Reviews for In the Circle of Elemental Arms
JkawaiiNeko chapter 25 . 7/31/2023
I read this story in middle school and now I'm back as a 30 year old woman. Time flies. This story is still truly one of the best fanfics I've ever read. I can't get over the concept of a Circle. There are things that now rereading as an older, more mature writer, that I could nitpick on. But I imagine that as you've grown yourself, you could very well improve this story as well. I truly hope you're still out there writing and if not, that maybe reading still brings you joy. I would love to chat if you're still around! Whatever you're doing, I hope you're well. Thank you for a story that lasts a lifetime.
valentine chapter 25 . 6/6/2023
i read this for the first time years - almost a decade - ago. ive long since stopped using ffnet and have nothing to do with ohshc (or nearly any manga/anime) anymore. ive gotten two and a half college degrees and vaulted several major life milestones since i first read this. and i still come back to this every now and then. theres something wonderful about the relationships portrayed here, about the characters. its a short story but a wonderful one. thanks, anyway
Sandy2348 chapter 25 . 12/3/2022
This was a wonderful story! I wish there was a bit more romance but that’s just me. Amazing none the less
Guest chapter 25 . 1/6/2022
Bravo. This is a gem. In some ways, it was a better story than the original work it was based off of. It is extremely well written and gives far more depth to the characters than they had in the series.

Well done and good luck in your future.
Oomp chapter 1 . 5/10/2020
My friend recommended this to me after we recently fell down the Ouran rabbit hole again after a certain YouTube video came out the other day and i am STOKED AS HELL FOR THIS FIC
Mistress DragonFlame chapter 25 . 3/29/2020
What an interesting story. You weaved the fantasy of elemental abilities in with Ouran very well, and the characters had depth and belief to them. The plot took interesting turns, and was unique. I was kind of disappointed with how Clan Sanaro ended up, with them turning dark, but it was refreshing comparative to the usual all happy stories.
SilverShadowKat19 chapter 25 . 3/18/2020
I’ve never read a story like this before. It’s a work of art. My only regret is that it came to an end. I wanted to keep reading and read it for hundreds of chapters. I wanted to lose myself in the world and I know there won’t be a single story like it. Thank you for writing something that created a void and filled a hole simultaneously.
Caten chapter 25 . 2/16/2020
I really enjoyed how the elemental system was portrayed. This felt like a novel quality work as opposed to fanfiction. Thank you for writing it and I hope that you decide to write a sequel someday.
astromeme chapter 25 . 1/7/2020
this is one of two fanfics i have actually bookmarked on my computer, that i come back to year after year. i don't know why, but the whole concept of elemental powers is so fascinating to me, and the story is so well written it's unreal (especially, and sorry to say this, for something written in 2008). you show personality of characters without dedicating chapter after chapter to them, and they actually seem fetched out. Haruhi demonstrates many characteristics i had back when i first started reading this story (and, coincidentally, back when i was a girl), with how she loves and still has a difficult time trusting. i like how you tackled each problem with grace. my favorite part, however, is how you handled canon. there are definitely some canon events, but they're not written word for word, scene for scene, and they all have their own little unique flair to them. i know you might not read this, as it /was/ written over ten years ago, but if you ever do, i just want you to know that you've inspired me as a writer for years, and it was about time that i finally left a review. so thank you, for writing, and i hope you had as much joy writing this fic as i have reading it.
MenaPhenom chapter 25 . 12/28/2019
Even without a sequel, this is a lovely story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for writing.
Solembum1223 chapter 25 . 12/10/2019
This is one of the best stories that I have ever read and I'm just sorry it took me this long to find it This has all be so well planned out with a cohesive and intriguing plot. I was so captivated, that I did nothing else but read this til I was finished. And I live how the ending left on an optimistic note rather then a full on happy ending. Gosh, there is just so much good I could say about this! Wow. Truly magnificent.
Guest chapter 25 . 11/1/2019
Sparty put my criticism to words. I thought your story was very detailed and well thought out but there’s just something that’s nagging me about it. Maybe it’s the fact that you put it as a fanfic in ouran and used these characters so we have more of an expectation for the ouran characters to be more central but instead found something else. I honestly think this should’ve been a pairing. Idk maybe it was the way you wrote about the ouran harem. Halfway through I started getting irritated and I just can’t quite put my finger on it
ErikatheStargazer chapter 25 . 4/14/2019
This was so beautiful...I was a little sad Haruhi and Takumi couldn’t have a happy ending, but that really is life
This was amazing and I don’t know what you’re doing now, but just know I really loved your story
The Symbol of Faith chapter 10 . 1/16/2019
this is a most wonderful story and I am so glad it is the first fic of this fandom that I'm reading. nothing could have been a more wonderful introduction to this fandom
BananaKat chapter 1 . 1/13/2019
nIce stoRy so far
i already know who i want her to end up with
(ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)
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