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Botheran chapter 18 . 6/4/2010
Hey, I'm Matt from Bristol, in the UK.

Another great story, the standard of the stories i read has just been raised, i think :) At 1st i thought: "not another soulbond fic..." but having read it, i have to aggree that this is far from you average bond fic. ur story seems to bring in a new take on the classic one because they don't fall in love right at the start (which somehow feels artificial in other fics), they take a while to come to terms with their feelings for each other and i feel that is much more realistic and (to be brutally honest) nicer to read :D well done!

Going back a few chapters, i must admit that Ginny's letter to Harry was one of the most touching and emotionally rich pieces of writing i've every read. So, i offer my upmost congrats on that :D

I also keep waiting for Ron or Albus to find out about the bond. I think that H&G should at least let someone else know about it. It would add another level to the story, especially if it were Sirius or Dumbles that found out. I expect Sirius would just be a good ear, Ron would sulk for a bit before coming round, possibly after leaking it to the rest of the Weasley's, and Dumbles would either accept it and tell them it's a wonderful thing that schould be treasured, or use them as an attempt to study it, which may make H&G very angry and that could turn very interesting ;)

Any idea when your next update could be coming in?

Thanks a lot,


Neumzie chapter 18 . 4/1/2010
whats with the delay on updates! this is a great story, why did you just abandon it?
randomuser69 chapter 18 . 3/30/2010
This fic is pretty good. But, man, is it frickin' slow!
Neumzie chapter 9 . 3/29/2010
omg, the quidditch thing! you know what they say about all work and no play, harry! even i it IS vitally important! uh! :'(

aw that was a cuteastic ending!
Moriko no Hikari chapter 18 . 3/28/2010
...Wow.I've never seen anything like this...
The Lady of the Land chapter 18 . 3/18/2010
is there a reason you haven't updated in about two years?
invidian chapter 18 . 3/14/2010
I greatly like this story and urge you to update it.
dreamWalkering chapter 18 . 3/9/2010
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this story soulbonds are my absolute fav and I would love if you could update even though you havent in a while.
Jonathan Walker chapter 18 . 3/8/2010
NO, *ravenous look* PlEaSe WrItE mOrE!
Pyrate Viking chapter 18 . 2/25/2010
This is a really wonderful story. It's the best grasp I've ever seen of a young Harry/Ginny relationship. And I really like how you dealt with their bond-the awkwardness, the problems. I feel like a lot of writers out there just have them immediately love each other and have everything work out, when in fact, that is highly unrealistic. I hope you decide to continue on this story. I also appreciated how you managed to incorporate the Sirius/Peter storyline into your work. It makes it all more interesting and I like that it's closer to canon that way. Good job.
BrightMikal chapter 18 . 2/15/2010
I really liked this fic, mainly because the Soul bond in this fic is very unique. I know it's very similar to other bonds, but in this story you explore the bond very deeply, and that is a definite positive point.

I've not read a fic with merged memories/feelings/senses and thoughts before, and I like this a lot. More writers should be prepared to delve into 'Bonds' like you have, and improve on them.

It's also the first fic I've read in which the bond is intrusive, and at points very annoying, and loss of privacy. So many fics extol the virtues of such a bond, and make Harry and Ginny instant BFFs, and later on BF/GFs, and it's refreshing to read a fic where such development is slow, and much more realistic.

Harry and Ginny arguing is so likely, and the fact that other stories make them so co-operative means they seem very 'plastic', as in a picture perfect (but not at all life like) relationship.

I really, really hope you'll finish this fic one day, as it is an epic, and if completed, will surely rise to one of the 'famous' fanfics, where they're almost required reading.

Finish this, please! :)
AragornII chapter 14 . 2/7/2010
"He knew something life-changing had just happened in the last hour"

When I read something like that, I wonder what you were setting up for later in the story. I miss this one so is as good as any H/G fanfiction in existence...but it seems like it's abandoned. Is that true?
Zefrn chapter 18 . 1/9/2010
Lookin' for an update and not finding one. Come on.. you've got some good stuff here... let's crank out another chapter!
books101 chapter 18 . 12/21/2009
This is one of the more in depth, involved, and interesting bonding fics I have read! I am so curious to see how it turns out- are you ever going to continue it? It says it's been over a year since the last update...
Miz636 chapter 18 . 12/3/2009
This story is just amazing... Your plot ideas, your emotions shown, everything! It feels like I can actually see all of this happening. You've created such an amazing plotline here that I couldn't stop reading. I actually got updates and ignored them because I was that into your story. It tok me three days of reading whenever I could, but I read all of it and I still want more!

How you're playing the Ron and Hermione idea is brilliant. You're making it so realistic that I can see the two of them getting together. You did the same with Harry and Ginny. You slowly but surely connected them emotionally (and I don't just mean the bond... though it helped). You're making it believable in a way that even JKR didn't do.

I love many aspects of Harry and Ginny's bond. The memories because they give each other ideas of how they grew up and let them see why they're like this. The seeing through each other because that just seems like something that would happen in this situation. The emotions because it helps them know when to push and when to leave each other alone.

I loved that scene with Fred, George, and Harry where Harry asks for George, Fred answers, Harry tells him that he's Fred, the twins look at each other in amazement, ask Harry how he knew, and he said it was a trade secret. To me, that showed me just a little bit more than the dream where Harry knew whe Ginny would fall off her broom that their memories were affecting each other.

Your having Dumbledore push just seems to work. He's confused and can't figure anything out, so he's trying to find out and doing it by pushing. Well done idea with that because I can see anyone doing that in this situation.

You've truly brought this story to life. I've seriously been addicted since I started and I'm not ashamed to say it and I'm willing to say it twice. I love this idea and the story itself. I truly hope it gets continued.
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