Reviews for The Marvelous World of DC: Part 1: In the Begining
Eh chapter 4 . 1/4/2016
That fight scene was just... boring. I'm sorry but there was no development, no suspence. It was just people fighting.
SentinelPrimeKnightOfCybertron chapter 7 . 8/29/2015
Interesting chapter. Liked the way you tied in the Mask with the marvel Loki, as it seems. But why did you use the Ultimate look for Thor? I would have thought that classic has more of a dramatic sense to it and if Loki can use his standard look why not Thor. Also the axe-hammer design of Mjollnir used, isn't the real hammer of Asgardian origin, but a piece of technology. The true Mjollnir of uru metal is identical to the Earth 616 version. Also the classic look or the modern Copiel rendition would look better with Diana's outfit.
Eric the Looney chapter 9 . 11/22/2014
So, these are the lords of Chaos. The ultimate evils of the Marvelous DC Darkhorse world of Harry Potter. Let's have a look, shall we?

Lucifer is their grand Emperor of Chaos, which I assume means that he's not yet in his "bored of being the king of hell" phase yet. Then again, in this reality, he has so many friends to have fun with.

Satan: I admit I haven't watched Constantine's movie adaptation yet, but looking over the notes, I'm guessing that Satan is a bit of a loudmouthed brat.

Lilith: The wife of Lucifer, and the queen of the vampires, and here, I guess a queen of the demons as well.

Hades: Not quite sure about this one, but he seems to be the black sheep leader of the more old school mythic figures. A wirey man who enjoys his work and can even carry his own tone of sarcasm towards his kids and nephews. These include Hela, and Pluto, mischief makers and dead kings of marvel. Minos, the judge of hell. As well as Dominus, Darkseid, Circe, Loki, Trigon and Amora.

Come to think of it, how come amora gets a spot in the upper circle? Is it favortism of Circe's part? I mean, she's not exactly the most powerful of the spellcasters of the 9 realms, though I guess her charm is something, and the fact that she can hold her own against the norse gods might've gotten her a spot as a junior member.

It seems that the lords of chaos, despite their name, are actually a rather methodical bunch. Instead of throwing together plans to attack everywhere at once as they go, they focus on one plan at a time, moving slowly forward towards a final goal. And so, they sent their minions forth to rescue the archetypal lord of chaos: Mordru.

I have to wonder though, does Mephisto of Marvel Fame fit into this line at all? I know you name dropped Dommaru as Trigon's own soldier, but what about Marvel's devil?

In other news, Thor and WW made it to fabletown, where they settled in for a while, before going into battle against the the enemy. Also, it seems that you're keeping Circe as one of Diana's prime enemies. Of course.

There's some internal politics, but the greatest part of this was the epic battle between the forces of good and evil. Also, seeing as Clea's already here, is she bound to have a showdown with Dommaru and Trigon in the future to overcome her heritage? Well, we'll have to wait and find out.

Also, I liked the fact that the heroes aren't invincible in this context, and can be tricked. It gives the villains another level of threat, making the trials of even the sorcerer supreme a challenge to face. On another note, since I can't post in the next chapter in the future, it's possible that in regards to Darkseid, you could just work around his membership by saying that Lucifer vouches for him. After all, the term lord of chaos is inherently contradictory since it implies an ordering of destruction. Or you could make it a plot point to have him exiled from the group, at which point he'll seek revenge on the lords by finding the anti-life equation somewhere in the universe in order to enslave the earth away from God to disgrace him and spite lucifer by doing it first. All depends on how far you want to bend things.
Eric the Looney chapter 8 . 11/21/2014
Heh. That was pretty funny. Awesome, but funny nonetheless. Like I said, you seem to be transitioning Stanley more to his heroic mask mode rather than being totally crazy. And you're bringing in a new member of the B.P.R.D. 2 new members in fact: Detective Chimp and Stanley himself.

Actually, the best part of the chapter was when stanley was evading everyone. Whether it was pulling a rabbit season on constantine, getting Zatanna tied up with hankies in a pocket dimension, turning Chimp into a dancing monkey or even doing the roadrunner tunnel gag. What a laugh. Well, he's now back with the others, and it seems that Loki's also gained something very interesting from seeing Hellboy.
Eric the Looney chapter 7 . 11/19/2014
The Mask is a blast, though I think what you're trying to work with for him is to pay homage to his original more deadly and evil side that showed up in comics first, before transitioning to his more playful and less lethal side that was present in the movie made famous by Jim Carrey. Although I still find it a hoot that loki literally took of his face to give him the mask. Oh, and the invincible mask being all cartoony in battle was also awesome.

