bit, partially for just being confusing, and that… is lovely. Puts it in perspective.

…although saying she can’t do this makes me want to hit him again.

“I understand. Do not apologize for doing something that makes you happy.”

- Well. I guess. If it DOES. Support systems. Dammit these two confuse me. And are here to confuse me. Gosh.

“Kyouya did take out his notebook, now, and wrote a few shorthand notes. Take his client off the list, be sure to settle the accounts, maybe research another girl… Troublesome. He disliked having a new client. It was inevitable, though.”

- For this incredibly analytical pseudo-breakup, which sort of makes me want to cry except… yeah. Shola and Lion. Actually, that’s WHY it makes me want to cry. I’m all overly emotional. Everything… mnah.

“Shola-chan, may I ask why you applied to me?”

- Wow. That’s… almost like a request for legitimization or something. Certainly puts quite a weight on her opinion, regardless of what he’s looking for with it.

“You wouldn’t base your opinion on me on the fact that I was raped.”

- Because it reminds me of one of the very few episodes of House I’ve seen…

“And I had never observed someone change from the person I entertained the first day to the person I’m looking at now.”

- Just… oh. And wow.

“You are on the verge of finding your happiness. Congratulations.”

- That makes me feel significantly better about… everything. Maybe Hunny’s wish will come true.

Okay, the scene’s over so I can take a second and breathe and just fall worshipfully at your feet. There is just nothing better you could have done with those two. S’not a Happy Ending as such, until Lion gets a grip on his temper and Shola finds one of her own and all, but they have Potential. They have LIFE. And “Lies” is still intact in its tragedy, and they still… did that. But this… s’like Connor’s blank slate, isn’t it. Too much happened in one place, so you move them to another. Doesn’t change what happened, but… but. It’s a new chance.

Plus, praise BE, says the less emotional and more interested in storytelling part of me, for giving the Ouran Fangirls the courtesy of someone with an actual personality. If I see one more anime so insecure in the attractiveness of its main men that it needs a horde of militaristic, near-identical girls who get names only when they come between two Main Characters as villains… I am going to… bitch about it some more.

My point is, Shola is REAL. And it… makes a difference. Also doesn’t hurt that she’s SHOLA.

…In OHSHC. Sorry, I can’t get over that. She lives and breathes…


Aw. Friendly hanging, and talking about clients. I like that, apart from squee-ness. Something about, even if Tamaki is wildly obsessed with Haruhi, there is always their this.

“Kyouya was sitting on the bench, placed in the garden for the expressed purposed of being set on, like a normal person.”

- Sn. Sn. Sn.

“I’m in perfect health.”

- Oh, KYOUYA. “Tamaki pouted, willing him to be less dense.” Yes… and that is the single most ironic thing ever…

“Like how your sister likes gardening so much. She doesn’t fall in love with her flowers, but she really likes them anyway. You’re like that.”

- Interesting parallel. I shall treasure it.

“She’s found her happy ending. Everyone deserves to.”

- Such a Tamaki sentiment. ‘Everyone.’ Reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s Death, in a way. Sort of the other way around. She knows everyone really well, which is why she forgives them everything, and Tamaki… just blithely assumes they deserve happiness, and what with getting what you ask for, people tend to show their best sides around him. Rose-colored world.

“Kyouya just didn’t know where his would come from.”

- …mnah. Oh the dynamic. With Haruhi so perfect and his friend too and just… mnah.

And there. I owe you… so big. Mucho. Very very… yes. Shola and Lion. I’m gonna go have dinner, and then I’ll finally have email time and will thank you some more because… so many kisses.


“We were thinking of a design, but it’s a bit advant-garde for our sensibilities.” advant/ avant

“A person out of Kyouya’s line of sigh touched the side of her head…” sigh/sight

“Kyouys stood in the cluttered little classroom for a few moments.” Kyouys/Kyouya
Sambucivox chapter 3 . 7/29/2007
Excellent. From the description of Ouran's grounds and ticks to the OC that works as a mirror of Kyouya's human side. The ending sequence is also very good. I wonder if Shadow-chan knows as much about himself as Tamaki does.

Happy endings again...
critic chapter 2 . 7/2/2007
I can't wait for how this turns out.
c0rin chapter 2 . 6/20/2007
I really like this, a quiet fic. It's relaxing. I hope you add the next chapter soon.
Lady Isis Rose chapter 1 . 6/18/2007
i love this story!

i hope you will update soon. i'm anxious to know what happens next.

havea good summer

-Lady Isis
Living in a fantasy chapter 2 . 6/16/2007
This is so cute. I love it

while mori said haruhi wouldn't have a happy ending, what I go out of that was

MOri and Honey

HIkaru and Kaoru

Tamaki and Kyouya

that sounds fine to me.

but anyway this is really cute. I like it a lot
Mary chapter 2 . 6/16/2007
Ah, yes. Alice was right; I did both flip and pop my top because I am ever so in love with Hunny.


