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ZiYu chapter 16 . 3/12/2017
Whew. It's like a giant entourage of KH, FF, and Disney characters came out for one last hurrah. That you could fit so many characters in must've required really intensive work.

That, along with the whole execution of the Plan was really nostalgic and chaotically entertaining ("sounds like fun" ahahaha). It was like that Plan for Stealing the Akashic Record all over again, except the stakes became so much higher. And with everyone joining the fight, then Zack, Cloud, Reno, and Rude giving chase..."does no one in this hospital have even an ounce of self preservation" lmao. Just. Everyone is so precious. Totes adorbs.

Aerith's goodbye. Ienzo's powers returning to him over the course of the battle. Myde's mom teasing and giving her blessing. That entire epilogue; beginning and ending like book ends, coming full circle, but things truly are different now, especially where it matters most-in their hearts.

Smiled and chuckled lots, replete with giddy mental cheering. That ending was perfect, hit all the right notes and stopped at the most fitting place. Definitely lives up to the fic entire and leaves readers feeling a deep-seated sort of contentment (along with, of course, the reluctance born from finishing a particularly good book one is sad to see end).

Nine years. The Violet Room was a wonderful experience, both entertaining and profound. You have a seemingly intuitive grasp of the language, refined to a diamond-polish after supreme dedication, hard work, and practice. A vivid imagination in order to craft such a creative plot, keen intelligence to maintain logical consistency and portray intelligent characters...TVR's success lies in all this and more, but most importantly, it resonates with readers because you breathe true life into your characters, give them emotions, motivations, /heart/ to propel them into action, and that sense of authenticity would not be there, I think, if you did not have the empathy needed to understand the human psyche so well.

Truly impressive. You deserve all the praise found in these reviews and more. Thank you for persevering and seeing TVR to its conclusion. It's been over a year since you finished writing TVR, but I hope things are looking up. Life ain't really reasonable or fair, but you've got incredible talent and amazing work ethic covered in spades. Wish you the best!
ZiYu chapter 14 . 3/6/2017
Since last posting, I moved, got a new roomie, then proceeded to laugh uproariously and flail all four limbs around wildly as I read that last scene with Aerith, Zack, and Tseng. She responded with her own (very confused) laughter before heading out, but I couldn't be bothered to cook up a plausible excuse for my sudden onset of nuttiness. Alas, she'll just have to stay wondering.

(I would pimp this fic so ridiculously hard (KH player or not) but unfortunately she doesn't know much English to speak of.)

I'd continue to do the lazy so-called-reviewing of quoting my favorite lines back at you, except if I did that I'd essentially be parroting most of the chapter and that would be silly by any standard.

I should probably be more concerned with the burgeoning heartless problem, and the cliffhanger which has rendered their Plan awry from the beginning, but I am just too excited, buoyed by the knowledge that this story is ending and that...despite everything, I have this surefire optimism that Myde and Ienzo will finally carve out a happy ending for themselves, even if they have to fight tooth and nail in the next chapter to get there. I don't have an explanation for why, exactly, I feel that way-a large part of it, I'm sure, is hope; I hardly wish to see them suffer a tragic end, but more importantly...

I guess it's just because they have matured a lot? I dunno-the process was so natural that I didn't even notice it at first, not /really/, only picking up on it when reflecting back to older chapters. Y'know, how like time just seems to whizz by and you're only peripherally or semi-aware of how others or you yourself have changed? And it doesn't really feel any different except when you pause and look back to be like: "oh yeah...I guess so. But it makes sense."

Because, well. They're still Ienzo and Myde, the same characters I originally came to read about, but also...more, now. I've always liked their interactions since the beginning, back when Ienzo was mainly just a mystifying enigma to Myde, but that natural growth and development, the progress of their relationship has only made it so much better.

