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StillBlooming37 chapter 24 . 12/23/2017
Anonimo chapter 1 . 11/26/2017
aww chapter 11 . 11/1/2017
poor sasuke! he's kind of a dick sometimes but he's had a tough life and just can't seem to win!

Shower scene was HAWT
yay chapter 5 . 10/31/2017
loving the story; itasaku dynamics, tobi is adorable and looking forward to see wtf is up with this whole "master-sama" business!

Keep up the good work! Ja!
ISEEYOU chapter 4 . 10/31/2017
I had some critiques before that probably sounded kinda harsh/ like i was flaming (I promise I meant it all constructively, though!), but I'm really starting to like how this story is developing again. Great work!
cathern.cain chapter 27 . 10/7/2017
After reading the first two I thought this would be a trilogy and this was it. I am so in love with this set of stories that I cannot wait to get to the next one.
JarJarBinky chapter 6 . 7/19/2017


"…I think Lee has a crush on that girl."


Tenten stared at Neji, then gave a small laugh, which soon became a full fledged one as Lee and Gai turned back to look at them."

Hands down, this is the best part in this chapter. The whole heads-up about the Lee part being kept did not have me thinking this would update happen. I literally laughed/giggled out loud.

"What happened?" Lee asked.

"N-Neji…he…he…he ran into a tree branch." Tenten gasped out, trying to regain her breath.
EmeraldBlossom17 chapter 27 . 3/17/2017
jazzi1234 chapter 2 . 2/20/2017
im so confused. is this a sequel to something?
Natsuki Scarlet chapter 27 . 12/28/2016
Hi! Your trilogy book series is absolutely amazing! At first, I was quite hesitant on reading it since a trilogy is pretty long.. It's a rarity in fanfiction so I wasn't quite used to reading it..But, I just wanna say I don't have a any single regret at all! :D In fact, I am very much relieved that I actually took time on reading it because it is just so wonderful. :D The plot, the writing style, the characterization, the romance, everything is just awesome. I may not be a great, professional writer who can see grammar mistakes easily but I am pretty sure I didn't see a lot throughout the series. In many other stories I read, sometimes they put too much details and descriptions which result me loosing interest quickly..or sometimes there are practically no details at all which irritates me the most.. But yours is very balanced and moderately well done. Because of this, I didn't lose any interest while reading it. You enraptured me with your enthralling writing style.. Also, of course, I would't forget the plot.. I would say that your plot is not that unique because I have seen other make a story where Sakura gets kidnapped by Itachi..However, I had noticed that as the story progresses, it becomes more interesting..I love the literary devices that you use like foreshadowing..The plot twistS is a big yes! Unlike other authors, you don't jump and show the big guns..You use subtlety and through the series, don't reveal the villains with a snap..I love the mysteries especially in Maelstrom..You practically had my head hurting as I try to figure out who Master-sama is... But I love how you made my head hurts so much..I thought of a lot of scenarios on who the villain is..Lol I felt like Shikamaru...Too bad I don't have his IQ.. XD
Besides the plot and the writing style, I also like your characterization..How your portrayed the characters. Your captured most of the characters really well..especially Sakura and Itachi..In the canon, I felt that Itachi had a very deep complex personality..I look at it in two ways..Itachi can either be portrayed as an evil guy in the beginning who doesn't care about anything..or he could be the nice sacrificial guy who did everything to protect his precious people..Of course, I know you went with the former not the latter.. That's a good choice..In my opinion, I prefer reading stories where Itachi is a bad guy who turns a little better in the end... When I read fanfics where Itachi is a good guy, I guess I lose my interest far more quickly..With a bad one, there's more drama, tension, and stuff.. Anyway, You did a great job on writing Itachi..As for Sakura, well at first, I was a little worried that you would make her Marysue and very strong or really weak and damsel in distress. I actually think that once again, you balanced it well..Sakura is strong physically and has great skills. However, her emotional stability is quite weak..This combination is great because it doesn't make Marysue but it doesn't make her weak either.. ;)
Now, I am gonna talk about the romance of the series. one word to describe my thoughts..."Subarashiii!" You didn't rush up Itachi and Sakura's romance at all! Which is good.. :D I hate it when both characters fall in love with each other after 10 chapters..I just find it unrealistic and impossible cause they haven't known each other really well..It just doesn't make sense at all. This is the complete opposite of your story. ;) First book:emotionless and cruel Itachi-Hateful Sakura...Second book: A tiny bit nicer Itachi-Stubborn and in denial Sakura..Third book: A much more nicer Itachi-Sakura in love... What a slow burn! I hate the fact that Itachi still didn't admit he loves Sakura...It hurts...But thinking about the moments where Itachi showed that he cared about Sakura, I guess I am a little less pissed since I know he cares about Sakura..*sighs* Fine, I admit it.. I am satisfied! :D I love the banters of Itachi and Sakura.. Sakura is Itachi's salvation and redemption and hope..Hmm..I like the sound of that! You can really see how Sakura changes everybody in Akatsuki, especially Itachi..She made them show more of their human sides.. *wipes tears from my face* When Sakura lists all the things that made her love Itachi(like giving the bed), my chest was literally aching with sadness and love for the pairing...My inner self was like "Just ***** get togetherrr people..Its been years!" And then...Finnally! Maelstrom, I love you! Author-san, I love you.. XD Btw, Itachi was so cute when he was so anxious on holding Mikomi..Was squealing so much. LOL
Oh yeah! Lets not forget about Sasuke, Deidara, and Neji...The poor guys who lost in the end.. *sighs* Unrequited love and friend zone hurts so bad.. I feel bad for them.. At least, in the end, Neji got Tenten..But the other two guys? ... You know at first, I didn't like how you made Sasuke a little too bashing since I am also a Sasusaku fan too..I guess its understandable since Sakura is with Itachi, who was the one who killed Sasuke's family..But still, the words Sasuke spoke to Sakura was like sharp knives. I am glad though that Itachi and Sasuke had temporary truce in the end.. For the woman they cared for, they settled their differences.. Cookie points for both them..
Deidara..huh..I guess I should have seen that coming since I saw that you also had made a Sakura/Deidara story..I don't mind this pairing at all since I actually read a a few stories wiith that pairing and actually liked it! :) When Sakura and Deidara had sex in Crimson Reflection, I was like, "OOh..I smell trouble.." I practically ran away from my computer when Itachi saw them together.. The feelssssss... Btw, I am curious about something..Is Sai in love with Sakura? Cause you did hint about it a little in Maelstrom and Crimson Reflection...
OOH! I can't forget to talk about the villains...Ehem..Well, Like you, I can agree on the subject that I do think Tomokazu is hot..In my imagination, he's like a smoking hot guy with this silver glinting eyes.. XD I would say that I like him as villain and his personality..He just made your stories much more interesting..I like him better thann Masako.. *winks* I felt very disturbed when Master-sama was with Kabuto and Orochimaru..EWwww..Very disturbing images... Lol Isn't Orochimaru like 70 years old or something..? Just...not gonna talk about it..

