Reviews for The Other Side of Tomorrow
Katie321 chapter 6 . 10/11/2012
Oh my God! I never thought I'd say this, but...I freaking love Sheen! How do you DO that?!
Katie321 chapter 4 . 10/11/2012
Just found this. Can only talk. In short sentences. Because. Mind. Is. Blown.
You REALLY made this realistic. I'm getting butterflies. :D
JV's Jack chapter 54 . 10/3/2012
I actually read this whole story over the summer and just finished re-reading it all again. It's so addicting. I'll admit I was a little skeptical to read it since sci-fi isn't really my genre and the beginning was a little slow, but I was craving for new material from the JN fandom. So I kept going and going, and now I have no regrets, and I'm simply hooked. This is well-written, and at a balance w/ all the fun, light-heartedness, and dorky jokes with the emotional and dramatic elements. Which I think is really important because the show was fun too. The characters are fairly in their canon personalities, meaning I can totally imagine their every action and behavior almost like if I was watching an actual JN ep. It's simply a blast to read. The best and most important part: it's actually finished! xD
Now re-reading this, I noticed that there's a glitch on the chaps... now looking through, looks like you already corrected the problem.
Then there was the question of which characters seem like a "stretch" (I'm assuming which future version seemed more likely), I'll say it's around Carl and (not really important...)Butch (lol). I can imagine him being a zombie practically after working w/ DJ for as long as he did. But the part when he bursts laughing, in a state insanity, that was probably when I found it hard to imagine him acting like, though on the other hand it did seem like a reasonable reaction at the moment... it was just a little difficult to imagine. And then Butch suddenly busting an Obama-like posture and spewing sophisticated vocab...yeahh, no offense to the guy, but in that "class-elected bully" bit, I felt that was a "stretch".
Other than that, I feel your story is practically flawless. I really enjoyed it, really had fun, an A fan-fic.
I will be looking forward to more of your work :D
Corinne chapter 53 . 9/27/2012
I decided to go through and pick out the characters' first and last lines. I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite things to do in a story. So, without further ado, first and last sentences of all the main(ish) characters!

JIMMY (first thing he says, then last)
"It’s just you, Goddard..."
"Over my dehydrated, lifeless corpse."

“Greatest invention ever, huh?”
"I'm there."

"“Jimmy, you have to let me use that thing!"
"Anything you say, my cream-puff Ultra-truffle..."

"No, I need to use it to get into Smallie Big’s concert!"
"Let's give Jimmy and Cindy a minute to sort themselves out."

“Hey, that’s not fair!"
"I'm so happy to see you guys!"

“This had better be good, April."
"This is our chance, Neutron...Let's take it."

“Jimmy? Jimmy Neutron?"
"End transmission."

"Who was it?"
"Aurora? Are you all right?"

“Mei-girl, what’s goin’ on?"
"Sure thing. I know just the ones..."

“He brought food early today…”
"'Cause that daisy thing you've got on's really nice..."

"Libby…is that really you?"
"Sounds good to me."

"That’s the spirit, love."
"Say hi to Aurora for me when she’s kicking your ass.”

“April, Aurora, I am sorry to be so formal, but I am delivering this message at the request of the High Council Leader."
"Err, no…"

and just for lulz

“Settle down chillldrennn!"
"Did I missss somethingggbraaaawk?"
LikeSynonymsForJoy chapter 54 . 9/24/2012
This is going to be a review of TOSOT in its glorious entirety, so pardon the extremely long and gushing forthcoming review. And here I go.


Really. Wow. I NEVER have the patience to read a fanfiction longer than about 4,500 words. I just don't trust their quality and readability. TOSOT has changed my view on 'longfics.' It's a masterpiece. From the comedy in the first few chapters to the emotional torture in the ending, I was hooked on your fantastic plot, characterization, and masterful story-telling. Something about the way you flesh out your characters got me attached. I felt every jibe and heartache as if it was happening to me. It takes a phenomenal author to do that - I believe that you are a truly phenomenal author. I hope that, someday, I WILL see a novel under your name. I'd gladly read it!

1) What part of the story did you most enjoy?
Every character had an Achilles Heel. Nobody was perfect, 'Mary Sue-ish,' or unbelievably put together. Each and every character evolved throughout the storyline and every change made sense.

2) What's your favorite line/quote from the story?
Chapter 1 - 53. ;D I really can't think of just one, but I do especially love Miss Fowl's, "Did I misssssss somethingbrrraawwwwwk?"

