Reviews for Drop it on Me
wyntertwilight chapter 1 . 8/30/2010
Hee! Okay so this is fluff but I LOVE IT. It makes me feel all squishy and fluffy and warm inside, and those moments were few and far between with Sam and Kara in the show *sighs* I love them so, but that was a painful journey. So reading this is just what I need! I just finished watching the show and they're my biggest ship from it, so I'm now on the hunt for any fic I can find - can you imagine my sheer glee at finding your stories? Lovelovelove. I love the way you write them both, and capture the bantering, playful dynamic between them. And yeah, this was just awesome. I don't suppose you ever wrote up a sequel to this, huh? I figure that's wishful thinking but I'd love to read it. Anyway, great work!