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SophieSaulie chapter 1 . 5/29/2007
AWESOME! So much wonderful reveals about the two brothers, reveals that we all knew about, but you handled them perfectly! Not so uncharacteristically that you can't believe that Dean and Sam would say these things to each other. Nothing like facing a deadline, facing losing one of them and being given another chance to say things directly to each other instead of when it was too late. I loved that you brought a thread of Dean wanting onions on his burger and some pie from the episode. It was a perfect tie-in and showed how much Sam cared, knowing that Dean loves those things and maybe even that he never got those things because he disappeared. It would make sense that Dean would faint from hunger, but you had me going there for awhile.

Fav parts:

But Dean’s didn’t react, his eyelids never fluttered, his mouth never twisted into a smirk, a groan didn’t escape from his lips. And in that moment, Sam thought Dean had lied. Lied about the deal he had sealed, the sacrifice he had made for his little brother’s life, lied about having a year…about having even another day. “Dean!” Sam choked out, tears slipping down his cheeks, dropping onto Dean’s too pale, too inanimate face.

“Pulse is strong,” Bobby’s words washed over Sam like Niagara Falls, drowning him in relief, saving him. “Between the head-wound and the last coupla da…” at Bobby’s stuttered stop, Sam raised his eyes from Dean to the older man, feeling as if Bobby knew something about Dean’s health that he didn’t.

“Bobby what…” Sam pushed out the words amid the tightness in his chest, his hands still wrapped possessively in his brother’s clothing.

Bobby’s breath caught in his chest, his eyes closed as he remembered too vividly only a few days prior when another Winchester had rejected his help, had nearly broken his wrist with his iron grip, had succeeded in breaking his heart with his sorrow-drenched eyes. - BEAUTIFUL description! Exactly how Bobby looked!

“He wasn’t sleeping…eating..”he said, softer than he planned, with more of a hitch in his words than he ever thought he’d allow. And when Sam winced, when he swallowed down his emotions, when he looked so guilty, Bobby knew Dean would not have wanted him to tell Sam that, to tell him the truth any more than he had wanted Sam to know the bargain he had made, the price he had paid for Sam’s life.

Dean had asked him not to get mad, had said it in a way that had broken Sam in a thousand ways that no one should ever be broken, in a thousand ways that Dean was broken before Sam had died, before a bargain was made, before his soul was bartered away like a cash crop. And in that moment, Sam only knew the bitter, horrid taste of unimaginable fear, of dread so deep that it resonated in every breath he took, just as he reveled in every breath Dean took now.

“Not apple! Never apple since that whole scarecrow scene,” Sam rejected, then his eyes lit up, “No….blueberry, yeah, blueberry.” - HILARIOUS! And so true!

“Yeah, well that’s because you passed out on Bobby’s front yard,” Sam revealed, a lightness in his tone that the situation hadn’t garnered in him at the time, Studying his brother, he was relieved to see more color to Dean’s skin.

“Did not,” Dean denied, scrunching up his face with the two words. - I LOVE the indignation here. So Dean!

“Yeah, well, I made you lunch and you’re eating it,” Sam said firmly, leaving no room for any more of his brother’s protests. But he forced his lips into a small smile as he tacked on, “I said I’ld save you, not lug your carcass around after you faint on a hunt like some anorexic chick.”

“I don’t faint,” Dean growled in denial, finding himself being steered into the kitchen by Sam. But Dean came up short at the homemade blueberry crump pie sitting on the table, steam still wafting from its time in the oven. - FUNNY! Again, I can so see Dean denying he'd do anything woosie like fainting. Girls faint!

“Don’t be so sensitive, Sammy. I’ll choke down a slice for you,” Dean allows, giving his brother’s chest a pat with his hand before he claims a seat at the table. There is a beat of hesitation in Sam, a yearning, for what, Dean isn’t sure but then Sam turns away.

When Dean looked up at him, bestowed a real honest to goodness smile on him and said, “You done good, Sammy,” before taking an impossibly huge bite of the burger, Sam fought to keep the floodgates of his emotions sealed. As it was, he ducked his head, not wanting Dean to see the tears in his eyes and misinterpret them for sorrow instead of the relief, the joy they represented at having Dean at his side.

“Dude, real men don’t use recipes. They don’t even say the word recipe,” Dean shot back, but there was something mysteriously like pride in his eyes.

“Maybe real men don’t salivate over some sissy slice of pie,” Sam taunted, snagging onto Dean’s pie plate and beginning to slide it away.

His head down, Dean quietly said, his voice a little too hoarse, “Thanks for this, Sam. I…I appreciate it…” When his eyes came up, whatever barriers Sam had in place suddenly weren’t strong enough, not to see the tremulous look in his brother’s eyes. Sam swallowed thickly as Dean continued, “I really do, but you didn’t have to do it.”

“Do what? Worry about you? Take care of you? Be nice to you because you’re my brother and believe it or not I want you to be happy?” the trembling words spilled from Sam, bottled up as they had been so long, too long, his eyes shining with the tears that ached to be released.

Dean shook his head, not in denial but at a loss at what to say, what to feel, how to adjust to Sam’s sudden need to make him the center of his universe, to be the protected, nurtured. Again, Dean gave his pie his full focus.

“What was I suppose to do, tell you it smelled worse than the septic system and tasted like month old burritos,” Dean asked, incredulously.

‘Dad did’ sprang to Sam’s mind but aloud he said, “Yeah, Dean, anything but eat it?” shaking his head at his brother’s foolishness.

“Sam, you were only seven years old!” Dean stated, as if that justified his actions, made them no-brainers.

“And you just couldn’t break my little heart, could you?” Sam asked, the words quiet, barely escaping his throat closing with emotion, his eyes on his brother.

‘Never’ came instantly to Dean, the response automatic, ingrained, the heartfelt truth always breaking clean when it came to his brother. But Dean clamped his jaw shut, couldn’t let the one word escape, not this time because, for once in his life, it wasn’t true. He probably would be breaking Sammy’s heart…in a year’s time. But he didn’t regret the choice he had made, couldn’t, not when it gave him back Sam, allowed Sammy to be here with him, making him burgers and pies and looking at him, affection, love in his eyes.


Bobby was surprised to find himself erupting in laughter. “Winchesters,” he said in awe and reproof and love, remembering now two truths that he had learned years ago: never underestimate a Winchester and, secondly, the only ones wily enough to beat a Winchester…. was another Winchester. All other comers, they didn’t stand a chance. - SO TRUE!

Excellent story! Loved it!
DreamBrother chapter 1 . 5/29/2007
You are awesome. This was great.

And Ew, sardines. Yuck.
Jennygeee chapter 1 . 5/29/2007
That was lovely! I just can't seem to stop my eyes tearing up whenever I see/read about the finale! It doesn't get any easier either! It was just so good. And I really enjoyed your little fic, it was so sweet, Sammy making Dean the burger with 'extra onions' and 'pie'! Thanks so much for this - I was feeling really miserable today and you gave me a smile as well as tears!
Anna chapter 1 . 5/29/2007
Wow that was lovely! It's given me a nice warm feeling inside - the perfect blend of angst and 'sap' as you put it! You really do portray the characters amazingly well and the depth of emotion you reveal is always breathtaking.
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