Reviews for The Third Wheel
Humpty Dumpty chapter 1 . 6/12/2007
I'm sure if you think hard enough you'll find you know me. I was very close to not giving you a review for this, but I figured I'm not that mean. *Hint hint* But anywho, was good. I liked all the rambling, honest I did! But I ramble myself so that's to be expected, in fact, this is a good example of my rambling here. I was actually considering writing something about this myself. *Glares at person who beat meto it* with some of the speech in it when she was warning Zoe of Darren and kind of adding in what was going through her mind at that time (her as the narrator of course or it wouldn't work so well) Butsomeone beat me to it, so I guess I can't do that any more, but hey hoe, I enjoyed reading it anyway, even if it was just short and, well, not very sweet given the ending that they're NOT TOGETHER, but I do that too often myself to comment too much! Anyway, if you've figured out who I am by now, drop me a line, if not, I guess I will forever remain a mystery.