Reviews for Arc of the Zodiac
neurofeces chapter 2 . 2/29/2008
Hey, ninj4 d00d.

Get to the good stuff already. (sticks out tongue and grins)

Or I'll feed you snippets!

FM: (sobs) no more grades...

NF: (cackling evilly in the background) BWAHAHAHA! My ability to ramble incessantly in addictive fanficiton prose will let me RULE THE WORLD AS PHARAOH-no well. BWAHAHAHA!

Lafayel: ...

Araiel: ...Kids these days...

Lafayel: (grunt)

Israfel: Super Special Awesome Rescue time!
RumorUnderOath chapter 2 . 10/1/2007
hmm, interesting, im assuming that was Gabriel? are they going to be working together?
neurofeces chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
You know I read this like two weeks ago (if that's possible-it was a long time ago, I just don't remember when and two weeks sounds impressive enough) and I enjoyed it immensely and cursed myself for not being able to download while at work, etc, etc, etc.

For the record, I'm very amused by Mizu stealing Tracer's line about glasses and warping it to an opposite end-mermaids don't like Tomonori because he wears glasses...then i take ti further and imagine tracer's indignation and his bellowing self-righteously abotu how Tomonori should have been eaten, and Tomonori sitting there basically not amused...

Yeah...if I were here, there would have been a definite chapter parody ensuing from that imagined scene at least...

But of course, you're far saner than I am when it comes to what goes on in your head...

I've been dying to put this in your folder on my laptop for AGES.


And...I really have to find that book you speak of. I knew all those just because I do too much encyclopedia mythica and fantasy reading...

Magyr: I's gonna eats you... *grin*

NF: EEK! Not me! Take Kuro!

Kuro: Oh THANKS. Alot of love right there!

Mizunagi: Why the Hell is everyone after my baby brother lately?

Gabriel: *for his part, standing in the background trying not to look guilty* *steps on the Magyr's fingers and glares* Mine.

Mizuangi: See? *glowers at Kuro* Why are YOU so popular anyway? You don't even get a name in the series.

Kuro: Um...because I'm cute? And possibly gay?

Mizunagi: Figures. Fangirls.

Gabriel: *kicks mermaid off the boat*

Magyr: Ow! *tearfully* meanie!

NF: *sweatdrop* Nice comeback. Maybe you can find work with disney in their next pirates movie...

Mizunagi: Now now, no need to be snippy. You'll hurt her feelings.

NF: Oh quiet. Like you need any half-fish psychic children swimming around.

Mizunagi: *scowls* I have a pool...

NF: Wouldn't work. Trust me.

Mizuangi: why? You tried?

NF: No, my little sister brought home a lame-ass movie about it. It's been done.

Mizunagi: Oh.