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Jesternz chapter 32 . 8/17/2015
After having browsed the list of Negima/Love Hina Crossovers I ran across this story. To be honest, I had low expectations for what this story could be. I admit, right here and now, I was horribly wrong.

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

First of all, this isn’t really a crossover. Word of God says that all of Akametsu-sensei’s works are in the same world and are chronological. A.I. Love You is before Love Hina. Love Hina is about 20-40 years before Negima. Negima preceeds UQ Holder by about 3 generations. There only begins to be crossover elements when the author takes us to the Todai Budokai.

Speaking of the Budokai, this is where the bulk of the issues occur. Placing the story within the timelines of the crossover elements can be tough. By my best guess, the story takes place sometime about 6 years after the events of History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, as Takeda Ikki is 24 years old in this story. This would put Kenichi somewhere around the same age as Keitaro. The other crossovers are a bit harder to place.

To be honest with you, the Original Characters aren’t needed. It seems like the only reason they were included was to fill in the brackets.

Mana isn’t a hand to hand fighter in Canon. During the Mahora Budokai she uses 500 yen coins that she flicks at people. Doing so, she was able to defeat Ku Fei.

Kenichi doesn’t use Ki attacks. No one in the History’s Strongest Disciple universe does.

There is no 200 yen coin. The Coinage in Japan is 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500 yen.

Why Chisame? I know she is the closest to Naru out of the girls cast, but come on! I’m STILL rooting for Makie!

If it sounds like I am being nitpicky on the flaws of this story, I am. I have to be for there to be any cons to mention. Mechanically, this story is sound but being clean on spelling and grammar (which he is) doesn’t make a great tale. This is seriously a great story. I mean it is easily one of the best 5 stories I have come across in all my fan fiction reading. I do not think I can overstate just how good this story is! So, you are asking, what does RobDaZombie do right that so many other people miss?

First, he treats the characters with respect. Every one of the 5 main characters is given moments to shine while staying by and large within what someone who knows their canon selves would expect. Keitaro is socially awkward but genuinely a nice guy. Mana starts as a quiet loner. Chisame is grumpy but ultimately reliable. Yue is odd, and ultimately responsible for some of the genuinely funniest moments in the story. Makie is adorable. Sayo… Sayo’s story will hurt your heart. All of these characters grow. Keitaro gets confidence in an organic way. Mana opens up slowly but surely. Chisame is still a grumpy girl, given she is The Only Sane Man, but she does start to respond to the kindness shown to her. Makie shows the flashes of maturity that you would expect from a 16 year old while maintaining a sweetness and adorability about herself. Yue… stays odd. Still no one would change that. Even the guest stars are given a respectful treatments. The fight between Evangeline and Kaneko would honestly make a fantastic Maha Shojo series of Gaidens for this story. The characters from the Budokai deserve special mention. Not only does RobDaZombie give featured characters excellent treatments (Like the crew from HSD:K), but even Mei Narusagawa (who is extremely minor in the LH universe) gets treated will (and almost rivals Makie for adorability. Violent, fists of fury adorability. Like a kitten with a chainsaw).

Second, he honors the timelines. This story contains two events from each story that play out. First is “Mokoto’s Family Visit” where Mokoto tries to convince Tsuruko that Keitaro is her boyfriend and therefore Motoko cannot leave the Hinata Sou. Instead of being the cold Motoko, it is the warm and adorable Makie who finds herself with unwanted family visiting. The second is the “Mahoro Budokai”. Despite some niggling issues with the arc, overall it is done extremely well! Third is “Mokoto the Maid”, with Chisame becoming the domestic help.. and having even less success! Finally, the author ends with “Nodoka’s Date”. This is done with as much charm and warmth as Akametsu-sensei originally wrote it with.

