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KPRS shipper chapter 4 . 8/30/2009
Thank you, than you, thank you for updating! I love this story so please continue with it!
AccountRetiredPleaseDelete chapter 4 . 8/30/2009
"Three's Company" was a great continuation from where you left the story off the last time. The slightly strange situation that Ron ended up in fits well for the 'Never Be Normal' attitude he has, plus it kind of emphasizes Ron's influence on the people around him besides Kim. As for her, the moving up and down the spectrum of emotions when she heard the whole story was nicely done - her pregnancy and Kimness all mixed together. The marriage proposal and the conversation following it really worked - Ron's stumbling through it together with a dash of slight insecurity on Kim's part really made the scene feel like it fit the two of them. I do want to say though that while Kim's whole joking about his 'KP' nickname for her was good, I don't think he'd change it once they got married. 'KS' just sounds too awkward and he's been calling her 'KP' for so long that its a second-nature habit by now, something that he's not going to change.

"Spaceship" was nice early K/R; touching while still staying in the innocent realm of 'Best Friends'. Kim's dealing with Ron's anger was a nice fit; its obvious to say that Ron tends to balance Kim out but its easy to forget that she does the same thing for him. What I really liked about the conversation is that while its the usual out-of-this-world/never-be-normal line of thought that you'd expect Ron to have, you can really see the gears working in Kim's head while he's talking and she's giving short responses. He can be hyper at times but he's never boring and for someone like Kim who's easily bored and an action junkie, his line of thinking, even in his off moments definitely helps to keep her engaged and happy. Its easy to see why they became such close friends. And I liked the bit where Kim mentions that if he did head off into space, she'd go with him. It was touching and cute and friendship-y all at the same time.

"Spontaneous Loving" was definitely equal to the other two sections and I had a hard time deciding which was my favorite. "Three's Company" won out by only just a little bit because the two of them had more dialog there. Here its more about the interaction and its excellent. The role reversal is not so much unexpected as its that for all of Monique's work (a nice touch - it pushes the idea that Monique is friends with both of them and trying to help both of them rather than her just being friends with Ron but Kim's friend) which actually got through to Ron, it was Kim being slightly insecure enough that she took all the information in herself and beat him to the punch. Also I like those little moments here and there where you have Kim start acting strange and spontaneous when privately with Ron, moments that he realizes are her acting a little out of character but especially that she only does when its the two of them around. (You had a moment like that in a flashback in 'About a Ron' where she wakes him up singing, he mentions how weird it is and she goes on and on about how she likes having a strange and spontaneous moment of her own from time to time, that it doesn't always have to be Ron who does that. Its a nice contrast for her against his rare moments of utter seriousness.) The song was pretty good too; I don't think that having an audience was at all an issue for Kim; she's a cheerleader and a hero so she's got to be used to some attention plus in this situation her focus is so clearly on the song and on expressing herself that I doubt she realized anyone besides Ron was there. Its one of those nice things about them, that at some points its really just the two of them and not much else matters.

The fluffiness mixed with light-hearted drama (thats more of what it is rather than angst... this story is a bit too optimistic and its structure is too much to the point to call the down periods angst) is a pure enjoyment to read. Of all your stories still 'in production', this one is my absolute favorite. The three sections were all well done. In fact I'm a bit sorry that this one doesn't get more regular updates rather than once in a blue moon ones.

And on a slightly separate note:

You've been introducing quite a few stories recently - kinda like you're trying to balance out having finished 'Scrooged' and 'So The Fall' :-) and while they all have a lot of interesting ideas, it would be nice if you did finish a few of the older ones before you move onto newer material. "Gesprekken" is a great open-ended story that you can leave for a while and come back to anytime (I hope you come back to it a bit more often... :-) ) but the rest of them are standard beginning-middle-end stories that get a beginning or even into the middle and then stop before we reach the end. I imagine that "I Love You Ron Stoppable" is probably in the dead story pile ("Can't Buy Me Love" is probably also dead but I don't mind that since I'm deeply in the Joss/Wade camp and kinda can't stand Arty at all) but at this point you have, in addition to your recently opened "Number One" and "X-Files" stories also "A Lot Like Love", "BonBon PI", "Wedding Bells" "Middlewood" and "Evolution". Thats a lot of open stories...

Personally I'd like to see (besides more of "Gesprekken") some more of "Wedding Bells" (I don't know why but somehow I think that for all the planning you have set up there I have a picture of the wedding being Kim is a slightly torn and singed dress with Ron completely untouched standing in front of Rabbi Katz at a ceremony in the middle of Yamanouchi), an ending to "A Lot Like Love" (that story can't have more than a few more chapters to it even given the alternate dynamic and damage to the two characters - I'd say that if you cut to the chase then you could probably have it done in 2-4 chapters), more "Evolution" (this was mostly just an update/slight rewrite of already existing material but comparing the one chapter of this story against the original version - this one was way better written and very enjoyable), and since you're in the spy mood, getting into "BonBon PI" where what I'm actually waiting for is the scene where Kim jumps to the conclusion that Ron has moved two strange women into his apartment (i.e. "Well currently Miss Possible he's been seen in the company of a long legged blonde and a busty brunette who are currently residing in his apar..." "WHAT?"), show up there is a huff to stake her claim, find out that he's living with Tara and Bonnie, and after calming down, well... stake her claim... :-)
RonHeartbreaker chapter 4 . 8/30/2009
Ah. Reading this was like coming in out of the rain, slipping into a comfortable robe, and relaxing by the fireplace with a nice glass of something. Chockablock with genuine emotion, typically funny and clever yvj wordsmithing, and a very recognizable Ron and Kim. Spaceship was my favorite, because they're so cute, it's so plausible, and it would really be just like Kim to not allow Ron to remain angry. Spontaneous loving is nice but I'm torn between a)skepticism that Kim would ever overcome her insecurities to publicly serenade Ron (what if Bonnie saw and made fun?) and b) admiration at how Kim's confidence has grown. Three's company was the funniest, and i totally buy that Ron and MrDrP would work it out through a gentleman's agreement that left Ron tied to a tree - but I can't get over the idea that Kim and Ron - Disney creations that they are, combined with Kim's type-A personality - would get pregnant before marriage. But I kind of like it - it makes them more complicated.

