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malgorata chapter 18 . 1/27/2008
Alternative titles...Sam FINALLY gets lucky...or sex can kill. I don't think that poor boy has a snowballs chance in hades of living through something like that. Still a fun romp of a story. Thanks for the pyton ref.
Cookie6 chapter 18 . 11/23/2007
This was an absolute stunning chapter and a perfect finale to your story. The way you wrote Dean feeling he is worthy of someone else's love and consideration just broke my heart into a million bits.

This was incredible writing - "Yet another fire destroyed a place that felt like a home to him. The universe gave him a taste of what he had always dreamed of- a home. He wanted it so badly and fell into so easily- that feeling of security. He knew he cared about this woman in a way he had never experienced before, but didn't know what to call it. For the moment, it was enough to know he felt comfortable in his own skin. He was thankful she had given him the one thing he never expected- a sense of belonging. For one time Dean Winchester was good enough in the eyes of another. The comfort of that warmed him and pained him." *standing ovation* You nailed it here, Dean in a nutshell wrapped in clever and talented writing.

Sam's intuitiveness to leave well alone, that somethings don't need explaining, was a great insight into Sam's thinking - that living in each other's pockets doesn't mean privacy is not to be respected. However, had to giggle at this - "He anticipated one day, Dean saying something derrogatory in an attempt to be humorous. He wondered what part of the gutter garden Dean would put the idea of three women" - Sam thinks Dean is unaware of what happened in the barn! Oh to be a fly on the upholstery if that conversation ever surfaces in the impala! We know already Dean had a crack when he was sleeping off the 'effects' - I'm thinking Dean's gunna have a field day!

Your ending was perfect. The boys re-establishing their equilibrium in so few words but utter understanding.

Congrats on a fine story and thanks for all your time, effort and talent. It's been a great ride.
Cookie6 chapter 17 . 11/23/2007
Ding dong the witch is dead! Or should I say witches! Great battle scene. Boy was that stabbing of Dean's leg graphic, I felt every inch of that blade going in *icky*. Good angst throughout your chapter, not too over the top but enough to make us catch our breath.

So Aurora is seeing how strong that Winchester bond is, or at least getting a glimpse of it- "She was about to scream she was wrong about Sam, but she saw his eyes. Dean’s pain seemed to be killing Sam, just as the danger to Sam had hurt Dean. She knew what Dean meant now and was awestruck that two men could be so strong and compassionate" Beautifully written, so wonder Aurora was in awe. So was I.

“I know why you think Sam is worth so much Dean. I understand now.”I'm thinkin she has no idea, but the sentiment was nice, she IS getting the depth and intensity of the brothers bond.

Here is Sam with a lifetime of knowing - "I doubt he feels you owe him. It wouldn’t be his way." I loved this simple statement which revealed so much of the brothers.

And the iron to cauterise Dean's wound! I get the whole "battle field traige" but I nearly passed out with Dean!

This chapter was very graphic in description, you did a great job of creating tension and excitement. *applause*
Cookie6 chapter 16 . 11/23/2007
A cat fight! A dirty cat fight! It was one in, all in! What a mob of vicious women. I get Sam doesn't hit women but would make an exception this time, she had it coming.

I felt Sam's hesitation here, you wrote it very well - "fully aware to keep his distance from personal experience and Aurora’s non-verbal warning, tensed in repulsion. Moreover, he wasn’t sure he was ready to make a stand...The memory of losing his free over carnal desires left him more than wary to fall under their influence again."

Loved this "You didn't cuff him!...You didn't check!" Aurora spewed with vicious cockiness." Go Sister!

What a classic line "That's not playing fair Sam, dear. Does our time together mean anything at all to you?" hee, hee, in all that seriousness I had to giggle!

Action packed chapter, great work!
Cookie6 chapter 15 . 11/15/2007
OK, so the Sheriff is the Queen Bee. Huh. Never picked it. But it all makes sense now. As Dean would say "that Brook chick is a b1tch!"

Loved the way Sammy went from satiated slumber to ready to kick a$$ when Dean's in trouble. Loved how you had him in protection mode with Aurora and how his eyes communicated with her. This was very alpha hunter - "again he flashed the same concentrated stare to comply" and your words here were sweet - "The eyes were a different shape and color than Dean's, but the same calm and kindness was in them." Top job.

Not sure I like this - "She trusted her life and Dean's to him" ...I think she's moving in too fast and staking her claim. Feels like 3's a crowd and Sam is the ood man out. Or maybe I'm just envious and need to chill!
Cookie6 chapter 14 . 11/13/2007
Another villian to add to those two "horny, medieval versions of succubae" (wonderful definition!)The sheriff seemed b1tchy in your intro, but not evil, What the?

Wondered when Dean was gonna comment on "three". I laughed at this - "Three… Sam, you dog" but realised the truth in this - "It was easy to joke now that Sam was safe in his protection" Simply stated to describe the complexity of Dean's life focus. Lovely work.

Dean loving the home made cooking was poignant. It's all about being cherished in a family, even for a little while. Your scene of Dean snuggling in the bed shouted this as well. Not to mention just too darn cute!

