Reviews for One Night In Pasadena
persephonesfolly chapter 1 . 7/14/2008
Disturbing, but interesting and well written.
lembas7 chapter 1 . 12/8/2007
*gulp* Whoa. Crepy. *shivers* Good job!
twasadark chapter 1 . 12/8/2007
Whoa - intense story. Very erotic, at least until Dean sawed the succubus's head off! I liked how Dean sought her out to drain away his pain, but I'm afraid I can't see him killing her while in the midst of ... relations, and not in such a brutal way. Still, an affecting piece.
Catasauqua chapter 1 . 8/8/2007
Awesome fic! A succubus that devours her victims emotions! And Dean seeking her out to use this power to his advantage, experienced in controlling which emotions she got...just WOW!

He allowed his eyes to rake down her body with hungry male admiration, knowing that’s what she expected.

“I hate to tell you this, but I’m a sure thing,” she purred throatily in his ear.."

Two predators, one prey.

Oh, God, so much pain! Desertion, abandonment, death, sacrifice, fear, guilt, Sammy. He gave it all and held onto the good. This demon never stood a chance. PTSD. I wonder if they have workmans comp in hell?

“Dude, where have you been?” Sam snapped, worry and annoyance reflected in his eyes that were starting to take on a yellowish cast.

The yellow-eyed demon was dead, and now it was being reborn into a new vessel. Sammy was Becoming.

They drove as fast and far as they could, both knowing that it would never be far enough to outrun destiny or fast enough to turn back time.

Loved it! Great job. Thank You.


sorry for the long reviews. there was just so much to touch on here.