I was pretty amused and fond of the whole book hauling scene (Myde! I sympathize! My roomie had a shit ton of books to move too hahaha), but then subsequent parts got even better. The Mimic, it blowing a raspberry, Myde being indignant, Ienzo petting said Mimic like an evil villain with his/her cat (/perfect/ description, btw-that was what initially came to mind for me too, and then seeing that description in written text, lmao), Overly Complicated Plan ver.2, were all heavily snicker-inducing, then Aerith & company barging in...well, you know my reaction to that already.

So giddy right now. I'm so excited at the prospect of finishing this story, but at the same time, I just want to savor it and never see it end. But I've been putting TVR off for long enough. :'D I don't think I've said it yet, but I've been loving each chapter more than the last. Thank you so much for sharing such a high caliber fic with all of us. This is a tad premature, but I'm certain by this point I can already say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is my favorite fanfiction of all time (and tbh, one of my favorite stories in general). So really, thank you, phrased in all the heartfelt ways of saying so in all of Earth's languages. Thank you!
ZiYu chapter 13 . 2/27/2017
I take my words back from my previous review. Despite my earlier trepidation, and that bout of romantic drama (turns out leading multiple lives of fantastic adventures and magic and world hopping and losing hearts fighting heartless etc etc ain't so conductive to gaining relationship experience. Or just. Confessing feelings lol), this chapter wounded up being super satisfying and I'm immensely glad for it.

You do all your characters credit. They really shone this chapter, and the interactions, the tough but meaningful conversations, were executed very well. Natural and true to character. Loved how Aerith and Mariana teased Ienzo and Myde, Yuffie 1000% done and crashing by in her PJs, everything coming to a head and beginning to get resolved because everyone involved is working hard to understand and adapt and come back together to move on. The struggle to overcome their internal battles and reach this point was real, and the payoff is already so heartwarming, the honest heart-to-hearts so refreshing.

(Well. Except Ienzo's mother. Myde put up a valiant effort, but well. Can't win all the battles in life.)

But I'm getting ahead of myself here. It hasn't actually been that long but I'm really appreciating the return to Myde's POV here! He's not the sophisticated master wordsmith, but he has plenty of insightful observations/moments phrased in the most amusingly candid of ways. Hits right on the head of the nail.

Actually I just giggled lots when reading this chapter in general, so I'm just gonna quote some favorites back at ya:

Mostly though, he hated to run and he hated to clean, but he hated things dirty and he hated to wait, and every once in a while he mistook the brush of his own bangs for spider's legs on his cheek and flailed like the end times were coming.

By some miracle or fault in the stars, Cloud was actually still talking. "Fenrir's got a great safety rating too. Once I drove it off a skyscraper—"

/How are you still alive, Cloud? How?/

Well then.

Learning how to ride a badass bike and free excuse to hug Cloud Strife?



"Did he stay cute?" she asked, more wicked than he had ever heard her (this was the girl who'd had a wild love affair with a married man), and yes, he was going to go smother himself with a pillow now, 'kay thanks bye.

Only she was still waiting for an answer.

"I don't know!" Myde wailed, and somehow the divan pillow actually had found its way into his hold; he didn't question, just clutched it desperately like a shield.


"You ever get the urge to do something stupid and awesome?"

She blinked. "Like what?"

"Well, I've got an unregistered motorcycle, magic powers, and an army of back-up dancers… I'm pretty sure we can think of something cool."

"I have no idea which one I should ask about first."


She actually put her heels back on, as if, come hell, high water, or slippery motorcycle foot grips, she was not going to sacrifice style. Yeah, he could get behind that idea.

"Come on," he said, but she was already hurrying by.


Ienzo was as good as a gossip rag.

...And lots and lots of other moments, but you get the idea. :P
ZiYu chapter 12 . 2/21/2017
Gah. Cliffhanger!
(I'd zip onwards to the next chapter immediately but eh, rather busy this month. These 2 chapters took me long enough to read as is.)

The introduction between Kairi and Ienzo was absolutely adorable and so, so precious. Shy yet perceptive babs getting to know each other! (i may have coo'd aloud on the subway sshhhhh

Also loved the Tron arc where Ienzo gets to meet Ram & co. It was a fun adventure, but more importantly, that ending where Ansem & the apprentices arrive to save the day, and Ienzo wields his illusions with self-assured certainty, and his laughter and him being surrounded by all his favorite people...