And your absolute scene stealer that made me want to cry was Dean's little glimpse of heaven- "Dean had positioned himself in the large recliner, close enough to observe his sleeping brother. Battle loomed on his mind, but he felt eerily calm. Aurora had curled in front of him and leaned against him. Sam was sleeping and safe. For Dean Winchester, this was about as perfect as a moment was going to get. Yet, it was just a messed up as any other day in his life. He was safe for the moment, fed some great home cooked meals, had a woman next to him, and Sam was safe. Why the universe was sending a pack of demonic she-demon life sucking succubae to break up this moment was beyond his reasoning." I needed to quote this piece in it's entirity as to leave any out would be a crime to all that is awesome writing. *standing ovation*
PADavis chapter 14 . 11/12/2007
Hey - this chapter brought this story back for me. I didn't find Aurora by herself enough to carry the story - and that's how I was reading the exposition about her. I liked the balance between her with the boys in this chap very much. Thank! Phoebe
Cookie6 chapter 13 . 11/12/2007
Woah GG, cold showers all round! Definitely hot, very sexy, but much more. You wrote a sweet, sensual love scene that gave us a peek behind Dean's gruff mask as he let his guard down.

"His head buried in her shoulder as he embraced the sensation that Dean Winchester- with all his faults- was wanted" This was so beautiful, Dean's self esteem is so shattered that he marvels that someone can want him for himself. So sad, you allowed that sadness to show.

And the wicked part of me loved this - ”Hold on.” He didn’t mind giving her directions. She had spent most of the time pissing him off and a little control was exactly what he wanted at the moment." Well, didn't we just KNOW how good Dean would be in the driver's seat! *delicious*

A much better outcome that poor Sammy got!
Cookie6 chapter 12 . 10/30/2007
Thanks for the update so soon, you really are on a roll!

SO loved this - “Excuse Me, Terminator! You have no idea what the hell you are even dealing with. I don’t care what kind of arsenal you have in the General Lee out there" - Dean has met his match in this pistol, go sister!

Loved this line - “I know a little about a lot. Sam knows a lot about too damn much. Don’t tell him, but I like it when he goes super genius on me. He reads something and his mind just traps it. I could never do that…” Dean's pride in his brother shone through here, sort a sneaked out without Dean even realising how revealing he was being. His guard down...

"Everyone just treated him like nothing…I think that was the final thing that broke his spirit..." very intuitive exploration here - many fics deal with John and Dean's anguish after Mary (and don't we just love it) but this added dimension, that social isolation was the extra nail in John's coffin, I reckon this would be right too. Clever. Not to mention in your story that it gives Dean and Arora another 'something in common', no wonder they instictively related to each other.

And last but not least, thanks for the tender Dean, we never can get enough of this side of Dean: we all just know that his softer side lurks behind the gruff, and that he'd be good at it!
funkyhigh chapter 12 . 10/29/2007
Awesome writing! more soon
Cookie6 chapter 11 . 10/22/2007
What an action packed chapter! I loved the whole hunter focus, and the driving skills were amazing. Your style of flitting between the directions and the emotions made for exciting reading, great work here! Aurora knowing which wounds and where to search for them on Sam speaks of her traumatised past and adds credibility to her actions and behaviours. Don't know what's gunna freak Dean out more - what the lilins plans were for his little bro or what they did to him! I like the way you're building tension between Dean and Aurora, your words show how compelling it is. I LOVED your ending: "Dean knew this was the only way to pry the lid off the powder keg of emotions beneath and he was man enough to lead her down the path. “Now I want answers.” Dean in full force both as a hunter, a brother and a man. Awesome!
Cookie6 chapter 10 . 10/20/2007
Fantastic chapter GG. I had a knot in my stomach and had to force myself not to skip and read ahead to find out what was gunna happen. I loved how you explored Aurora, your second paragraph was awesome in making us insiders to her thinking. How her empaphy for Dean through the realisation that all that she has felt for ten years will now be his, amplified by his recognition that she hides behind an emotional wall was strong through your writing. Your scene where she discovered the hunter's arsenal was the best - it showed her an amateur way out of her depth. Of course Dean was gunna escape - thank God! Your description of his stealth when sneaking up on her and then his conflicting emotions was neat. And thanks SO much for her reaction to his voice and eyes: can I just say here "we're hearing ya girl"! It did break my heart that even though she was panicing on two fronts - the pending return of the three Dean as an unknown threat, she STILL tried to get Sam out - heart wrenching and I found myself on her side. The opposing perspectives of Dean's control and Aurora's panic was clear through your writing - I thought this was excellent. This story is really heating up (and that after the last chapter!) and I'm dying to see where your taking us. Thanks heaps!
Cookie6 chapter 9 . 10/9/2007
Holy moly, I'm saying poor Sammy and my man's leaning over my shoulder (yeah, I bought this post to his attention!)saying "What a way to go!". I loved your description of Sam's internal fight with himself: his intellect, judgement and ability to choose verses unthinking instinct, loss of control. "He attempted to allow his rationality overtake the piece of him that cry for wanton abandonment." - fabulous writing.

I now see know what Aurora's angle is and it'll be interesting to see what you do with her and Dean, with that recognition of kindred spirits...

I still think Dean's gunna be pi$$ed when he realises that she drove his car AND got the jump on him AND interferred when Sam was in danger
MzPink chapter 9 . 10/8/2007
i like keep it coming~!
Silverwolf 2006 chapter 8 . 10/3/2007
hey your stories are awesome please write more
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