3) What, in your opinion, is Mara's greatest strength as a writer (characterization, sensory descriptions, etc.)? What could she improve on? (and no, "omg you're perfect don't change anything" doesn't count as an answer)
Characterization is your greatest strength, but your descriptions of settings and characters' appearances are also fantastic. Keeping your plot understandable and engaging is another strength of yours. I can't really think of anything in need of improvement that really stood out to me. There probably are improvements to be made, but they aren't glaring.

1) Who is your favorite male character, and why? (If you absolutely can't pick one, name your top two)
Dictator Jimmy. His rise to power, his torment of Cindy/Aurora, his backstory. I love a good villain, and he is a true terror. He goes for the psychological. That's terrifying.

2) How about your favorite female character (same goes for this one)?
Younger Cindy. She goes through so many changes in the story. Her growth as a character was great to witness. She's strong-willed and has a presence in all of her scenes.

3) Who is your least favorite character, and what made you dislike him/her?
Lee. He annoyed me because he seemed like an annoying, lovesick burr in the reader's side. He was an important character and I can appreciate that, and he certainly had his uses, but his personality drove me nuts for some reason.

4) In your view, what character in the story grew the most/had the most challenges to overcome? Who had it the easiest?
Aurora had the most challenges. Younger Carl had it easiest. His future self hadn't suffered as much as the others. He didn't see himself break down quite so badly.

Character Relationships
1) What was your favorite pairing (canon or otherwise)?
Jimmy/Cindy. Is there any contest? :] I did like the awkward and unresolved Foeyay (pardon my TvTropes lingo) between DJ and Aurora, though.

2) How about your least favorite?
Younger Libby and Sheen, only because everything Sheen had to say was so raunchy. I liked their more tame and sweet moments, though.

3) Fave crack pairing?
Future Carl/DJ FTW!

4) What was your favorite shipping moment?
I can't remember when it happened, but I loved the scene where Jimmy and Cindy were, unknowingly, leaning back to back against the same wall and having similar trains of thought.

5) Were there any pairings that you wanted to see happen that didn't?
Nah, my inner pairing fanatic was pretty much satisfied.

6) Which friendship did you like best? (ex: Aurora/FL, Aurora/April, etc.)
Sheen/Carl. It wasn't emotionally deep or anything on that level, but the insults and such cracked me up.

7) Is there anything that sticks out in your mind about the way TOSOT portrays women vs. men?
Not really. They seemed to be treated as equally brutal, powerful, etc. in situations that called for that.

JN Universe
1) In your opinion, which future character seemed to be the most realistic version of their younger counterpart? Who was more of a stretch?
April was most realistic and Carl was as well. He seemed so...cowed by his own existence. Very believable. The stretch was Libby. I loved her character, but she was just a bit...too much, I guess.

2) Which character from the JN gang was best portrayed? Worst portrayed?
Jimmy was best portrayed with his insatiable curiosity and swift mood changes. Worst was Sheen - a bit more dirty-minded and hyperactive than usual, but still very close to the original.

3) Who do you think changed the most as a result of the adventure?
Younger Cindy.

4) What plot point was the best "tie-in" with the TV show?
Megalomanium! Great idea using that. (Probably spelled wrong.)

"Stuff You'd See on Your English Test"
1) What are some of the major themes you see at work in this story? (Themes are broad, overarching concepts – for example: the nature of evil, redemption, etc.)
The value of friendship. Various kinds of love. Ego, but not just what's seen in DJ. April's, Aurora's, Cindy's, and Jimmy's play large parts as well. Redemption.

2) If you had to pick ONE word to describe what the story is "about", what would it be?

1) Which illustration is your favorite? (post a link or describe it)
The final, only because it's all emotional. The end. Full-circle.

2) Look-wise, who has the best character design?

3) If you're a fangirl/fanboy, who is the object of your affections and why? If you're not a fangirl/boy, pretend you are anyway and answer the question.
DJ. He's a horrible, manipulative bastard, but I love his cold, calculating, unfeeling attitude.

Just a bit more. I love the (what I think of it as being) symbol of Aurora's mask: as her character breaks down more and more, she loses her literal mask in pieces until DJ ultimately disposes of it. He was the final chink in her armor. He broke her initially and he became her absolute breaking point, as well. He was the only one who could have ever totally penetrated her exterior that was hardened by loss and self-preservation.

Since you mentioned answering unanswered questions, I hope this one is fair game. What did DJ do to Aurora when he held her prisoner? It's referenced quite a bit, but unless I really wasn't paying attention, I didn't catch what went on and it was killing me. I'm sure it's not truly important, but the curiosity is eating me up and was throughout the whole story!