If you ask me which book I like the best, I would say its Crimson Reflection.I am a romance person so I personally like how the story focuses on their romance..My next favorite one is Maelstrom because I like the mysteries and the action..Lastly would be A Ripple in the Pond..I actually had a have hard time deciding which one I like more, Maelstrom or A Ripple in the Pond? Both are wonderful! ;) For the best titles, it would be Crimson Reflection, then A Ripple in the Pond, then Maelstrom... ;D
Sadly, I decided I won't be reading the fourth book... When I saw that Shisui was ON HIATUS, I didn't want to read it.. Seeing that the last update was 2010, I became more adverse on reading it. The Maelstrom has a great ending and gave me a closure..If I read Shisui, I would find myself in a cliffhanger... I wouldn't find a closure at all.. In my mind, I just made an ending where Itachi and Sakura took care Mikomi together..And how in the end, they fell in love with each other.. :) Maybe someday, when I see that you are back on writing Shisui, I would read it..But for now, I am satisfied with ending it with Maelstrom. :D I hope you update Shisui! ;) This had been a wonderful journey and I don't regret on embarking with this emotional roller coaster ride of a story! Take care!

PS: I love how the titles of the siries have significance..For Ripple in the Pond, it was because Sakura affected people all around her, like a ripple. Fro Crimson Reflection, it was when Sakura was trapped in a genjutsu and she saw Itachi's reflection on the blood..Then he saved her... Lastly, Maelstrom, which you added when Sakura said the turbulent Maelstrom has settled down.. Very Nice! Great Job Author-san! :D
Demonic girl111 chapter 27 . 6/18/2016
(Is quietly crying in my dark room at 1am because of how human Itachi was acting)

I loved this story so much. I'm going right to the sequel, the rest of the plot is left to be unannounced and I plan on seeing this through the end thank you.

Beautiful beautiful story author-San. It was so well done thank you for writing it.
Demonic girl111 chapter 24 . 6/18/2016
Demonic girl111 chapter 22 . 6/18/2016
Can Sakura-chan just stay single? Pretty please? And she and Sasuke can live in an asexual relationship where they're both happy and away from Konoha?
(Is off in a drunken dreamland because I dont know if I can take anymore of the bs)
Demonic girl111 chapter 18 . 6/18/2016
T.T He finally said "make love" and she dismissed it! God oh god why Sakura-chan why?!
Demonic girl111 chapter 16 . 6/18/2016
Oh god she almost ALMOST did the nasty with him.

When she kissed him I stopped reading for a few seconds and stormed out of my room to contemplate life before continuing.

I was just thinking about how Itachi had Kisame to keep him from fucking up and knocking up the hoe, but who does Sakura have to hold her back from doing something she would regret? No one.

But I'm glad Sasuke knew better than to go through with anything with her in that state. Smart kid, I tell you. And hopefully he stays like that.
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