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Riku Lyonheart chapter 15 . 1/24/2016
Just simply amazing in every way. You are an amazing writer. Coming back online to find that my favorite story way updated was jyst wonderful. I absolutely adore your work. From the infinite cameos of Disney, to the very detailed and articulste plot, and the drive yo keep reading, there is never a boring moment! You are my hero!
Resha04 chapter 16 . 1/20/2016
Thank you, thank you so much for writing this fic, for keep updating it, for not abandoning it (and us the readers), for creating something for me to look forward every year since 2 years ago, for such an awesome, beautifully-written fic, and for a great ending.
I first found this about 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken, and ever since then this has rekindled my love for Kingdom Hearts again and again everytime I re-read it. This fic was the first to make me take an interest in Zexion and Demyx too (as a pair and as characters). The game didn't really give any chance for the players to delve deeper into the characters of the Nobodies and you... did it perfectly. There's one line I remembered as I re-read this that Nobodies are driven by want, not anything else, and I thought, "maybe even the developers didn't come to this conclusion." I like how you write about the dark parts of them as Nobodies without making it too depressing.
I planned on re-reading this again from chapter 1, but as I remembered bits and pieces of this story, I also remembered why I love how you portray Ienzo and Myde's relationship. First of all, they are very much in character, no interaction seems OOC; and you didn't push and try to show that they actually love each other. Everything just...flows. Ienzo ordering Myde around and Myde being the one who always jumps into his defense. Neither asked for affection or actively (or aggressively) trying to make a move until chapter 13 (in which I practically yelled "about finally!"). I like it. I love it. You have proved that a relationship isn't all about touching each other and being sappy.
And there is the universe of this fic too. I can't for the life of me thinking of how you started it, planned it, and connected everything and everyone from KH, FF, and Disney in here.

Feel free to ignore this part because I'm ranting here. You know, Kingdom Hearts somehow makes me feel hopeless sometimes, because I like Roxas and the Nobodies more than the protagonists; but there is no way for Roxas to be reborn because he's practically Sora no matter how much I deny it and the Organization isn't mentioned all that much. But reading The Violet Room always makes me happy, hahaha.

I don't know if I have succeeded in getting my point across because I feel like I've swerved out of the topic again, and I have so many to say and so little organizing ability, so once again, thank you for this fic. I can't find a fitting adjective for it.
Secretie chapter 15 . 1/18/2016
(Sorry, my review got cutoff for some reason) ...One of my favorite sequences was the lantern festival (arguably true my favorite). Even though it was tainted for Ienzo, your description was absolutely heavenly. It felt like one of those overwhelmingly blissful dreams you don’t ever want to leave and try to desperately hang onto when you feel yourself waking. All the more reason it was so sad to see Ienzo being so hurt and used, surrounded by false beauty. His entire past story line explained why he inevitably lost his heart and why he is the person we are reading about two lifetimes later. Everything about those chapters is so profound. They always stick out in my memory when remembering this fic.

And then coming back out of that to Myde, you as the reader feel like him. All disoriented, drained, and rushing. Myde standing up to Ienzo’s mother really showed how far he’s come and how much he cares for Ienzo. She is a ghostly character and seeing who she is makes it apparent why Myde (and Aerith too) is so important. Ienzo really had no one, even the person who was supposed to love him unconditionally. One of my favorite lines from that chapter is, “But Ienzo, the wordsmith Myde has hurt with silence, spoke first” I love that because it shows an area where these two may struggle with for the rest of their lives. Ienzo is a wordsmith and needs confirmation, where Myde is not always emotionally intuitive or verbally eloquent. Either way, they work it out and realize the difference in each other. All you need is patience. It felt like everything was coming to a close, all the ends tied in a neat bow in these last few chapters.