Thanks for this chapter! I haven't been keeping up much with ff lately, sadly, and i haven't been reading the other stuff you've been working on lately, so this was a real delight.
CajunBear73 chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
It certainly lives up to the previous chapters.

Neat spin around the calendars there. Kim and Ron get the blond out of a fix he allowed himself into with her Dad... and Ron end's up asking Kim to formalize their lives together, to include a new member of the fam'..

Then Ron gets a win-win in kickball, though the outcome there wasn't what his best friend expected. But he'll take that bloody nose of Billy over what he hoped to do. And the other 'prize' he won that day was a best friend doing her loving best to bring up her best friend's spirits.

Finally, in the midst of the feared doldrums of relationship, Kim throws a curve that hits Ron right in the strike zone of his heart for her and if they don't get out of that monsoon, they're going to be sharing a hospital room together for the illness that could come from their embrace there.

But first they've got to get out of those wet clothes... Which is probably what lead to the eventual 'new tradition' that James and Ron came up with a bit down that road...

screaming phoenix chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
This day started out wet, gloomy, and depressing. Then I had to clean out the culvert at the bottom of my driveway. I came inside and started to read this. The day has since turned sunny, bright, and a pleasure to be outside in. I'm not saying this changed the weather patterns around here; but it didn't hurt!

I recognized the song Kim was singing and had it playing on you tube as I was reading;it doubled the pleasure.

Thanks for all the sweet K/R fluffy goodness sandwiched in between some great tales of a magical relationship between two special people.
JCS1966 chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
So glad to see this one updated. There's been too much angst as of late.

The best part of the chapter was the first vignette. The proposal was very cute and very Ronnish.

Hope to see more of this series soon!
MrDrP chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
Even though it's been a long while since this story was last updated, you were able to pick up where you left off. The three vignettes worked well together.

The highlight, of course, was the proposal. Sweet and funny and very Ronnish.

Nicely done!
Midgarosormr chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
More! These are just awesome!

S'more 'pre Prom' High School situations would be quite welcome as well. ;)
Katsumara chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
Absolutely loved this. The one before the Junior prom was just so adorable and cute. I loved how Kim said she'd go with Ron if he left in a spaceship.

The other two were great though. There needs to be more Kim/Ron fluff out there for goodness sakes! The last one with Kim doing the guitar playing/singing below was just too good. They're going to 'warm up' eh? I bet!

The proposal in the first one though was.. oh man. Totally Ron's best moment. What is it with him and confessing feelings while he's tied up? "Out there, in here" while tied to a giant cactus and asking her to marry him while he's tied to a tree. Just too good yvj. Just too good.

I really missed this story a ton and I'm glad to see an update on it. I'm looking forward to more of this and "A Lot Like Love" as well!
Shrike176 chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
Fun set of stories.

I do have one question; did James Possible tie Ron to a tree for getting his daughter pregnant before marrying her, for not proposing immediately after finding out she was pregnant or for asking his permission at all?

Just made me curious. Also, hope another chapter of Middlewood comes out soon.

Keep it up!
Comet Moon chapter 4 . 8/29/2009
I Love this story

Ja ne

Katsumara chapter 1 . 8/2/2009
"It's Over?" was just way too sweet. Almost exceeded the amount of fluff that should be used... but goodness was it just perfect. The bit at the end of it was great as well. Someone may be getting lucky~ Haha.

As always yvj, your work is just so fun to read. Sorry I didn't review these before! Not sure why I didn't. [
Katsumara chapter 2 . 8/2/2009
I loved this chapter as well yvj. "Magnum" was just too hilarious, and I loved Monique's part in this. The entire chapter as a whole was rather enjoyable. I still can't get over at how great your comedy is when writing Kim and Ron. Just too good. :D
Katsumara chapter 3 . 8/2/2009
How I didn't review these three chapters from Gesprekken.. Ihave no clue. Honestly, I thought this batch was just as good as the rest. My favorite was definitely "What I Like About You" as I think they can definitely be ready and would be great parents. I also loved the compliments. "Super Size Me" was also really great, but in that super comedic sort of way that you're so good at.

I hope we get to see more of 'Gesprekken' some day.. maybe a few more future parts? That'd be so great. Gonna go review the other chapters now, yvj. :D
KPRS shipper chapter 3 . 3/9/2009
Amazing, amazing story/random scenes you have going here! Your portrayal of Kim and Ron is so in character, it's scary. Especially Ron. I swear it's like I'm reading a better, sweeter, and a little more racey version of the show. Please update soon, keeping in mind that I will be waiting anxiously for the next chapter.
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