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Rem10124 chapter 2 . 6/14/2007
this is good so far
Sambucivox chapter 2 . 6/14/2007
I agree with Adi88, your Kyouya has a vetinarian strike that makes me laugh and panic at the same time.

He's also oh-so-not-in-denial.

As opposed to all the repressed, ivory skinned and ebony haired KyOyas that populate the fanfiction.

Hunni is even more scary though. I wouldn't dare to interfere with his pie-eating addiction anytime.
Romulan Empress chapter 1 . 6/5/2007
I sincerely hope that I am not the only one who gave an undignified snort when the teacher called on Kyouya. That has got to be one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. The end of the chapter left me slightly melancholy though. Please continue soon.
Michelle chapter 1 . 5/30/2007
That was really good i luved it!
Adi88 chapter 1 . 5/28/2007
“Warnings include: various non-heterosexual pairings, vague humor, Kyouya-style cynicism, and cute half-French blonde kids.”

- ZOMG joy. Happy Dance commences.

“Kyouya berated the terrified notebook. How dare it fail him now?”

- Sn. Sn. Sn. Yes! And yea, the Notebook cowered before its God, for it had been naughty and full well it did know it.

“The greatest villainy was, obviously, not beyond Evil’s daring.”

- I… love your sense of humor so incredibly much. *wriggle* I am going to glorify in this so much, for every moment it lasts until you kill of Tamaki or something…

“Tamaki was sitting next to him, absently clicking his ballpoint pen against the surface of his desk. His own notebook was lying before him, clean and innocent. “

- Ooh. Possibly this will happen sooner than I expected. Kyouya might have to, in Lorne’s words, “smack [him] down!” for being so blatantly having-of-paper-he-does-not-appreciate. Hm… come to that, Kyouya must have been completely out of it for some reason not to notice he needed more paper. Or maybe he was just too focused on the paper he had.

“Slowly, he reached into his pocket and took out the Official Ouran Host Club Keychain, which included the miniature likenesses of each member and was now available for order at the Club’s website.”

- Because Kyouya is a walking advert even when he’s sort of third-person narrating.

“His arm reached across the chasm that lay between their desks, and then brought the chain before Tamaki’s eyes. Tamaki focused on it, and followed the dancing figures obediently.”

- Oh. My. God.

“Kyouya’s other hand was around the spine of Tamaki’s notebook when the teacher said, ‘Ootori-kun, will you please correct the sentence I have written on the board?’

“Then all eyes were fixed on him, and the teacher blinked, realizing too late that his top student was not paying attention. In fact, he appeared to be entertaining the second-top student with a child’s toy.”

- Shoot me now, because I swear I shall never be more happy than at this moment. That is the single cutest, most wonderful, sneaky, adorable thing ever to happen. [Say not the word “fiction” in mine ears…]

“After a long moment, the teacher decided that he liked his salary better than his sanity and filed the image under ‘to be repressed’.”

- This entire thing is exactly what I needed to cheer me up. Whole week being made right here on this manic Monday. Sometimes I could just burst because you are so wonderful.

“Kyouya straightened in his seat, bringing Tamaki’s notebook with him.”

- Sneak! Thief! So much love.

“No. I’m content. Thank you for offering.”

- Ooh, this is so cute and calming. Just chillin’. Kyouya and Haruhi… they don’t really interact that much, do they, apart from the obvious episodes where they interact the whole time. Nice to see them just sort of … hanging. Inasmuch as people this practical and busy can hang.

“There was no risk in telling her, and the potential for gain.”

- These things must be kept track of. There are always things to be banked upon. Ah, Kyouya…

“And the fact that Tamaki-sempai hasn’t been singing it from the roofs means that he doesn’t know, right?”

- Aw~w! Omigod, so sad! In a cute way still, since I refuse to think about it and why. I’m having fun with Grace-vague!humor right now, leave me alone, reality.

“Well, how can I help?”

- Sort of love that. Pure Haruhi. So Tamaki, He Who Adores Himself, has forgotten his own birthday. Kyouya, He Who Doesn’t Give a Crap, is throwing a party. Okay. So I’ll help. Such a lovely mixture of practical and kind.

Wow, everything’s all set out and planned… so perfect. Maybe Tamaki pretends to forget so that he’ll know that his family/subjects are paying proper attention on their own. Hm. That would have to be a subconscious decision, especially with Haruhi there to alert so that she can take this opportunity to show her undying love for her, ahem, father. Ick, and now I’m doing it. I really wish they’d make up their minds on whether they’re in love or in family. Off track… point is, it’s all a well-oiled machine and everything. A man’s home is his palace. Hee. Kingdom. This is getting unintelligible.

“Hunny was authoritative and somewhat vicious about foodstuffs, and it could be quite a shock to the uninitiated.”

- That right there is another icon/poster/quote wall. So lovely… so very lovely… like the thing about Hunny having to be shown that he gets more treats by sharing before he would do it…

“Entertain Tamaki to prevent him from suspecting anything. Or, as is more likely, from allowing his curiosity to spoil anything unduly.”

- Hoo… boy… this is gonna be GOOD.

“Is this just for fun?”

“No. It is Club business.”

- Oh, oh, here we go… she’s like a ferret! A weasel! She shall have it out of you, Kyouya!

Haruhi said, “A friend that you think about during school, work, and play. You are very lucky, Kyouya-sempai.”

- Cutest thing ever… oh… already gave that award… but this is so… Big group hug! Kyouya, Tamaki, and Haruhi shall now be embraced. For they have a lovely, wonderful relationship if you can ignore all the icky bits, and that was a beautiful thing to say.

“The new department may have been a poor, in-the-moment decision.”

- Ha. Cause she made you think. Your doubts shall not avail you!

“In that five minutes, the others ended their commissions and herded the girls out through the post-bishounen-haze.”

- Post-bitumen-haze? That… also wins an award of some kind.

ZOMG sure-fire attack! Ooh, Kyouya, Haruhi went all-out to help, that’s for sure. I mean, yeah, she ends up dressed as a girl pretty frequently, but still. There is an element of reluctance of which much is made.

“Kyouya spent a few seconds too long watching Tamaki chase after her like a lonely puppy.

The new department was fulfilling its purpose. As well as could be expected, of course.”

- And the seeds of jealousy and grudgingness are sown! Uh-oh. And also squeals of joy. This is going to be, say it with me yet again, so much fun.

That’s F-U-N.
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