Third, he respects the magic. This is a Love Hina story with Negima characters in it, and RobDaZombie keeps the magic of Love Hina flowing throughout this tale. It isn’t the spells or pactios of Negima, but a more earthy and real magic that we can see in everyday life. It is the magic of a young man who, despite his clumsiness and social ineptitude, is able to draw upon a nearly limitless well of human kindness and compassion. It is a magic that shows hard work and patience can overcome any obstacle. Love Hina is, at its heart, a story about broken people. Strip away the slapstick and the romance and you see a collection of very damaged people. It is a story of struggling to find love, acceptance, and healing that even decades later still resonates with all of us. RobDaZombie, in his recasting of Love Hina, gives us less violent but equally damaged individuals from the Negima storyline. Mana, Yue, Chisame, and even Makie all have their own damages. We even get to see Keitaro’s broken wings in this story, and that is something I truly love about this fic. This, like Love Hina, is a story of healing. Keitaro faces having lost his precious Promise Girl (in a wonderful casting of Sayo!), and comes through to the other side knowing that he was and is loved. Then, Keitaro is able to work magic greater than anything any Mage in Negima is able to cast: He heals the girls. Yes, it is his role in the Love Hina Universe, but to watch him do so is a thing of beauty.

So in closing I want to say thank you to RobDaZombie. Thank you for keeping all the laugh out loud moments, all the goofy coincidences that make Love Hina a comedy. Thank you for respecting the characters and allowing them to grow organically. Thank you for crafting a well written work that is a pleasure to read. Most importantly, I want to thank you for keeping the magic of one of my absolute favorite stories of all time.
Lucky chapter 32 . 3/27/2015
I know some people are all excited about the whole thing with kei and chisame (hey that rhymed) and how they've gotten a lot closer and all but... Was that a space marine dreadnought that Su was driving? As in... Walking death machines piloted by half-dead space marines? Like as in... The wrath of the god emperor and War incarnate? Really? Did anyone else get that?
Grimbt chapter 3 . 10/30/2014
So Chisame plays 40K? Interesting...
Grimbt chapter 2 . 10/30/2014
Not a huge fan of them having alcohol, but I guess I can suspend disbelief for now. That was an interesting way for them to all show up. I never thought of Makie as underhanded, but I guess that works.
Grimbt chapter 1 . 10/30/2014
This is certainly interesting so far! It certainly makes me want to read more. Good job. How you did the letters was fantastic. Very smart.
SoaringEagle13 chapter 32 . 7/8/2014
Will this be continued? I was also hoping for a time when Keitaro and the tenants go to visit Haruka. I thought it would be rather interesting to see both groups meeting each other in person.
AceSlayer chapter 32 . 4/23/2013
Hey! Great story! I hope you continue making the 4 seasons (I know its been 4 years) but please continue! Out of all the Lh fanfics i have read this one is the best. Thanks in advance.
Samuez chapter 32 . 1/1/2013
Great story. Hope there's more of this later.
ThanatosX 2.0 chapter 32 . 9/17/2012
This is a good story I can't wait to read the next one :)
Richy1991 chapter 32 . 12/21/2011
great story
Gin chapter 32 . 11/1/2011
Its really too bad that you never went on to make the second part. After re-reading this, its still great a long time after.
chaosglory626 chapter 2 . 1/10/2011
Oh Yue and her mess up taste in juice. She lost the trivia game because Baka Black is too lazy to be smart unless she needs to be.
chaosglory626 chapter 1 . 1/10/2011
I recognize Yue, who is one of my favorite characters. The stupid one might be Makie or Kuu, but I'm not sure. The other one had no clues that I could find.
Saru chapter 32 . 11/22/2010
RobDaZombie let me just say this you are without a doubt one of the greatest fan-fiction writers i have ever had the pleasure of reading your works. you have successfully in this ones humble opinion to merge the Negima and Love Hina worlds together in a wonderful blend into your creation of Four Seasons. As a matter of fact i would bet that Ken Akumatsu (forgive me if i misspelled it) would most likely congratulate you on merging his two stories in a wonderful tale.

Eagerly Awaiting Book Two Saru
CodelyokoFan23 chapter 10 . 10/18/2010
this story is getting even more interesting by the minuet
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