It was so uplifting (hands clapping, eyes crinkling, elatedly squeeing uplifting!). :'D You go, little guy. Progress and recovery and sweet, sweet victory you brave and persistent little soul. I'll admit, I paused right then and there for a couple days to savor the conclusion to that arc (and got to pretend that was it and they all lived happily ever after, d'aww) for a while.

But well, back to Radiant Garden. Ansem, that was expected of you, your decision easy to rationalize, but damn it all.

"To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this light of true redemption, that this world may become as paradise."

Evoking the chilling and disturbing feelings of that powerful TWEWY moment, yo. Gave me goosebumps back then and now here, too. This quote is so awfully, perfectly fitting here and yet...someone, please just bundle little Kairi and Ienzo away from all this pain and suffering. :'(

It's amazing how you took such a minor character like Ienzo, with virtually no backstory to speak of in the games, and fleshed out his past in such painstaking, wondrous, believable detail over the course of these last three chapters. It was heavy stuff, but this whole flashback arc was a gripping read. Powerful, intense, and supremely, magnificently, (horrifyingly :P) impressive.

Having said all that-it was a wild ride, but I definitely missed Myde. Was looking forward to popping back to his scenes (and, I'll admit, I was hoping for a brief respite with something more amusing and/or light-hearted) but then that phone call happened and aha. ha ha. ha haa

I'm just gonna lie down for a bit and bemoan how these two never get to catch a break
ZiYu chapter 10 . 2/5/2017
Holy shit, Ienzo. God damn. I wouldn't wish that kind of experience on /anyone/.

I can see why this chapter bumped up the rating to M. It was tragic, horrifying, and disturbing in the most profound and sinister way. It was painful and exhausting to read through, to see Ienzo's backstory unfold-to see out-of-control illusions taken to their logical conclusion and I. Ached for everyone. Ienzo's father, stoic and stern and trying to move on but suffering from nightmares all the same. His normally soft-spoken and gentle mother cracking and finally shattering under the strain of a terrible, secret burden. Ienzo, 6(-7-8) years old and already so composed, controlled, deliberate, unraveling at the seams and grappling futilely with his subconscious desires (I don't want to be a burden). /Ienzo suffering nonexistence before even becoming a nobody, that is so colossally unfair Life I just can't even./ Your writing is beautiful as always here, but evocative and powerful in a way that is truly visceral. It is harrowing and terrible (that is meant to be a compliment) and I utterly disliked it (that, too, is supposed to be a compliment-who can love an experience so completely awful?) and it was the worst (best) chapter yet, heavy and taxing as it was to read.

I said it before but your writing style, poetry more than prose at times (okay, oftentimes), is gorgeous-I loved it to bits years ago and rereading now I adore it still, even the older chapters. It flows organic and lyrical, and your descriptions are so vivid they are like watercolor paintings with words. You could probably write about watching paint dry or raindrops falling on a windowpane and I would be completely enamored. So it says a lot that in this chapter, the execution was so well done I was too unsettled/preoccupied to fawn over the prettiness of your prose. I recall liking very much the stream of consciousness writing style used for Ienzo's breakdown back in chapter 6 but compared to this chapter, in retrospect that one was a little too smooth, a little too neat, not disjointed and haphazard enough to feel as genuine as this chapter's.

I love the ordering of the scenes in this chapter. The start of Ienzo's, how surreal and confusing it is (what? what's going on? And why why /why/?). It spurs the reader to continue on, brimming with bubbly curiosity, then as things proceed to get worse and worse it develops to morbid fascination and then just nonopleasedon't-

That goes in general too. I love the general pacing of the story, the slow patient development, the painstaking detail put into the narrative-it's been clear, since this story's beginning, that you poured so much thought and time and dedication into ironing out its plot. The results are naturally impressive. And you pick the perfect spots for ending your chapters. I remember chapter I for instance, broken into three parts to introduce Ienzo and Myde in turn, then the circumstances leading up to their meeting, ending with "It's been a long time, Demyx." Just. Perfect. That slow-burning building of anticipation is absolutely delectable, and masterfully done.

