Reviews for Yoshi: Smash to Smash
Mr. BramStoker chapter 2 . 2/6
Pants pants pantsy pants pants pa pants pants
Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus chapter 1 . 2/6/2008
Sweet, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy ads. You know, I was just - OH CRAP I'M BOOSTING MY REVIEW COUNT.

Umm...well... Ike does suck. :(
Lacto3.1415 chapter 1 . 6/15/2007
It was a dark and stormy night...a blank and empty studio...floating in space...near...RAINBOW ROAD!


Anyways, random ficcy...fic...

Random new series it would be if it came out of this one-shot...

Pichu: Why the hell is she talking like that?

Everyone: *gasp* You said hell!

Pichu: And...? Seriously, I'm actually 45 years old here! Just because I look cute and young doesn't mean I actually am!

Doing a show without cameras is pure genius...

Wario and Waluigi scare me...especially Waluigi...he looks really stupid.

"Wario, please refrain from shaking your butt on the show-"


Wario: Muahahaha...

Pikachu: HEY! That's like my line!

Link: No...that's my line!

Whose line is it anyway? Oh wait...IT'S MINE!

Poor Pikachu...being stuck in a garbage can the rest of your life...

Pichu: Yay! I get a room to myself! Yay!

Pikachu: Eventually I will be able to figure out some sort of spell where I can switch places with Pichu...but for now...*turns on a TV somehow and watches "Whose line is it anyway?"*






PANTS! Cheers!

Link: What is the point in trying to add some humanity to others when they don't listen?

Zelda: There's no point. Now shut up.

Link: *cries*

Ness: Blue jeans are like the better of the pants dudes!

Link: That didn't even make any sense!

Zelda: Neither do you. Now shut up.

Link: ...*grabs a two liter pepsi and drinks it all in one gulp* Refreshing...

Zelda: That's disgusting. Now shut up.

I should totally buy a house and surround it with that dudes like Dr. Hoshi can come and have tea parties there...

Read a book? At the carnival? Creepy...clowns...ew...

This review needs to be longer...cause I say so...and you can do NOTHING about it! Muahahaha!

Deadbeat Re-Dead is totally awesome.


Okay...anyways...random fic! Keep up the randomness! Gu'byezers! Muahahahaha.

Bowser: That was so'byezers? Ha!

iPod shuffle: Now you listen here, buddy!

Ness: Oh! An iPod that talks! Yay! *grabs iPod and...leaves*