However, the best part of this chapter was thor taking up his destiny, by remembering the present he is privileged to. I guess his visions gave him a look at his mother Frigga, father odin and loki, leading him into taking up his hammer once again to fight for the mortals, just as Diana will now walk in her mother's legacy as the new wonder woman. That transition was a bit abrupt, but at the same time, Diana doesn't seem like the type to hesitate to lead a fight. Also, Stanley was a resident of Gotham. Well, that explains why his life was so bad.

On a note I forgot last chapter, are you ever going to do a story on the cosmology of your marvelous darkhorse world of Harry Potter's DC? You know, with Galactus, the green lanterns, the other emotional corps, manhunters, annihilus, the kree, the skrulls, the guardians of the galaxy(the space band with starlord, not the blue skinned guys), thanos, howard the duck, The New Gods, Darkseid, Mongul, Despero, Imperiex, The Reach, Martians, and so forth. Come to think of it, if you ever did do a space story, you'd seriously need to wait a while for it, since any story told in space is inevitably going to be twice as epic as some of your other works.

Anyways, moving on.
Eric the Looney chapter 6 . 11/19/2014
Well, so this is the next stage of Superman. Superman the rebel is just starting to develop here in his definace of the men in black. However, the story of how he got to his big journey to the fortress of solitude was a little different here.

I mean for one, we see that despite the fact that he'll grow to be the greatest inspiration for the world, he too was inspired by the dauntless captain america, the patriot hero. But also of the sentry, his ripoff in the other world, and in this case, his other heroic precursor before the void will drive him insane.

So he jumped in to help the combined Green Lantern and Nova Corps. That's kinda neat, uniting the 2 great space corps like that. I wonder if they'd end up in civil war if the war of the emotional spectrum ends up happening in this universe? Well, at the very least, we know that alan scott the first of the green lanterns (with a weakness to wood) is in retirement, and that the black green lantern John Stewart is in training. I guess that means Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner aren't members yet. It also appears that this is following classic comics in that sinestro hasn't founded the sinestro corps yet, and isn't wearing that yellow jumpsuit yet.

The brawl was a lot of fun too, seeing the various strengths of lanterns, novas and of the man of steel. The emotional center of this chapter though is between the battle tested Hal and the still relatively farm boyish Clark. One is like the mentor figure to supes in dealing with his own limitations, while also telling him of the space history of the man of steel, telling him of how Galactus came, he saw, he ate them up. Also, as for that sister planet, I suspect that we'll be hearing from that sister planet before long. After all, we have at least 2 kryptonians we could squeeze out of there if you wanted: Supergirl and General Zod, along with any of Zod's minions, any of the superpets, and maybe even Brainiac in time. But, it seems that the journey of Clark begins now.

But not without a mini brawl first. One that involves the men in black, the heroic kents, and kryptonite. Figures. Though like a good hero, that won't stop supes from going for it all either way. So the MIB is still in the shadows, and still rather obstructive, but at the very least, K is still going at it to try and give clark a chance to find out who he is.
Guest chapter 15 . 11/14/2014
Raven's story has my vote
Eric the Looney chapter 4 . 11/8/2014
This part of the fic is where you really started to give yourself permission to have fun with the material. I mean, for one thing, you made Blackheart a composite character, eventually making him more like his Marvel self. And then there's your integrating the harry potter part into Zatanna and Constantine's backgrounds. Of course, there's also Hellboy who's pretty much the same only shifted over to Trigon the Terrible rather than a special demon in any other way. Though...we did get the rasputin connection, as well as some of the other older powers: Baron Mordo...Dr. Strange's arch nemesis, Brother blood of Titans fame, and of course, vampires. So, a great battle raged all around them, but in the end they prevailed over their many foes. even with a close call to hellboy almost giving in to his demonic nature.

It's the last part that changed everything from canon modification to outright being willing to take risks with the material. Galactus consuming wasn't that big a shift, because it was still hubris that brought Krypton to its near death. World War 2 still existed for the same purpose: getting Captain America and Bucky on Ice. Superman, even with the MIB still ended up with the kents. Yet here, here is where you finally began letting yourself take risks by removing Raven's Azarathian origins and instead putting her in Hellboy's care. That already shows a confidence in your knowing the material that you're willing to risk doing original things with it. And that's the sign of a good writer. Cool.
Eric the Looney chapter 5 . 11/6/2014
The inevitably tricky thing when combining universes is the questions of deity placement. Not to mention the awkward situation in that you'll have 2 people claiming the title of the enchantress. Amora from Thor and June Moone. I wonder if they can have a magic battle one of these days? Just to spice things up.

