Reviews for The World As We Knew It
Hobbyfarmer chapter 60 . 9/24
Great story and great epilogue. last four or five chapters however were mediocre and could be scanned and not read and you still could get the content. Also why did Sirius not know about Narcissa? Other than that a very very good story.
Hobbyfarmer chapter 29 . 9/23
I bet Clark is Snape :) and he is the third.
Hobbyfarmer chapter 26 . 9/23
I am not usually a Harry/Ginny fan, but this is such a great story and Harry and Ginny make so much sense. great job.
Simianpower chapter 3 . 9/2
I don't think you know what a Wronski Feint is. It's just that, a FEINT, a trick. And it does NOT result in the one doing it crashing. So not only is that not what he was doing, but if it was then he did it wrong. Ugh. Learn the terms you're using. Also... let's get to some actual plot. A filler chapter by chapter 3 is a bad sign.
Zanteth chapter 60 . 7/31
Your Aperio storyline was great. When are you gonna start with the second one? And also, I was wondering if I could help out with it. Or at least start it off anyways.
AppleSpongeCake chapter 51 . 7/26
*Stares murderously at the author blankly while forming a clever and painful homicide plot*
AppleSpongeCake chapter 39 . 7/26
*Sobs weakly in my emo corner, while shoving chocolate in my face*
You are a foul, loathesome, evil, vile, inebreated creature.
*Hates you so Much I turn into Gollum*
Foul evil little hobbiteses, we hates it forever...
AppleSpongeCake chapter 10 . 7/25
I am just... stunned. I usually hate it when people make syblings for Harry, but I love Leila. I do hate that the end is 50 chapters away though... :)
Hamilton chapter 38 . 7/20
Nice story so far, but this chapter not so much. I don't like the whole "he's Slytherin, so he must be evil" thing (it just shows 'reversed' bigotry and makes people look stupid, like Ron in canon), Leila obviously was willing and she even told Harry about Nott, so if they were really such close siblings (and they are, both before and after Harry falling through the Veil) he would not go off like this.
nanaeleanor chapter 47 . 7/16
What about the original Harry from this reality? When "our" Harry goes back, isn't their Harry still going to be there? This question has never been satisfactorily dealt with and its a plot hole too big to ignore.
Katie chapter 60 . 6/26
This is one of the most amazing fanfiction that I've ever read.
Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90 chapter 60 . 6/15
That was a weird ending, you finish of the other Voldemort but didn't the original one, why? You should've written a chapter to finish him off and explain what happens to Harry and leila!
SuperVegitoFAN chapter 18 . 6/4
Lilhs task wouldnt be that difficult. 3,5 stasis of any kind
SuperVegitoFAN chapter 15 . 6/4
Considering its 1997 youd probably be bettera iming at leonardo di caprio.
Lord Sia chapter 5 . 6/4
... Um, Harry? Remember Hermione? Cute, bookish, bushy-haired girl about your age? Been your best friend since you were eleven? And right now, she is - at best - unaware of magic, more likely dead. Along with who knows how many others.

Just, sort of weird that he hasn't thought about his best friend.
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