Reviews for I'm no longer a little girl
dreadpiratejulie chapter 8 . 3/23/2008
Wow, this is amazing! I really loved reading this. I always liked Richard- I mean who couldn't resist a man with long rockstar hair and eyeliner? lol. But this was so well written and really in depth. I loved it. )
Disco Inferno1 chapter 8 . 7/19/2007
Getting that last chapter in before HP! ~_ Send the next to me at any time. I don't get the book until Glynn goes to work or he finishes it first.

Whatever's going on better be important enough to interupt Richard nookie. ;) It is a shame that they had to go back so soon.

Since nothing is wrong at the camp when they get back, I can only imagine what their thoughts are with how bad whatever it is that Jeanie's sensing. For her to have that much of a reaction, it's got to be HUGE!

Nice moment with Jeanie helping Ben move in. Another good way to set up their friendship, esp. when Jeanie doesn't even think about helping him unpack.

'it is ok to admit how you feel about him?'-and do we get that in a flashback? I would love to see how they 'decide' to be together.

'I know we don't have our families anymore, but we'll always have each other.'-I have this feeling that that is going to be tested.

Great job! If I don't talk to you before the grand HP event _, I hope you enjoy! Lots of love, Gin
Angela chapter 7 . 7/19/2007
OMG a cliffhanger!I assume that the danger is the "rescue" boat.I wonder what Jeanie and Richard are going to do to assist Ben and the island deal with the impending I think it's cute that Richard didn't involve Jeanie in the purge and told her he loved her.I also like the love scene!
Disco Inferno1 chapter 7 . 7/16/2007
Sorry if this review sucks. Had a major test this morning and I’m exhausted. Disclaimer aside _, on to your chapter.

Glad that Richard is getting to relax because, like I said before, it’s going to get ugly soon. I so love this: “Jeanie Henderson, are you suggesting we run off into the forest to have sex?” he asked, faking a look of utter shock. “Honey, I'm suggesting nothing, I'm demanding,” she stated seriously.

The smoke monster makes an appearance. I have yet to figure that thing out. You’ll have to give me your take on it and why it has come to her twice but only shown her a vision.

It’s interesting that not only can Jeannie read minds but that she can sense something before it happens (that’s got to suck). Her declaring something’s wrong and them hurrying back makes sense.

Again, I think your changes about her parents’ death were good. “Jacob?”—yep, I’ve got question marks there too. But I’m sure you’ll get to that as well. What a cliffie! It’s not that there’s a problem with Ben but that they are ALL in danger. Good job!
Disco Inferno1 chapter 6 . 7/10/2007
I wonder if I'm reading too much into this about the Temple but all trace of their life there is gone. It makes me wonder if that is symbolic of their life. Has their way of life changed since they took over Dharma or with the plane crash? Do that mean anything? Those kinds of thoughts.

Despite all the craziness that's going on, it's good to see Jeanie and Richard being reminded of their love and their relationship. I can imagine how much the crash has shook up their camp and turned their focus towards that, so much so that normal relationships-or what you can call normal for Lost-can be neglected. I'm sure things are about to get crazy, so I like Jeanie and Richard's little moments like these.

I like how you're working in things from the show but taking it a step farther and having your characters dwell on it, like with Ben's birthday. I didn't know how I felt about Jeanie and Ben being such good friends because I don't particular care for Ben's character. So I was little biased against him but the more I read of their relationship, the more I find how easily it was for them to become friends and rightly so and how good it is that they befriended each other. It wasn't like there were a lot of children or people their age to be friends with. Whatever this relationship is that they have, it's going to be very important on down the road and I wonder if that friendship will be tested in that Jeanie believes differently or disagrees with what Ben's done.

Great chapter! Hope you got all my billion e-mails to you. Talk to you later! Much love! Gin
Angela chapter 6 . 7/10/2007
Yay update!And with a pretty good chapter,bravo!I have a question though:How old is Jeanie supposed to be?If she's a few years older than Ben since she was 15 in chap 1 she must be in her mid forties now...But she seems young...So what gives?
Angela chapter 5 . 7/3/2007
Great chapter!I like how the flashbacks have something to do with the present situation.I don't know why your story doesn't get many reviews,I've seen crappy stories with a lot of ,I hope you'll update !
Disco Inferno1 chapter 5 . 7/2/2007
Ah, don't you just love disclaimers. ;) Btw, you are very welcome. Do we know yet if the Island has accepted Jeanie and she has become Immortal like the rest of them? I may be getting ahead of myself there but it was a thought that just popped into my mind. To Ben's instructions, sex is a definite must with Richard around-ha, ha!

