Reviews for For Her
SweetPatoot chapter 1 . 4/28/2013
This made my heart hurt, but it was wonderfully written (:
Larissa Martins chapter 1 . 1/29/2013
Congratulations for your amazing fic! I adore this pairing. And you write beautifully!
goodbyelove18 chapter 1 . 1/31/2009
That was really really good! I cried. And it was very beautifully written too. I don't think I could have stood it if you made Ed come back though, that would have been much too depressing.
nobody chapter 1 . 7/27/2008
I really love how you wrote this. You treaded carefully through everything; that was really good.

I also liked the idea of Russel trying not to pretend to be Ed again, and so on.

Angsty romance is so nice to read, and this fanfic totally proves it. xD

Write more!
Negotiatrix chapter 1 . 9/29/2007
Wonderful story! I had never really thought of the RussellxWinry pairing before. You did a great job with believably putting them together, and giving a minor character much more depth. (at least, minor in the show, I haven't read the manga.

Yes, it's a melancholy piece, but that suits the relationship you portray. I'd love to see a companion story to this with Winry's thoughts.
no one in particular chapter 1 . 9/29/2007
Sure, I'm an EdxWinry fan, but now that I think about RusselxWinry... I agree it's a cute couple! XD
AniMeViEtGrl chapter 1 . 9/8/2007
aww this was very cute...(in a sad angsty way _
KingdomHikari chapter 1 . 6/25/2007
I really, really liked this. This was a pairing that stayed in the back of my mind and never thought it could go anywhere, but I really enjoyed your story.
Salina M L chapter 1 . 6/13/2007
That was excellent! I have to say that I never really thought of Russell and Winry being a main pairing before, but this made it work quite nicely. The emotions and description is great, and the concept is well-pulled off.

Plus, I like it when Winry gets paired with other people besides Ed, it's a nice change.
smakn chapter 1 . 6/3/2007
Wow! Great work! Good descriptions, and the story feels like it could actually happen.
Evil Little Dog chapter 1 . 6/3/2007
As an EdXWin fan, I have to tell you, I really, really enjoy this story. Yeah. That Winry is taking solace in another alchemist - Russell - strikes me as far more believeable than her being with say Mustang (or any of his subordinates, for that matter).

Very bittersweet and melancholy and I enjoyed it bunches.