The scene with Myde, Cloud, and Cid at the repair shop was priceless and hilarious. Your Cid is the best. It reads like you’ve been writing him for years. And Myde’s motorcycle sounds so badass. Cloud is such a good friend in his own emotionally subdued, subtle way, isn’t he?
I found Myde’s conversation with his mom to be inspiring. Don’t we all want to have a conversation with our parents like that? Marianna is an enthralling character. I’m so glad Myde got that closure, an unspoken blessing, and she initiated it so gracefully. By the way, when I read the line “You ever get the urge to do something stupid and awesome?” I knew it sounded so familiar but couldn’t place it and then had a good laugh when I realized a minute later it was a real line from Demyx and it fit so flawlessly in his conversation I almost missed it. That’s when you know you’re writing a character as true to the original as you can get!

Now for the last few chapters- I loved reading about Myde, Ienzo, and the hoard of Dancers in the violet room packing away everything Ienzo holds dear. His protectiveness of books, general overthinking everything, and that constant level of irritation always gets me. And it was so perfect how that one Dancer that kept stealing stuff was actually one of Ienzo’s little critters! Poor Myde. And here he had so much faith in the Dancers and there was a fake in there the whole time. Your description of the mimic was grotesque. And I found it brilliant how we always had lesser nobodies, but no one ever saw them. I’d always assumed they were the Scholars (which now I can’t remember if they actually exist or not), but your version makes way more sense and is generally much cooler. I’m still curious about the black door. Is that what brought the heartless in? And why was it opened partially in the first place...was it Ienzo’s doing accidentally? But more importantly, why did Myde have to take his shirt off? Maybe I missed something or was that Ienzo being sly? ;)

Your ending was one hell of a roller coaster! I would have never guessed at any of that happening and that’s what I love about your writing- you don’t fall into predictable cliches and take everything into consideration from the story as a whole. I found myself smiling like an idiot seeing everything click into place like it’s been set up from the beginning all along. The moments with Cheshire and Kairi, that black door mentioned all those chapters ago, Rufus’s mysterious assistance, the turks, Shera, the Cloud and Zack team-up, Denzel, Leon, the personalities from various Disney sources converging at once and making me feel like I was a kid again (poor Nemo!), our boys finally getting their powers back in the most awesome way possible, the confrontation and closure with Aerith, the heartfelt and cheeky goodbye from Myde’s mother, all of it came together effortlessly in one final crescendo. It was completely epic. No other words come to mind. It was a purely nostalgic, heroically chaotic finale in the best way possible. So many twists and turns, but everything felt entirely necessary to tie up loose ends and say farewell to so many personalities. It even had a motorcycle chase- cop cars, helicopters, innocent bystanders and all. Plus, Myde in a suit and Ienzo as a there a better way to be dressed at the finale? I don’t think so.

The epilogue almost made my cry. My heart still aches! I’m so glad you gave us a little scene with Aerith. It really did feel like closure. I was hoping they would go to visit her, but I’m sure they would. Sneak back into the hospital all invisible-like and surprise her someday. It sounds cliche, but everything really did come full circle. It’s all a wondrous cycle that you’ve made evidently clear. And most importantly, our two main boys are happy and without a doubt have hearts at last. I had a revelation when re-reading these last few chapters. You gave the members of Organization XIII a better ending than the games did by far. In your version, the nobodies aren’t just reborn again mysteriously with their hearts intact, they are reborn without and are instead given the opportunity for a different existence; to live as they were, morally disabled and unfeeling, or have the option (or perhaps destiny) to become whole again by creating new hearts by forging new experiences, memories, and relationships. It’s a simply beautiful concept and it looks like at least three of them found themselves again. A karmic reincarnation if you will- a perfect way to end their story.

Now this may sounds strange, but I feel like you have forever adopted some part of Ienzo as a character. He doesn’t even feel like a Square Enix-owned entity to me anymore, he is yours. You have given him more life and elements of a dimensional person that I even imagined possible. Don’t get me wrong, you have written Myde absolutely perfect, but maybe it’s because you gave us so much history (3 lifetimes of it!) that it feels like you are the one who has given him real, breathing, thinking, life. You have written out his heart and soul and to me, he will always be your character.

I’m sure I’ve missed something crucial that I’m going to kick myself for not praising and commenting on, but if I think of more I’ll write another review or write it for sure in any edited versions you post. I’m so looking forward to any revision you do in the future! (after a long deserved break of course) And I will be sure to review any editing you do over at AO3 or elsewhere. I’m anxious to see what you do with some of the earlier chapters considering your writing has gotten even more sophisticated and complex since the beginning.