I can't wait to see what your thoughts are on the purpose of Ben sending them to the Temple. I have absolute no thoughts on that. With it in ruins, it'll be interesting to see what purpose it holds, symbolic or literally.

The change in Jeanie as a teenager was over time but I like how she took that step in making it outward. Like we talked about before, her environment on the Island and particularly her home life have made her grow up much faster than the average child. She's much wiser and mature than other eighteen year olds. But it's that innocent like seductress that makes this scene so much fun. She looks so harmless but then 'watch out'! _ Because she can make him hot! Speaking of hot, what a love scene! You go, girl!

Great chapter!
Disco Inferno1 chapter 4 . 7/1/2007
My apologies for taking so long in reviewing. I thought I had and, with my family here, I just didn’t think about it. At least I’m finally here. I love how the Temple invoked so much emotion for the two. The carving on the tree was great. It was also good to see Richard abandon himself for a moment to enjoy it as well. Maybe part of the answers at the Temple was also an answer for her thoughts and feelings toward Richard as well? I know I said it before but I have to repeat it—I love your ideas about the Island and they seem so plausible. The writers of the show may have been trying to convey age by the different haircuts on Richard because his face didn’t age. However, there may be more to that and you’ve picked up on that so well and creatively. All of it’s great—from the aging, immortality and prime of their lives, why Dharma’s there, the special powers. Great job!

Also, I'll get your next chapters to you soon! I haven't forgotten! Gin
Angela chapter 4 . 6/22/2007
I liked this chapter!The explanation about the island and the Hostiles etc is very plausible and I wouldn't be surprised if it is correct.
Disco Inferno1 chapter 3 . 6/15/2007
This is a good chapter for your theme of looking innocent but thinking otherwise. You state that very well prior to the flashback without spelling it out word for word and stating-'hey, this is the theme!' But you also throw it in very well by illustration in the flashback as she adamantly states she's almost 16 and the way Richard kisses her on the forehead. I would imagine that she is mature beyond her age because of having grown up on the Island in a controlled, adult atmosphere.

I like that Richard and Jeanie's relationship isn't of one coming to the other's rescue or one specifically supporting the other emotionally. He worries about her as much as she worries about him and they offer each other support. Usually one character in a pairing is stronger than the other (see my work for instance _). So this is a nice change.
Angela chapter 3 . 6/15/2007
Hi!Thanks for answering my review on the previous chapter, I found this one pretty I jumped into conclusions about your OC,or misunderstood a few one,I didn't view her as an seemed like a good girl,you know,didn't fit with the "evil Other" stereotype!Also,I didn't have any problem with the character's traits individually,but as a Mary Sues have abusive parents,extraordinary abilities and are fiesty while being super hot at the same you get my meaning?I haven't met anyone like this in real life and I like characters I can relate then again,you are writing fiction :) I will keep reading though,I am curious about what happens next :)
Angela chapter 2 . 6/15/2007
You are a fairly good writer and this story has potential,but IMO your OC is a Mary Sue.I mean,her father beats her?She's also telepathic?She's a strong girl while being pretty?I don't think all those qualities make a "real" character.
Disco Inferno1 chapter 2 . 6/12/2007
I wish you were getting more reviews and I don’t get why you’re not. But I’m always a fan. ;) Really like the way Jeanie and Richard care for each other. Jeanie to the rescue—you go, girl! Like the lead in to the flashback. Richard already senses something in her at this point and his promise has to be a boon to her heart that’ll he come back for her. I’m so glad she can trust him but how could she not with that voice and those eyes! ;)
Disco Inferno1 chapter 1 . 6/8/2007
I see what you mean about the disclaimer. It’s a shame a certain flamer couldn’t read these author’s notes. I like where you’ve picked up in Lost for this fic. It’s right on the edge of where we don’t know what’s going to happen. Leaves it open for a lot of creativity, which you have a lot of. Even though this is to excise a little Richard lust, you have done well with his character, given him depth beyond those bedroom eyes. I like how Jeanie calls Ben out on his lies. She may be able to read his mind but that doesn’t mean she had to call him out. I don’t blame her for wanting to know and to get away. She and Ben have a lot in common, so I like how you’re beginning to set the two of them up in the story for comparison/contrast.