Reviews for Epitaph of a Good Man
Beside Moonlight chapter 5 . 7/30/2013
Dumbledore. You've just got to love him.
loveandotherdrugs chapter 24 . 7/13/2010
That was a really interesting story. You took on a lot of challenges with it, but you were able to pull them off :) it was really good!
Ohmy godd chapter 7 . 9/16/2007
Moody and TONKS?

were you drunk when you wrote that chapter?

The rest is really good though!
The Awesomeness of Moosey chapter 1 . 8/23/2007
This is brilliant! I can't wait to read on.
Memories Left Abandoned chapter 24 . 8/21/2007
That was AMAZING!

Will read the sequel tomorrow.

deathbycookie15 chapter 1 . 7/5/2007
I must say that this story is a lot better than I could have imagined. I didn't that it would be that good until I actually read it. I was astounded at the quality of your writing, I'm really impressed.
Purgurl chapter 24 . 7/1/2007
*Jaw drops, hits ground* Wowzer! Such emotional and jam-packed chapters. I can't believe after everything that Remus went through with the werewolves, his death was as simple (if you know what I mean) as it was. And poor Tonks, she had her perfect man, was engaged and had recieved a new job, now she has nothing, not even her life. Very tragic and emotional. Really great. I'm not sure how you will continue this as both characters are dead? Oh well, I'l find out soon enough ). Fab story *2 thumbs up*
belladonna6 chapter 24 . 7/1/2007
OH. MY. GOD! Tragic, but I love it. did she panic herself to death of was it grief?
belladonna6 chapter 21 . 6/26/2007
I really like this story.I've read a few Tonks and Remus during Half blood prince, but this is by far the best I've read.

Why does everyone make Charlie gay? why? I love Molly handing out advise on love and sex, after all the stork didn't bring all those babies!
MoonyAddict chapter 21 . 6/26/2007
Good job on this! Update soon, I really like it!
Purgurl chapter 20 . 6/24/2007
“You’re going to use his wank to determine if he loves you?”

Funniest line I've read in a long time haha! I really liked how Remus read the poem, it was of him. And the ending were he holds her is momentous feat after all they've been through.

...'and last time in months' has me worried though (. Does she end up getting Remus caught by the werewolves?
Purgurl chapter 19 . 6/24/2007
Hi, I would have suggested names but I didnt get round to R&R-ing before the next chapter was posted. I was really shocked about Snape, I know Tonks is lonely and hurting but Snape? That was a suprise... Nice touch having Remus turn up at the New Years Eve party. If only it hadn't been so close to the full moon. I think that Tonks and Savage should report Dawlish, he grabbed another Auror's wand with the intent of attacking her, in the shower. He should be not only fired, but arrested, for that. Hopefully the friend of Lupin's will have some good news?
A.Interrobang chapter 1 . 6/23/2007
click it.
hahasxybitch chapter 18 . 6/23/2007
I really like this story, i cant believe only 15 people have reviewed, its an outrage lol
Purgurl chapter 16 . 6/21/2007
Hm, you've got me intrigued. Somehow I think that there was something more to the Farrah thing. If only Tonks would let Remus explain, but then again why was Remus in bed in the woman? So many questions hehe! I think that perhaps Tonks came across as more idiotic than Remus but it's certainly clear that he was acting like a fool too. I'm glad that Tonks went to say goodbye face-to-face with Remus. Hopefully something will happen and Remus will have a chance to fully explain what was going on. Oh and as much as I love Tonks and hope she is happy, I don't want her to move on, 'cos to us readers, it's obvious she'll only be happy with good ol' Lupin.

ps: Molly's advice - so unexpected, but I actually laughed out loud. Maybe she's more of a scarlett woman than we are led to think x)
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