Just an fyi, I have already pre-ordered 500 copies of whatever novel you write in the future and I will be distributing them to anyone who gives me eye contact.

A quick out of the blue comment; I just have to tell you that whenever I hear the song Shadows by Lindsey Stirling I think of this story and it has become like a soundtrack in my mind. Similarly, When I’m With You by Ben Rector is forever tethered to Myde in my head.

And finally, thank you so much for all your hard work, long hours, flawless characterization, undoubtedly much frustration, your broad imagination for enchanting prose, and for sharing it all with us. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found this story and to have gotten to know you a bit these last two years. Thank you for this extraordinary adventure that I will come back to read for many years to come.
Secretie chapter 16 . 1/17/2016
I don’t even honestly know how to form the right words to give you appropriate praise, but I can say that this story has completely changed the way I look at writing and the life changing power of storytelling. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough year and I sincerely hope that you find your dream job asap because you have talent just cascading out of you in every direction and deserve all the recognition you receive and then ten times more. You should be so proud of yourself for sticking with this story for 9 whole years and creating this vast world that I am honored to have stumbled upon. This is one of those rare treasures in the entirety fanfiction community that everyone can read a thousand times and never tire of it. All your long hours have all truly paid off- this right here is pure magic.

I wanted to pick out some moments that I fondly remember and cherish from this epic of a story because I only started reading two years ago and missed telling you how much I enjoy the chapters I never reviewed. The scene of Myde’s dream with Demyx is always a favorite of mine because it reads like you have given written poetry depicting exactly how those scenes feel in the games. It is a brilliant setup for the slow transition back into Demyx’s memories. It also gives an elegant reminder that Demyx has a morally-void, unkind aspect that is no longer as apparent in this reborn Myde. Even more demonstrated when Ienzo was later explaining why Myde could summon the Dancers- who they both were before as Nobodies- when Demyx came through and pushed Ienzo against the wall. It was a pivotal scene because it felt like the turning point for Myde, forcing him to face everything that seemed so unbelievable, and realizing what he might be (was) capable of.

The scene at the Cerulean is always such a treat to read. I feel like I am there surrounded by all the glamour and dazzling art come to life in pure elegance. Matched with Myde’s uneasiness and fear, it creates the perfect emotional landscape for the brief introduction of Myde’s father. Beautiful and heartbreaking to read all at the same time.

Ienzo’s trial and when he passingly meets Myde’s mother is another favorite of mine because it feels like everything that’s supposed to be happening is harmonizing right from the very beginning. I just love when life’s coincidences aren’t really that at all. Because of that brief moment, Ienzo and Myde were able to come together and all the destined events fell perfectly like dominoes. I bet Marianna realized that in the end too, I felt she did.

One of my absolute favorite darker moments from this fic was reading about the moment Ienzo’s memories started flowing back in and he basically has a psychological breakdown, ultimately determining a fate we as the reader already know about. As the reader, /you/ actually feel like you are the one losing your mind along with little Ienzo, in rapid, unclear, disjointed thoughts. I still get chills reading the “Not I” stream of consciousness monologue. The pity and raw fear is all too real. You make the whole process and concept of Nobodies horrifying and traumatic. It makes me realize how much darker the plot of these games could have actually been if aimed for a different audience.

Ienzo’s intricate plan to get the Akashic Record was a perfect way to illustrate Ienzo’s scheming mind. Your characterization of the way he thinks and how he recognizes opportunities within habits is simply amazing. It takes a smart writer to write a smart character and I think anyone who reads this fic will agree- and a prodigy no less! (I found myself mouth agape at many moments in this fic when Ienzo’s obvious intelligence came through. How you know some of the things you do is beyond belief) I just love how everything he plans is so over-the-top complex it almost seems absurd, but learning that he bases everything on people’s mental and psychical patterns as well as well-timed distractions makes everything remarkably feasible. An illusionist at his finest. And poor Myde- he makes such a excitable, pseudo-secret agent. The description of the chaotic lunch room still gets me smiling. And it’s incredible how you use this tactic again at the end of this story to create the big finale. It was so nostalgic I felt like I was watching an old movie from childhood.