Also, I can say, even w/o reading them, although I of course did, and got some potential blackmail out of it ("Hellz"? With a "z"? Haha. Hahahaha.), that I second everything else she said, too. Cuz she's me with a bigger vocabulary and... ya know, brain.

You just capture everything so perfectly.

Well, ya know, keep on writing (and posting).


Romulan Empress chapter 2 . 6/16/2007
The first part of this was rather melancholy, though upon a second read I felt better. I look forward to seeing how the relationships will work out (Adi88's comment about threesomes made me laugh) since the Club does have an odd number with which to work. The last part was cute. Please continue!
Adi88 chapter 2 . 6/15/2007
“Twenty-five days to zero hour.”

- Haha. I like that. It sounds funny, although I’m fairly certain it’s legit. Think I’ve heard it before. But days and hour, and zero is funny because it doesn’t exist. I… need to eat something, because I make no sense.

“The only mildly troubling detail was that he did not, per say, remember writing it.”

- Fershnizzle. I better find out he was looking at Tamaki and not, like, slowly dying of a disease that robs him of short-term memory. [Correction, though: ‘per say’ instead of ‘per se’.]

“He examined his pen, just in case it was trying to outwit him.”

- Luffs! Oh yeah… Kyouya just attracts these evil Staples-accessories, doesn’t he? Poor guy. But there; it is all for the amusement of ME and that’s always good. Seriously, the anthropomorphic and Dark Side writing things are such love.

“After ascertaining that the pen was innocent of all crimes…”

- FOOL! Let not an innocent façade beguile you! There was MALICE of FORETHOUGHT.

Absurd. Ootori Kyouya did not daydream.”

- Hellz yah. Oh you had better tell us what he was daydreaming about. Unless he blanked… I suppose really the thing here is that he can be all oblivious and daydream and still write all his neat little columns and rearrange the world.

“Someone obtrusively cleared their throat unobtrusively.”

- Okay seriously. This thing is like a triumph of the vaguely Pratchettian, yet increasingly pure Gracian sense of humor.

Teh luffs. Pure Twins. Plus very special after… chapter 27, was it? Anyway, though, they’re cool. They have their sentences all figured out. It’s creepy. Plus, Tamaki teaching Haruhi to fly a kite is classic stuff. Dreams are made of this.

…It has just occurred to me that Ouran is probably not on YT any longer and I’m having a breakdown, but I can deal, if only because the Pull of Surprises is stronger than mere pain.

“We’re going to go with purple and pastel blue as a general color scheme, but we’re working on an exact pattern still.”

- Because eighth birthday aside, Mommy wields the influence and they shall follow in her footsteps…

“… according to Hunny, none of the chairs were the right blend of softness and firmness to be comfortable.”

- Love. So much love. Beaten only by the speech about food. Pure Twins is followed by pure Hunny. I can’t wait for Mimi to read this; she’s gonna flip. I especially like “Does Tama-chan really like raspberries, Kyou-chan?” Because it’s like looking for verification, but there was never any foundation to begin with; heck the whole thing started out with a completely different fruit.

“Tamaki was apparently showing his charge the correct way to flap her arms in order to give the kite more of an advantage when leaving the ground.”

- Oh GOD. I love them so much. He’s such a dork.

“It fit oddly, as though he had stood in front of a mirror and exercised the muscles until they automatically pulled into a perfectly false imitation.”

- Because it never lets up… and most of all, ‘perfectly false.’ Not falsely perfect. Which… mnah. Also, love for crème shaped as a heart. So Tamaki.

“There followed a fast fight, break up, and reunion during which Bunbun was temporarily left on the floor as he had landed.”

- Oh god again. And also again, Mimi is going to pop her top. And all hail the evil inanimate anthropomorphic beings of Ouran! For soon you will have no choice; yea, they shall rise up and unite, and the world shall bow before them.

Wow… oh nice. I forgot Kyouya can’t tell them apart.

“I still think that we can do a girl voice better than she can.”

- Mm. Because there are some people who are a ‘we.’ *nudge. wink*

“Tamaki-sempai, I was hoping that we could fly a kite today. In my commoner neighborhood, there isn’t enough space, so I don’t know how. That field down there is perfect, though…”

- ZOMG it’s Tamaki Inner Mind Theater come to life! He must’ve blown!

…What’s he crossing out? Oh you had BETTER at least tell us that. Something he wrote while he was zoned out, yes?

“Is that what she said? It sounded more like ‘Tamaki-sempai, the twins just gave me a kite and I don’t know what to do with it.’”

- …Oh. Well, that would be more Haruhi by far.

