Reviews for In the Circle of Elemental Arms
BOSS02109 chapter 5 . 8/8/2018
no matter how many times I reread this it is always fantastic

its timeless. really
TheHauntedKeyboard chapter 15 . 7/20/2018
holy shit they killed
oohlips123 chapter 25 . 6/19/2018
This fanfic broke my heart in the best and worst ways TvT I'm sad to see it end but happy to have finished it and experienced it's beauty. One of the best fanfics I've read. Can't wait to read more from you!
The View From Up Here chapter 25 . 6/2/2018
It was so good, I can't believe it is over! I loved how you kept the characters the same but made it like it was an alternate Universe that's base was so completely different but with the same setting.
AmbrosiaWishes chapter 25 . 5/3/2018
I've been looking for HaruhixHosts stories (completed ones) and when I found this, I was really surprised at how well written it was. I was really into the story for a day and I was all into elementals and circles in the time I was reading it and the time I took a small break. The twist in the end was awesome. I should have expected Circle Sanano to be the physical antagonists, but your story telling drove me away from actually coming to that conclusion. Honestly, most of them were assholes. And at the same time, they all showed their own personalities that made me appreciate them. There was a nice balance to show they were still humans with their own morales and that made me appreciate how well written they were. (Like, instead of a bad guy just hellbent on killing for the sake of being evil kind of thing. They had their own reasonings for their actions.) I know the main character is Haruhi-focused, but I think it would have been nice to incorporate each hosts individual feelings and thoughts in the chapters as well. Otherwise, this was such an amazing story and I can't get over it. Thankyou for writing this!
Sparty chapter 25 . 4/30/2018
So I just finished reading this story, and I thought that it was really well-written... but I’m not sure if I liked it. And it’s really sad that the sole reason for that is how you wrote Haruhi when it came to Takumi. The Host Club boys just felt incredibly unimportant to this story, which just doesn’t seem like something that Haruhi would let happen because she has growing feelings for a guy that’s 10 years older than her and very romantically involved in other relationships. Her sense of justice just doesn’t seem like she’d let him walk away so easily after everything, too, which made me really bummed out because your story started out SO GOOD but the whole Takumi thing just downright killed anything good I felt about the story. It just made Haruhi come off as very selfish and uncaring, which is not what she is at all (in my opinion). And I know this story was written years ago, but it’s just really sad to me that a world so beautifully created in terms of magic and all that was just ruined for me by one thing. It really, really sucks, and I’m sorry that it comes off as me complaining - I’m not even saying this because I would’ve rather seen Haruhi x Host Member, because that’s not the case - because I think I really enjoyed your story, it just disappointed me in the same way because of the huge potential it had, I guess? That is, however, just my opinion - your skill as a writer and storyteller are very profound, but this is the only criticism I could think of writing. The boys just felt like not a part of the story at all, like they weren’t nearly as important to Haruhi as she is to them, so it made every interaction she had with them at the end not genuine at all. Sorry if I’m coming off as harsh - it just didn’t make sense for her to act entirely the way she did in her final meeting with Takumi. It felt like a completely different Haruhi than the one I know and love, but this is also a different world. Thank you for writing this, and hopefully I’ll be able to read more of your work in the future! :)
KKVixen chapter 25 . 2/10/2018
I won’t mind waiting for a long time. Granted, it’s been years since you wrote this story, but I still love it. And t ended amazingly. While I would love a sequel, I’m quite content with you leaving it like this. It’s amazing either way.
KKVixen chapter 24 . 2/10/2018
My heart hurts so much right now.
KKVixen chapter 23 . 2/10/2018
I’m, like, in denial right now. Because it hurts a lot that Amaya and them were doing this. It hurts so freaking much and I don’t thing I’ll be able to breathe if I let it in, so denial it is.
KKVixen chapter 22 . 2/9/2018
This chapter broke me and made me cry. Let me wallow in my tears. Because I guessed right. Before it was revealed, I thought maybe someone in Amaya’s circle was spilling into and betraying the others, but what if it IS all of them? What if they’re all somehow involved?
KKVixen chapter 16 . 2/9/2018
This story is so amazing and my love for it is extremely abundant. It’s such a good read!
KKVixen chapter 4 . 2/3/2018
The reveal is always hilarious. Silly Tamaki.
KKVixen chapter 3 . 2/3/2018
This...was AMAZING! I love well written action scenes and Haruhi’s made chills go down my back. The boys, well, their matches were kinda burning and not dramatic at ALL considering how weak the opponents were. I could just imagine how beautiful the water would look. I am squealing right now because this was awesome. I can’t wait to read more.
snowandcats chapter 25 . 1/26/2018
I spent three hours reading this.

It was worth it.

1Dturtle chapter 6 . 12/12/2017
Aaaah this is such a cool concept, and using the ohshc cast puts it into such a unique perspective! I love how the characters are being developed and given that depth that the anime/manga gives us little glimpses of.
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