I remember being completely startled when Myde’s mage powers were discovered by his mother and Yuffie. It was so unpredictable and reading it, you actually feel your heart stop along with Myde’s in complete exposure and vulnerability. It was the defining moment of the ethereal Kingdom Hearts world revealing itself to an outsider. It was hard to imagine a resolution when I read it the first time, but you handled the dynamic shift between Myde and his mother so effortlessly. And then the scene where Ienzo and Myde meet after their equally exhausting, anguished night, looking at each other and seeing living representations of “misery” and “desolation”, made me almost want to cry. They are truly worse off when they’re alone. It was so stark that they struggle finding answers and resolution within themselves (typical for Nobodies) but together there is a tangible chance of completeness and peace.

On a funnier note, I always laugh like an idiot when Myde is at Vincent’s home, sees the police outside, and instantly goes through every impossible scenario as to why they are looking for him in such a Myde/Demyx way (I think we all can relate to that when panicked) that it always reminds me why I love his character so much. He is an endearing, jumpy, funny little dork and his internal monologues and quotes always have me giggling no matter how many times I read them. He is the perfect antithesis to Ienzo’s more troubled thoughts and past, as well as his more analytic, logical mind.

I have said before that when I am reading scenes with Myde, I’m missing Ienzo, and when reading about Ienzo, I find myself missing Myde. The way you have written them, whether directly intentional or not, in which they feel the most complete, balanced, and strong when together is a true testament to your skill. Many authors try to emulate this when writing deep relationships, whether it be romantic or otherwise, but I have never seen it so profound as I do in this story. Ironically of course, these two characters aren’t really supposed to be whole individually, but in the end you know they gained their hearts by finding completion and love in each other. Simply exquisite storytelling.

So, even though it’s near impossible to choose, I’m going to have to say that my favorite moments come from the chapters about Ienzo’s past. I still can’t believe you took a section of history from the games that is barely there for his character and created more background than most main characters within the games could hope to achieve in multiple story lines. Not only that, but everything is so completely thought out that it fits effortlessly within all the real KH history. I did get that you added some elements from Final Fantasy VIII, but I’m so glad you did because it was vastly more interesting and a believable set-up as to why the apprentices decided to start researching hearts and darkness. The lunar cry as well as the very distant and scarily local battles with the fiends conceived such an atmosphere of panic and encroaching, unavoidable danger. But even before that, the scenes with Ienzo’s family, your portrayal of his parents (each containing elements we see in Ienzo, but unique all the same), the agony of his powers and broken home are so vivid and despairing it was often hard to read. I also adore how you wrote things a bit out of sequence. It added to the feeling of disorientation concerning the illusions so we felt more empathy for his family living in the confusion and then again in the aftermath. The death of Ienzo’s copy still haunts me. It all made me realize that his powers are the absolute worst of them all to lose control. What a pitiful, tiring existence. And the final scenes in Ienzo’s home with his father are horrific and hauntingly compelling. I remember the first time I read through that section I couldn’t put it down or look away. The buildup to something horrible was palpable, but I couldn’t stop reading to find out how it all ended.

And then to transition to the castle felt all the more heavy. I’d probably be a mute too. Ienzo wasn’t just quiet, shy, or introvertedly observant as many assume from BBS, he was scarred and traumatized. Then your characterization of a much more manipulative Isa and Lea was captivating. Your versions had much more of a believable transition to Saix and Axel, in my opinion. You gave Ienzo a much longer, twisted relationship with those two which carried over into their Nobody lives and it would explain why Saix eventually wanted him gone permanently. Along with them, the way you wrote Braig was spot-on. I swear his dialogue could have been taken directly from the games. He’s so sneaky and everything he said has a double meaning or secret intention.

I’ll admit the Tron section was completely unexpected and I got so sucked into reading about Ienzo in that world that I forgot how encompassing this story is and it’s main plot is in a psychiatric ward. It was endearing to see how well Ienzo fit into that world where speaking wasn’t exactly necessary and everything could be solved in code and mathematics. I can see why he found control over his illusions through that kind of data abundant environment. I am still floored with how you come up with these plot points but I have to say the choice to involve the digital world was especially intelligent for character development.

