Reviews for Magical Secrets at Sea
Squarekiddo chapter 5 . 9/20
This is why I try to Never read A/Ns its either FILLED with small spoilers, or small facts that makes your dislike the story subconsciously, for example I cant STAND gay things, at all, if people want to be gay and parade it, fine, do it away from me, if people think im sick for thinking that, fine, think it away from me. Point is the simple fact that you say you enjoy slash, and you havent necessarily added it in this story, it makes me like the story less just because of the fact that there might be some slash going on, and even though I know its illogical to think that way, I do.

I really do think people need to think about what they say in their A/Ns more in general, spoilers are almost a certainty with A/Ns I read several that even summaries their next chapters in the ending A/N seems harmless and glance, but seriously, its no always so easy to ignore text to read, you tend to read the A/Ns even when you try to avoid them.
Guest chapter 22 . 9/1
Oh my fucking God! You sadist , you can't do this to me ! How could you. Such a wonderful sorry and you end it on a bloody clif hanger to top all cliff hangers. It seems like it will never be continued . My gods now I'm going to be thinking about this and what it could have been all the time .
Penny is wise chapter 22 . 8/30
Awesome story. Loved the idea and was really hoping for a sequel. The person who took over stopped after 2000 or so words and never picked it up again.
TheSilverHunt3r chapter 22 . 8/21
Please write more stories! Kudos, this is one of my favorites.
Guest chapter 14 . 7/30
Remus is a cunt and needs to be put down like the sick dog he is.
Guest chapter 13 . 7/30
they are adult wizards... being hot or cold is no issue for them because... magic.
Guest chapter 11 . 7/30
oh god, remove the comma from "Harry Potter, Sir" and you get Dobby
Tom the Magnificent chapter 22 . 6/29
You murdering torturing asshole, how can you leave it on a cliff hanger like that!
demonofold chapter 22 . 6/20
that was mean lol but good I am looking forward to the next chapter
GBTtown chapter 22 . 5/19
Even though this is a dead end, any story this well written deserves a note of appreciation. I for whatever reason have ended up reading several HP/PoTC stories. This is by far the best thought out and written. It is sad that it was never continued by the original author. I have read the four chapter attempt that was made by OTT-False but, it just didn't compare.
If you ever get back to writing, let us know.
dloold87 chapter 22 . 5/17
WTF! DICK MOVE. seriously you just up and end it there..I need to know, what happened and also don't mark the story as complete since it is obviously not. Or put discontinued or abandoned in the summary so people know its not complete. This is such a good story its a shame you have not continued it on here.
TimeyWimeyBadWolf chapter 22 . 5/7
Lovely job!
Raven and dragon chapter 22 . 5/1
6rum in hand withh pistol aimed at you

sobs like a widow wife

and fires the gun at you

all you hear was

*cant be the end why why i thought the author loved us*
miu.sakurai.73 chapter 22 . 4/10
jojo! me encanto todo!
signupwithme chapter 22 . 3/9
yeah why not, end like that and then don't update for 7 years wHAT A GREAT IDEa
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