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furr chapter 16 . 7/27
oh myy,, i really love shinshi but the stranger strangely charming enough to wave my ship. lol xD
furr chapter 14 . 7/6
im curious to death! such an intriguing story! I love it!
Mithya Aviana Cailin chapter 1 . 6/12
I just find this fic and im in love. I love the idea of ghost at twilight and all. I cant wait to read the whole chapters. This fic is so awesome. Thanks for writing and sharing it.
Momo Cicerone chapter 7 . 5/2
Hello, hello!

I'm a fan of the way you briefly described kaito and shiho's short-lived relationship through snippets of their time together, it painted sort of a vague but at the same time concise picture of how it was and the ambiguity of it just added a lot more charm and nostalgia to it.
The overall imagery of this fic is absolutely superb, with the unusually long and mesmerizing sunset that seems to have frozen time in a bubble just in that park. The occasional poetic narrative. The hazy feeling that this might be a dream, or it might be some sort of purgatory, or maybe it's just the reality she's in. I love the hints and the loose dots that connect one another and how you tie some and let some loose as the chapters progress.
And I know that I'm a good seventy chapters too early to say this but I've come to the conclusion that Shiho is dead. It would make no sense whatsoever to build up a story which revolts around the legend of the Ghost at Twilight and how, why everything led to her meeting the ones she loved or might have fallen in love with during these peculiar sunsets (while also focusing on her past relationships etc), for the legend to be irrelevant to the plot. You wouldn't do that. No author would do that. And I know that you wrote this in a way that can be interpreted in many ways, but I think that I will choose to read this fic with the assumption that Shiho is dead, instead of being open to too many possibilities and confuse myself in the process (I do hope to be proven wrong, too! You know happy endings are my thing even tho I'm well aware that this story does not /necessarily/ end up on that note!).

anyway, agonizing for the next chapters, hope it doesn't take another seven or ten years to have the edited version finished! [crosses fingers]

My respects to SN senpai too, for working on her multichap while editing this one!
simplycaramelle chapter 6 . 4/27
I was following the original story years ago but then life happened so my fanfic reading phase stopped and I never got to see how it ended. I remembered how I was really hooked with this one (along with Encounter in Venice) so when I finally came back hoping to reread and catch up to the story I was surprised to see the few chapters! I still remember snippets from the original one so this is going to be interesting. Hope you update soon!
jessica chapter 6 . 3/11
thnx,, i loved this story,, hope u wil update soon
Momo Cicerone chapter 6 . 3/7

Ok but she was sitting next to Usagi, I’m cries.

I’m so paranoid reading this fic because the whole ghost at twilight tale is in the back of my head and I’m teying to find clues where there might be just red herrings? Like the whole feeling that she was missing something in previous chapters, mmm... I thought it was an allusion to the whole “you’ll feel something is different that day” thing, where it turns out that it’s only her handbag missing! I thought it would be sort of a methaphoric way to say that she died and forgot about it, yet her ghost went directly to that park.

I am also wondering if Kaito is, indeed, one of the ghosts HAHAHHA. But why would he be? They did date after all, didn’t they? She didn’t keep it to herself if she loved him, and he’s neither a stranger. I’m reading too much into this! So if kaito is there, and he sees her,how can she still be alive when everything pointEd in the first version that she was one of the ghosts!? So many questions that you refuse to answer! Damn you FS!

/ forgert about any compensation money you greedy woman; you are yet to give me any daily allowance or food, at that. Worst, owner. Ever.
Momo Cicerone chapter 5 . 2/28



sorry this is yet again another useless review but see u in the server lol.

I actually think the chapter length is really good for me because i get tired/bored reading when it's too long so yea, lol keep me hanging and wanting for moarrr
Momo Cicerone chapter 4 . 2/28
Three (or four) ghosts ... mmm... i see how it is (or not?)

ngl the akai thing threw me of but we shall sEE :'3
Momo Cicerone chapter 3 . 2/28


sorry sorry wait

*deep breaths*

ok thank you for tipping the hat at us hahaha holy damn [hides] / also no regrets, no m'am sorry but this is a lifetime deal ur bound to the server forEVER (echoes: ever ... ever... ever

now to the actual review, of the actual story,

Gin, Oh my god! patience of a saint (not!?) and i actually gASPED when i learned that gin didn't fck around telling little girls different versions of the story but actually, they belong to the same storyyy ; btw thank you for explaining the meaning of the story aye, because i'm too dumb to understand the meaning behind it (sobs). Shiho seems a little too mature to be 5 but again, child prodigy? I love how you dodge the bullet by having Gin comment how they should send her to school to lower her IQ ahahhaah noice save 10/10

I am totally in love with (previous chapter) the idea of Gin being her knight in shinny armour, or her being in love with him for no reason at alllllllllll because yes it happens and oh, it's , to me, hitting really close to home.

q: is there a reason why the chapters are named after the first line or were you just too lazy to think of chapter names? (in which case, why not just name them “Chapter 1/2/3” [rubs chin] supicious...)
Momo Cicerone chapter 2 . 2/28


forgive me but, oh gin just fucking around and telling innocent girls romantic horror stories it's lasl;kdf

sorry i'm v enthusiastic about this fic an di have so MANY QUESTIONS

again what a worthless review but i'm enjoying this
Momo Cicerone chapter 1 . 2/28

;A; I'm extra paranoid reading this fic for the first time because I KNOW HOW IT ENDS (saw the spoilersss) but at the same time I DON'T KNOW how it ends. And i'm scared to get too attacheddd and everything is smokes and mirrors mhmmm

sorry for the incoherent review, moving on to next chaps
jessica chapter 5 . 2/26
hey is this somehow related to ur other fic; Encounter In Venice?
Guest chapter 5 . 2/26
what i think is that maybe just maybe, he was kudo, not sure but there is a possibility that he just wanted to tease her or play a prank on her,, its a really nice story, i never really thought of commenting before but now i think its worth it
Jame Press chapter 1 . 2/14
Thank you
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