One of my favorite sequences was the lantern festival (arguably true my favorite). Even though it was tainted for Ienzo, your description was absolutely heavenly. It felt like one of those overwhelmingly blissful dreams you don’t ever want to leave and try to desperat
The Light's Refrain chapter 16 . 1/17/2016
Aww, this was such a sweet way to wrap things up. Things obviously aren't over, but Myde and Ienzo have reached a point of happiness and peace for the time being, and it feels like the right place to end their story. If the story goes on, it's going to focus on someone else, not them, though they may still be in it. Not saying that to bug you for a sequel (You've worked on this for almost a decade, after all) but more in the terms of why this feels like a good stopping point, if that makes sense.

Seeing Lea/Axel was a treat too, especially the way he's chosen to stay by side this time around (no doubt because of his bond to Roxas). Like Myde and Ienzo there's both an innocence and oldness to him at once. I do wonder what has become of the other Nobodies (I think Xigbar was mentioned by the mimic a couple chapters back?).

I think I first started reading this when it had four chapters, so I've followed this for...5-7 years now? At least half a decade, wow. Yet I always looked forward to updates from this more than any other story. It's been such a fantastic ride, with the way you add a lot of details and description without bogging it down too much, all the twists in the plot, and most of all, watching these characters go through so much and grow, with plenty of humor in between. Probably one of the best written fics on this site.

Congrats on finishing such a masterpiece, and thanks for persevering and letting us all experience it ourselves. Remember that you are a gorgeous writer, and keep writing, whether that be fanfics or original.

See you around, and thanks once again!
The Light's Refrain chapter 15 . 1/17/2016
I love how you write chaos in this story, whether it's the chaos of battle or the chaos of Ienzo's scheme going horribly right. Poor Hook, he really is kinda psychotic, isn't he? It's not even much of an exaggeration like some of the other patient characters. Cheers for Myde and Ienzo helping both the world and themselves finally, and LOL to Myde's mom showing up unexpectedly and embarassing the crap out of Myde :P. It's good to see that she cares though, and that she's also willing to let him go.

I also adore the bit talking about how the inside of everyone's hearts are like Ienzo's room, with their feelings and stories scrawled all over them, and how even if things aren't all right now, and we can never know everything about a person, we can still help them and they can still help themselves too. We tend to objectify the people around us, especially those we don't know well, but it's important to remember that each person has so much contained within them. It's not the newest message, but the way you've done this story and shown us so many chars who are minor yet full of life really gets that message across.
Macabre Kyr chapter 16 . 1/17/2016
Thank you. First and fore mostly - thank you. I've (only) been a reader for four or five of those nine years (and what a number to end with) and I waited (mostly) patiently the whole time, refreshing this page, rereading this story every so often. In fact, when I saw the 'complete' status on this I didn't actually read the new chapters. Instead I went back and reread the whole thing - from start to perfect finish.
The best stories end like this one - they create that desperate want for more while at the same time fulfilling that need. I know I'll come back to this one again and again, until ffnet dies in some distant future (probably at an attempt to upgrade their servers to windows 3000) because your prose is so lovely and because your story (while it does get abominably dark in some places) is the kind of adventure you can curl up with that makes me feel safe. Your writing has such a sweet flow to it, it's easy to let it wash over me. If you ever decide to get published, I'll definitely be in line to get more of your work.
I hope the complicated and exhausting parts of your life were also rewarding. I hope you get a happily ever after of your own.
This review feels strangely like saying goodbye, but I'll be back again I'm sure.
Best wishes,
Robin chapter 16 . 1/15/2016
Let me just start by saying this: I have followed this fic for years, and loved EVERY SECOND OF IT. Every chapter, every sentence, every word was absolutely perfect. It would be an understatement to say that this is one of the best Kingdom Hearts fanfictions that have been and ever will be written. No, it's not one of the best. It is THE best. Truth be told, it may even be my favorite fic from any fandom. Even when you were on hiatus, I kept this fic open in an extra tab. I looked at it every day for updates and reread what was there at least ten times. Sarehptar, you are a beautiful writer and a great inspiration to me. I loved every moment of Ienzo and Myde's journey, and every piece of their character you put into words. I've never seen a more accurate depiction of these characters in any story. To be honest, I almost hyperventilated when I saw the update *laughs*. And now that it's finally over, all I can say is "thank you." Thank you so much for writing this, and sticking with it until the end. Up until the very last word of the epilogue, I was captivated. So thank you. Thank you for all that you've contributed to the Kingdom Hearts fandom, and thank you for The Violet Room.
Jebou chapter 16 . 1/13/2016
Wow... I can't believe it's over!