Thank you for a truly magnificent work and if you got through this whole review, thanks for that, too. I feel lucky that I found this days after it was completed. Good luck with your writing! You have such a great talent. I believe that you will do very well with original works. :]

GraceIsLazy chapter 40 . 9/20/2012
...was that from Twilight? IT WAS! :0 LOLOLOL.
Steph01 chapter 54 . 9/18/2012
Awesome story! Did a really great job.. U should make like a sequel. This time were Jimmy and the gang have to return to the alternative universe to help Future Jimmy and Aurora. Just a suggestion. It would be really cool.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 54 . 8/16/2012
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, the drinking game for me!
Oooooooooop chapter 54 . 8/15/2012
This story was so amazing. So much tension and emotion. It's like the best thing ever. It was really long but soooo worth the read. You developed the characters so well and it was put together really good and we got a good background on each of the characters. It feels complete and not like it's missing something like some stories are. This one of the best if not the best fanfic I've ever read. My favorite character is aurora, she was awesome and she seems like a deeply complicated character but I absolutely love it. Great work. You should write more stories like this. Another thing you are a really good writer and I hope you'd be like a really famous book author one day. People would really love your stuff.
marilyn-joy chapter 48 . 8/7/2012
aprils such a... such a... i cant say it, yes you can!... aprils such a bitch!
kiriegoshimas chapter 1 . 7/24/2012
I read this story on !
I spent like THREE days reading it but it was soo worth it.
My first and fave fanfic!
Cati chapter 54 . 7/17/2012
This is the most amazing thing like ever. THANK YOU!
Alexander chapter 54 . 7/16/2012
God that was Awesome! I heap praises on you oh glorious author! Loved the Cindy/Jimmy Sheen/Libby canon pairings. Everyone seemed in character (which is hard to do, I've read enough fanfics to know).

Loved the plot. Way too many fics have the "they are older let's get Cindy and Jimmy together now that they are older" and can't write a decent plot...or romance! I mean god dang it! The one thing they want to do and freaking can't!... But i digress. So kudos for having a plot. Just wanted to make sure you know your efforts are appreciated.

My favorite character (as well as the one that frustrated me) was Aurora. What I think I understand about Aurora was that she was DEEPLY complicated. And that's as far as I get without being too outlandish. I want to say That her one time crush became an obsession but not just an obsession but twisted. During DJ and her fight when she asks him why is it always her, I thought that maybe she tricked her self thinking he cared (while still under the influence of megalomanium) but that's my theory. Also great job on older Carl standing up to april! Go Carl! I was cheering him on the whole time. That leaves the ending.

The ending was.. Not like I expected. Which was a good thing I expected big Geary fare well. But then it didn't come and I was happy to think it was original and I thought Jimmy was gonna get the human race out of the hard drive like he did in the show. Also threw me for a loop. Which was even less expected. But its your plot so whatever. That does make an interesting sequel. Aurora and ex-DJ have to do their good deeds, throw some romance in, or at least make ex-DJ a little more human. (I know living with nothing but Carl and robots for ten years would make even Libby the personality girl into a colder less than human conversationalist so make him realize his humanity again. Maybe using cindy. (eyebrow wiggle) and make a hair raising scene or seven for them to I don't know, go back to planet Jimmy and hack the computer, find the human data file people and get out of there allthe while fighting rouge nano bots, the galactic police, and what's left of the rebellion against Jimmy. Could be fun. Or not your choice.

But in summation. Love the story. Loved it loved it loved it. Favorite character is Aurora. (anyone else notice she is basically a carbon copy of samus Aran our of her armor in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Hot chick in armor with weapons on a space ship.) and Ideas for a sequel which I know you just finished this a month ago. Anywho! Alex out
Rehema chapter 48 . 7/5/2012
I understand that April's upset, but I'm SO GLAD that Carl fried her with his words. Because frankly, what he said about her seemed true. And maybe it isn't, but it sure as heck seemed to be, and at present, I feel that April deserved EVERYTHING that Carl said to her. Plus I'm glad he finally grew a spine.
Rehema chapter 47 . 7/5/2012
Gods, I feel bad for Future Jimmy... :( And that was interesting convo between him & Lee. :/ I especially liked Jimmy's dialogue there.

And yes-Aurora's a trashy, ****** little ***** in this chapter. Pardon my asterisks, but I have a burning dislike of mean people, as in this specific case, she has no excuse or reason for meanness.
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