Reviews for Chasing Away
csimiamifreako chapter 1 . 7/5/2007
WOW, i really liked that. It was short, yet sweet, romantic, personal, and well written. Good Story
randomwriting chapter 1 . 6/11/2007
Lovely story, very sweet. One of my favorite (and rather subtle) Tim and Calleigh scenes. That look that passed between them at that moment... How perfect that he sent her exactly the pick-me-up she needed.

Loved these lines,

'Tim Speedle wasn’t a man of many words, but when he spoke, it was from the heart. Calleigh loved that about him, how reserved yet passionate he could be.' Isn't that the truth. So little says so much. Nice job.
LiLAqUaMaRiE chapter 1 . 6/11/2007
This was beautifully written; I loved the whole idea of 'sympathy flowers' and the note Tim left Calleigh. It seems fitting but at the same time awesome! Once again you bring to us wonderful work, thank you. :)
calleighsthebest chapter 1 . 6/11/2007
aw! that was so sweet!
Beaglicious chapter 1 . 6/10/2007
Aw...some SC love, yeah. Loved it. That scene has always been one of my favorites. I love how it was a simple gesture - just flowers, not Tim standing there at the door ready to pour his heart out. (although that would be nice too!) Like you said: "...when he spoke, it was from the reserved yet passionate he could be." And a simple gesture from Tim was all it took. Very sweet.