Reviews for Deadpan Love
MisterMead chapter 14 . 10/7
I’ve had such a good time reading through this story, your take on the characters puts me right in there with them. Kind of mean sequel hook cliffhanger at the end but I feel well satisfied having read through it. You should feel good about your work you put into this.
DUH BOMB chapter 14 . 10/5
Ah snap Slade!
Johnny Beast chapter 14 . 9/16
Damn this was like the second fanfic I read back in 2014, I had no idea that it was still going but I’m glad I found out. I think the last time I read this it only had about three or four chapters. The last thing I remembered was Rae and Gar’s first date. But, now it has more than ten chapters and I can’t wait to see what happens now.
Guest chapter 11 . 9/14
Your a great writer
dld51 chapter 1 . 9/6
I really enjoyed this story. The verbal sparing between Raven and Garfield was funny and entertaining. Garfield's ability to be the person Raven needed and wanted. Cyborg realizing he is being immature about the young couples relationship. Raven falling in love with Garfield. This was overall a well written story. My one disappointment with the story. I wish that the story was longer. More chapters and updates are needed.
Maybe if enough people requested more chapters. The writer,(Gwaihir10 ) would come back and add to it.
Gwaihir10 chapter 1 . 8/20
To anyone who chooses to read these reviews, you will below notice a "review" from someone who calls themselves "Speaking The Truth." I apologize for my story subjecting people to the lunatic ramblings of this rude, arrogant person. I have made several requests that it be removed but it has bot and a personal request to the individual for an apology was received with derision and ill-manners all too typical of the kind of mindless, amoral lowlifes that post that sort of thing.
ssjEasterBunny chapter 14 . 8/11
Haha what was with that first paragraph? 'A party was attempted but it sucked, the end.'

"TK" is... telekinesis?

So our protagonist pair gets some reprieve, and I like that you always include the down time in this story. It helps me feel like I'm reading about real characters and not just super heros. If the need for a break was established before this chapter, then I missed it, and things progressed quickly from Gar saying, "I'm tired" to he and Raven arriving at the safe house. It also wasn't clear to me that this evening was their first time having sex, just because they seemed to both go for it very quickly and easily. I did like the way you handled that scene, setting up what they were about to do and then transitioning to a later time.

It wouldn't be a Titans story without Slade showing up. I'm curious what he'll do with someone as powerful as Mike as his ally. Perhaps we'll learn more about the workings of Mike's abilities.
Speaking-the-truth16 chapter 1 . 8/4
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When I reach out to people I encourage them to come out of this world and to seek the father in heaven while he may be found since 1 John 2:17 tells us in the Word of God aka the bible:

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Realize that fiction by definition is "invention or fabrication as opposed to fact" along with other definitions out there and you want to be careful. I use to be a fanfic writer myself but I gave up a lot of things because a lot of it was related or connected to the world.

There is nothing wrong with writing but when you're writing about worldly things or fabricating stuff, you're putting yourself in danger since we're to walk in truth. Liars won't inherit the kingdom of God so you want to make sure you're speaking truth at all times.

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dld51 chapter 14 . 7/29
This was a great chapter. I like how close Raven and Beast Boy. I hope you continue this story.
BlueLion chapter 14 . 7/24
quite a conclusion. I guess this story is complete, and we'll have to wait for a sequel story, right?
Guest chapter 14 . 7/21
This is easily one of my favorite bbrae stories. It reads like the cartoon writers had no content restrictions and it is so faithful to how the characters actually act and I beg you continue it.
JasonVUK chapter 14 . 7/19
So is this the end of the story? Or an end of an arc?

Either way it's a great ending! I was worried about the team when dealing with Mike.

But I'm happy everyone got out alright and BB and Rae did the do! :D

How old were they in this story by the way?

I originally thought it was a little while after the Tokyo movie.
ThommyPickles chapter 14 . 7/19
Loved it. I really love the additions to this.
titanfan45 chapter 14 . 7/18
Fantastic chapter. I especially liked the poker references to their relationship.
Chaotic.Coffee.Bean chapter 14 . 7/18
I absolutely love the way you handled their night together. You said so much without really saying anything and it was great! That ending though! I knew after such a cute chapter it was bound to end with more excitement to come.
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