Thank you so much for this amazing journey we got to go on by reading your story! This was absolutely the best piece of fanfiction I've read. Ever. Out of all categories.
Every chapter was worth the wait, no doubt about it! I feel like crying when I think that there won't be more of this. But still, it was a perfect ending. And the battle chapter was so well written and so intense, it had me sitting on the edge of my chair! Oh the heart beats!
Thank you very much again! I will most definitely be re-reading this story many times, so please, please, never delete it from here!

I hope you'll write great stories in the future too and that I'll get to read them! I'm all smiles after reading this story. Such a wonderful experince and I'm happy I got to live it. Thank you. Again.
Mystical Authoress chapter 16 . 1/13/2016
Oh my gosh.

The final conclusion. one of the most AMAZING fics I have ever read. XDD I started reading it years ago, and even now I absolutely still LOVE IT. XDDD

THANK YOU for writing this fic. It's so amazing. I don't know what else to say, so..thank you. XD
Another Night Without You chapter 16 . 1/13/2016
Yes i just finished the last part of your fic and i cant say anything other than "beautiful". This fic has brought fanfiction to a whole new level-at least for me. I'd never thought a fic would be so inspiring and life changing, especially after a few years waiting for update (no, I'm not blaming you, really!) I'd be super guilty 'till the end of my life if I didn't write any last review for this diamond.

This fic is so perfect in so many ways: the settif, the characters' depth, the plot, some comedy which is golden and of course the romance! Plus your writing style which is amazingly visual that I feel like watching instead of reading. I really love the nice touch of Aerith's message on the wall. And Demyx's conversation with Axel was just like FEELS OH FEELS (even though we all know KH is a game with 1000% feels). Not to mention about Zexion's "violet". Man, that really hit the spot.

Anyway. I'm so out of word to this wonderful fic and following it till the end was one of the best decision I've ever made. I regret nothing reading this whole thing. So congratulations for being an amazing writer of this wonderful fic, I know (after reading few reviews for this fic) that you've inspired people in an uniquely different way for each of them. And I just hope that maybe next week or months or maybe years some other people will find this precious story, finish it and feel inspired as much as I'm feeling right now. Honestly, you deserve "best Zemyx fic ever" award :) thank you so much!
Guest chapter 16 . 1/12/2016
That was awesome.
Thank you thank you thank you so, so much!
The Light's Refrain chapter 14 . 1/12/2016
Oh awesome, a three-part update! :D Seriously, I'm so glad this is in multiple parts: as much as I love this story, reading 20000-some words at once is a bit much :P

Anyway, this was such a cute chapter, between Myde saying his goodbyes, the whole book and Nobody fiasco, the Mimic, and their well-laid plans already going so terribly wrong. I wonder how the Heartless got in there, though? Still, that was probably inevitable too, especially for such an artificial world like this one.

Btw, loved the lines "He was not a man of the sea/He was the sea within a man." Even though it's just a passing memory of a char we probably will never met, it just makes him sound so awesome.

Well, see you again over the next couple of days for the remaining chapters :)
Raccoon Loon chapter 16 . 1/12/2016
This story is beautiful and it still managed to pull me in after so long. Thank you for finishing it.
Another Night Without You chapter 14 . 1/12/2016
Oh god the waiting was worth it! Gonna spend all day reading this :) and something I appreciate in your fic is that you don't make Zexion ooc just like what sometimes happens in other zemyx fic! Great as usual. Much love for you :)
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