The cast, too, is great. I love how you fitted in Disney and Final Fantasy characters into this story, for large roles and small. Ienzo and Myde's characterizations are brilliant, which should go without saying, and I look forward to seeing how they develop even more. In this chapter, I was initially Less Than Impressed by Ienzo's parents, but I loved how you turned preconceptions around in my head. His parents are flawed, undoubtedly, but are incredibly easy to sympathize with. They're ultimately very human.

So. Yeh. This was one of my (if not absolute) favorite fanfics back in the day-no idea why I stopped keeping up-and so I've been rereading it since Chinese New Year to very belatedly play catch up and, well. Finish reading it. Finally. Needless to say I've been enjoying myself immensely and I love this story to death still (even more so) but "It was going to be a very, very long night," hahaha Myde no kidding. Chapter 10 was fantastic but I think I'm gonna need to take a breather...

Happy year of the Rooster!
moonBright-halcyonDays chapter 16 . 1/24/2017
My heart has taken a hell of a beating while reading this, and I very nearly went crazy when I had to stop reading this and do other things. I applaud you, and thank you for this wild ride.
TheAlbinoPhoenix chapter 1 . 1/21/2017
I reread a good bit of The Violet Room this morning after remembering that I'd really liked it. I hadn't remembered just how great it is and how much it has meant to me. When I first read it about four years ago, it wasn't finished yet, but Myde's and Ienzo's stories still spoke to me. At that time, I was really questioning who I was and what I would do with my life. Seeing Myde search for his answers helped me to find some of mine. Seeing them make the most of their situations even in a world that was against them was encouraging. Zemyx has never been a major ship for me, but I love your story and I adore how you wrote them. You gave them life, made them real. Thank you. This will always be a favorite of mine. Also, writing a 250k word story over eight and a half years and finishing it is an amazing accomplishment! Nice!
bluestonewings chapter 16 . 9/5/2016
oh. my. god. my GOD. *incomprehensible screaming* THAT WAS GORGEOUS and I AM SCREAMING. I can't believe you wrote this over? nine years! holy shit!
I literally don't know where to start with this. As I mentioned before, your Ienzo and Myde are adorable and broken and confused and my hearT? augh! Ienzo's backstory was messed up and currently one of the favorite ones I've heard so far, including the TRON world (honestly? my favorite thing in the world, what with Ienzo finally figuring out some stuff about himself and TRON! HIS DADS SHOWING UP! TRON!) I love your Radiant Garden interpretation (the TWEWY reference killed me, i had to scream into a pillow for a solid minute) and of course Ienzo's dads too. Aerith is the best mom, she went through so much. And Myde's mom too! All (most) of the moms you've written are so wonderful and 3D and agh. My heart. And while I'm not a hardcore shipper of anything, I really like how the shipping worked out; its so cute.
I've never played any FF game ever, so anything that wasn't KH I took at face value, and it turned out pretty well. I would love to know what sort of stuff I probably missed though. (I love your Mimics? heck)
Honestly, this is a solid solid story and I never expected to take the turns it did, or end up as it has. Congrats on sticking with this for years(?honestly?). I loved every bit of the psychological drama, horribly painful backstory, cute romance, and hardcore myde-sitar-jamming action. It came together surprisingly nicely, and I'm so glad I found this fic!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back and re-read this because I need to actually understand it properly!
bluestonewings chapter 9 . 9/4/2016
So I found this when I was messing around on tumblr and I've been here for two hours reading and re-reading and ruining my brain and I am 1000% speechless, not just because it's midnight and I should be asleep. THIS. IS. AMAZING. I might only understand half of what has happened but oh my GOD IT IS SO COOL SO FAR AND? Speechless! I am speechless! Ienzo is completely broken and Myde is a wreck, and I? Love love love this!
I'm leaving a comment because I have to go to sleep for now but I will probably wake up and think "oh shit i have to finish TVR"
I'm in total confusion and speechless but I adore psychological stories and this one is perfect so far.
Guest chapter 16 . 8/6/2016
This story has literally been one of the best parts of my life for years now. Thank you so much for writing it.
Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare chapter 14 . 2/26/2016
I just realized that this fic was 9 years in the making. And that I started reading it I think in like, '08 or so? I was just rating high school. And your wrote phenomenonly well then, but even improved immensely as time went on, gotten an even more refined in style. And I've followed this fic the whole time, been inspired by it even to write an asylum fic if my own for a different fandom, and this is my favorite KH au fic if all time. I got the notification the day the fic finished, had it open in a tab on my phone for weeks, and finally found the time to sit down and read it after refrain my memory of what happened previously. And I just... holy shit, dude. It's so good. Words cannot describe how much I adore this world you've created, and I'm so happy you never fully abandoned it, and finished it out. I love this story. I love this portrayal of all the characters. I love that this can be back in my life again, and was something I could come back to throughout the years. Bless.
rufusisaghost chapter 16 . 2/25/2016
For years I would check my inbox to see if I would see those beautiful words: The Violet Room has updated. I was so eagerly waiting those words until I actually saw them right on my screen. I was so freaking excited, but at the same time really nervous. I've been reading this fanfiction since I was in high school. I've now been graduated from college for about a year. It took me a while to muster up the courage to read the ending,(That and I had to go back and read a few previous chapters because I couldn't remember exactly what happened, haha). But I'm glad I did because the ending was phenomenal. I loved all of the references and the action made me sit on edge, and then the part where his mother handed Myde his old cloak...I wanted to scream. Everything was perfect 3

