Reviews for Here Is Bright Speech
grimace and smiler chapter 1 . 7/1/2010
You evil, evil author. I will state three fundamental truths, and then you shall go forth and dig through your hard-drive and either re-write or update this fic. Please? I'll draw you fanart. Anything.

a) Everyone secretly loves Ineluki. I cried when I put down the last book, then lunged for my computer to find fanfiction where he doesn't die. Guess what? Nothing.

b) Except your fic, which was the closest thing to fan-comfort that me or my friend could find.

b) I first read this two years ago and (shame on me) failed to review. But now that I'm back here, I will remind you respectfully: you promised to update? Yes? Have you stared this fic's summary in the eye and felt guilty? If you're working on more important things right now, that's understandable. But at least change the summary so that we don't keep hoping! (angsts) Anyway, cheers.
Alteya chapter 1 . 8/22/2007
What a nice picture of a mother and a son...

I must say that I agree whit you that Ineluki in the beginning was a good person, he was just trying to help his people...

A very complexed character...

I'm very glad that you have mentioned Briseyu,in the book she is mentioned in one or two sentences, and I would like tat somebody writes a little more about her - to me she was a interesting person,wife of Hakatri,daughter-in-law of Amerasu, sister-in-law of Ineluki,mother of Likimeya...

Her pain when she lost her husband,the suffering of her people, she saw Ineluki kill his father,how she died,...

keep updating fast.. :)
eiliniel chapter 1 . 8/9/2007
this is great!

keep on updating. :))
Likimeya chapter 1 . 6/21/2007
*squeals in delight* finally a sithi-only fanfiction. I simply adore baby-ineluki and I hope for some more babyhood-chapters *tries to bribe the autor with the promise of more reviews* :-)

*calms a bit down* just a thing I wondered about: how old is Hakatri in this story? Early teenage years?

I would love to see this story continued and developed. I will make sure to check from time to time for updates.