Reviews for The Sky is Falling
tara chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
This was so good! I'm so disappointed that you have abandoned it so early :(
Super Tinfoil Man Part 2 chapter 2 . 6/23/2007
A very mysterious story so far. Who did Spider-Man sense while swinging his way home? Huh? Who was it? I can't wait to see who or what it was.

One thing I don't like about Spider-Man IS his Spidey-Sense, though I suppose it can be referenced to much of his other abilities, I've never been a fan of him being able to tell when danger is near, kind of an unfair advantage for him.

But you used it in such a way that it provides a gripping feeling that there is lurking danger and he was (dare I say)afraid of what was out of his field of vision, eventually out of his field of sense radar.

This next paragraph I'm about to copy and paste into this review is one every Spider-Man FanFic writer should read before posting another chapter-

At the end of Richmond Road, a spire pierced the heart of the sky, white stone enveloped in quiet splendour. Mary Mandolin smiled down on the doorway and angels graced the stone walls, trumpeting silently to those still dedicated enough to pass through the age-darkened oak doors. The entire structure gleamed dully in the rain, the carven figures the colour of old bone. High above the serene images of God’s book, gargoyles maintained a silent vigil, their nightmarish faces snarling at any evil that should think to come near their charge, rainwater dripping real threat from fangs and tongues. One in particular held an interesting posture, the great stone head looking over its shoulder between the unfurling wings. Its eyes stared with an unsettling condemnation at the blue and red figure crouched silently on its back, and Spider-Man could not help but cast a slightly wary eye upon it, forced to wonder why anyone would carve something with such attention to detail when it would never be seen by human eyes – the current company exempt from that rule, of course. I suppose evil comes from all angles.

-THAT is some clever descriptive writing ! My Spider-Man fic is powered mostly by dialog and after reading this chapter I know I must add more detail to my own story.

But one question, who is Mary Mandolin? Do you mean the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene ? I know you mean the Virgin Mary and not Mary Magdalene because Magdalene's statue would most likely not be represented in statue form over a presumably old church even though she was a follower of Jesus she started out in a bad way. Mary Mandolin sounds firmiliar though, as a folk poem or something unrelated to the Virgin Mary, but not what I think you meant to put into the story. I could be badly mistaken here with this but the name kind of stuck out when I read it.

Keep up the incredibly detailed work.

Super_Tinfoil_Man_Part2 -
Super Tinfoil Man Part 2 chapter 1 . 6/15/2007
Well written, sounds to me like Spider-Man needs to go hunting for more information. Keep the creative juices flowing and update soon !
Anonymous Man chapter 1 . 6/14/2007
You are an exellent manage to keep everyone in character.I take it you are continuing this fic?
LAXgirl chapter 1 . 6/13/2007
Interesting start. You have a very nice descriptive style. Hope to read more soon!

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