I remember making fan art of this story and sending it to you on deviantart I believe. (hanyou-cat was my screen name, it's shanalikeanna now). And now that I actually went through college and have an art degree, maybe I should make you some new fan art haha.

I don't know what you have gone through in these past two years, but all I can say from the bottom of my heart is THANK YOU for your courage and for giving us this amazing story. From the moment one of my friends in high school sent me this link and said YOU NEED TO READ THIS, to me now 23 and about 7 years later; this has always been one of my favorite stories I have ever read and I continue to recommend it to people today. Thank you so muc wish you well in all of your future endeavors!
strange'eagle chapter 16 . 2/23/2016
Uuuuuuuuuuu, oh my god, it's fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinished I can't believe it. I'm already getting post-reading depression, and I thought I was done with that these days. Ienzo! Myde! I hope they never change. (Or never in a bad way.)

iThe engine roared. The rain sang./i

Perfect freaking ending. I never know how to feel about epilogues; yes, the story doesn't end, but...epilogues always strike me as trying to find an ending anyway. Still satisfying, don't get me wrong. I particularly will miss Aerith's and Ienzo's relationship; she must've been the best and worst part of the hospital, someone who really cares, but persistently refuses to believe you.

Everything about this fic. Foreveeeeeeeeer. When it's up on AO3, I'm reccing it so hard.

Loved every moment of it. Deepest thanks.

P.S. I can totally see Ienzo holding onto that Dark Hide until it's...useful. Another headcanon, for a fic I've imagined isequals/i to, embarrassingly enough. That's the thing about the very best stories. In your head, they keep going forever.
llamasarecoolerthanyou chapter 16 . 2/1/2016
Thank you so much for finishing this story. I've been reading this story for about eight years now and I'm so glad that you always came back with an update. It was truly a highlight of my year when I saw an update. This has been my absolute favorite fanfic I've ever read.

Thank you.
thekeybladeschosen chapter 16 . 1/30/2016
I found this story like a week ago and have spent almost all of my free time reading it. I loved it so much. Wow.
I have so many words I'd like to say about how this made me feel, but I can't seem to find them... I loved the characterization, the world you built, the relationship of these two. This is one of the best Zexion/Demyx stories I've ever found. It's beautiful and profound and oh so exciting and I love it so much. (redundancy is my strong suit I guess.)
thank you for this! it was beautiful.
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