“You don’t know how to deliver lines at all, Kyouya. You sounded like you were giving a proclamation or something.”

“Ah, good. So did she, I believe.”

- LOVE. Love for Haruhi, and the Twins, and also for Vetinari, because somehow Kyouya reminded me of him there. Something about the way it was phrased.

Uh-oh. I do like the way Kyouya-narration takes them naming each other and assigns them names, keeping with it because we do like to know where things go… but this is rather overshadowed by Oh Shit.

“You could steal me away from Tamaki. How entertaining!”

- Something about him saying it ‘softly’ and everyone else watching because where this is going is not a good place…

“Why not cut to the chase and steal Haruhi away? It’d make the whole thing more believable.”


- Oh FUCK. If he’d just been a little more distracted… if… tummy turnover.

“Just in case it was trying to outwit him.”

- …shall be able to revel in this later.

Oh… but. It’s rather worth it for that reaction. From “what just happened?” to “it didn’t.” And everything in between. And “Hikaru didn’t bother walking out after Kaoru. He was running as fast as he could.”

“Kyouya made a small sound of annoyance when he found more magic words on his paper. Let your attention wander for a moment and words start popping up everywhere…”

- And now you REALLY can’t hold out.

“I don’t like this. I want everyone to have a happy ending.”

- Words RIGHT outta my mouth, and also out of the mouths of babes.

“Everyone will, except for Haruhi.”

- …really? Is that prophetic? Oh don’t tell me. But I mean Mori. He sees things. Oh shit.

Oh I can just picture that. So many words. ‘Sorry, Haruhi. No, I’m not telling you what for. Also you’re off-duty now.’ *keels over* …That was immature of me.

“You agree, right? Haruhi’s going to have a happy ending!”

“I’m confident that she will, Hunny. You’ll research the crèmets?”

- Butbutbut! And right on to business…

“There was a Moment unfolding right in front of him.”

- And such a Moment. So very Ouran, just like Haruhi having to distract him. Just… not with the main character of this particular thing, as narrative causality dictates. DAMNit.

“Someone can’t have a happy ending…”

- Yes. They can. It’s called a threesome. He’s French, fergawdsakes! Hop to!

“I’m sure that I’m going to find out.”

- Like water torture.

“Our daughter said, ‘Tamaki-sempai, I was hoping that we could fly a kite today. In my commoner neighborhood, there isn’t enough space, so I don’t know how. That field down there is perfect, though…’ I can remember each word! They’re engraved on my heart!”

- Oh god. I could kill him right now, especially because being usurped by a daughter is a bit embarrassing, but that is just glorious. The same WORDS. How do you take this anime-stuff and make it so deliriously who-cares-about-sense-it’s-beautiful!, overloading my sense of logic until it simply nods sagely along like it understands?

“Kyouya determined that the effort to convince Tamaki of Haruhi’s actual words would be wasted…”

- Because no takes the adage that reality is overrated more seriously than Tamaki, and I love him for it, but… I mean, Kyouya! Standing right there and taking this and bugger.

“Don’t you want to hear about Haruhi?”

“Or we could discuss the next Club theme.”

“Great! That too!”

- …Just smack him. Or grab him and kiss him. Either way, Kyouya. Whatever works.

Victory! Kyouya still gives him even more energy… that’s a plus? Also, that Tamaki has kite-flying techniques. Ha. That’s a guy for ya.

“Tamaki put on hand over his heart and one in a sweeping gesture that encompassed the finer qualities of Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love, as well as a lurking bed of peonies to his left.”

- Because we just watched Moulin Rouge, and also the peonies are in on it too, undermining the grandeur of the Father-King. Plus, this brand of humor is fast becoming an addiction all on its own.

“Just for spite, he said absently, ‘You think that we aren’t close enough already, Tamaki? Are you closer to other people?’ ”

- Because FINALLY, and also almost wishing he hadn’t now that he has because Tamaki is so earnest, and… heh. How much of that is just spite?

“We are! We are! We are the best of friends and I’m not closer to anyone – well, besides Mama, but you know – you’re my most favorite person in all of Japan! Yes!”

- Worth that, though, definitely. He’s got a thing for mothers, anyway…

Ha. Haruhi is “efficient.”

“You… are an interesting specimen, Tamaki.”

- OH LOVE! We had a whole thing going with that phrase and a friend’s boyfriend one time…

“Besides, Ootori Kyouya did not yell. Or dash into a store without a scrap of dignity –

But exceptions could, apparently, be made.”

- …More love than I thought possible. Really, they need to just hand the show over to you for the second season.

Okay, and before I forget, two more things: One, WTF WAS HE WRITING?

And two, love for the chapter titles. Because they’re doing the sentence-thing, and also right now it’s “in which”, which is usually part of one chapter title itself, and is just clever.
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