Anyways, so in this section, it kinda builds on what happened in the chapter previous, in that it tells us a bit more about the cosmic nature of the world. In this case, more about the magical big goods on the table. Harry Potter's heads are already there to represent magic as secrecy, Nimue, the enchantress, ibis the invincible, the ancient one, and at the center of it all, Dr. Fate. True, his centeredness is different from putting Thor and Superman at the center of other chapters, but it's the center nonetheless, as although he owes his origins to the Harry Potter universe, he was the one who broke away from them and formed the sentinels of magic to watch over the world. He is the cornerstone mentor figure of the circle, or at least the founder.

Yet he is but 1 of the centers of the magic side of things. Dr. Strange is the other. Someone who on paper technically outranks Nabu and Kent. Yet in the larger scope is the naive newcomer to the process. Thus his origin story is built into the mix, with a little bit of harry potters as well. There's plenty of fun nods here, like towards the juggernaut's patron deity, to eternity and endless of the marvel universe, to the living tribunal, master of balance in the universe. And even to the popular story of the phantom stranger being the angel in exile.

Perhaps the most interesting thing for me though is the story behind The Spectre. The agent of God's wrath. I have a suspicion that Lucifer corrupted him, hence his going after magic more than just evil. So now, he's a prisoner of magic, awaiting his time to break out and pass judgment upon the world again. Not to mention that from the stranger and specter, there is some kind of higher God being in this universe. Perhaps he's The One Above All that the living tribunal reports to. Regardless, the universe just got cosmically spiritual in this chapter, bringing in the "heavens" to match the "hells" we saw last chapter, if only partially.

Finally, I wonder if Morgana is in this universe at all. Nimue certainly is, but what about the other betrayer of camelot? Anyhow, Doc. STrange begins his training, and the cosmic sphere shall never be the same.
Eric the Looney chapter 3 . 11/3/2014
Now this was a GREAT chapter. As if the previous chapters weren't strong enough to connect universes, this here really changes the relationships between all the parties involved. The MIB as a branch of the UN changes up their secret status some, making them part of the cogs like Shield, but perhaps more...close to the chest. And the fact that SHIELD already knew about the drop gives me some deja vu to Superman Red Son, both defying it and trying to nuance it. Defied because they kept Superman with the kents. Nuanced because this means that Clark will know he's an alien for more of his life, and thus trust the US government more. Still, this was a real highlight going in. Showing Superman in a different angle, which is definitely a plus for anyone writing a new universe with fanfiction.
Eric the Looney chapter 2 . 11/3/2014
Ah, the end of world war 2. This was fun and all, but did the justice society fight in this war as well? It was fun though to see all the heroes old and new, DC and Marvel fighting to end Baron Zemo's reign. I actually found it really cool the way you recreated Cap's famous "death" scene. Actually, considering the words around it, it seems that WW2 was a little different in this world. For one, it lasted a little longer thanks to supervillain genius. For 2, it seems that Zemo and Red Skull were political rivals in the nazi ranks. That's cool too, especially if we eventually see Zemo's son Helmut in the future. And of course, seeing the skull in the future would be a delight too.

But for now, Cap and Bucky have gone down, the forces must mourn, and the story of Hellboy...begins.
Eric the Looney chapter 1 . 10/31/2014
It's interesting you start your universe here, as it seems to posit that the heart of your shared universe will be Thor the God and Superman the Alien. It also seems to indicate a certain...determination for the the old council of krypton and for the norse gods which you don't see as often in the comics normally. It's still really sad to watch krypton be destroyed though, especially with you recreating one of the most famous sendoffs in comic history. So good. Also, despite what Jor-El tried to do, I get a feeling that we'll still end up seeing Brainiac again someday.
Eric the Looney chapter 10 . 10/21/2014
Ok, I'll come right out and say that I'm immensely enjoying what you're doing in crossing over all these different properties and turning them around in their conventions. However, this chapter has 1 thing that bugs me. Why in the world would Darkseid of all people be a lord of chaos? Not only is he not one in normal DC comics, but since he's a tyrant wanting perfect order serving him, what's he doing throwing in with the god of mischief and all the other more chaotic gods? ARe you focusing more on his evil side then his order side?

Other than that, this was a fun brawl, and it even gave us another taste of what The Spectre can do. Part of me wonders if you'll be bonding the spectre with anyone in the future to help him direct God's wrath in other ways. Oh, and I'll also say this. With the lords of order and chaos forming the framing for the actions of this fic in more general terms, you're creating a more magical crossover overall.
Hercules8 chapter 14 . 4/1/2014
YES! YES! YES! The Hulk has appeared and he came in a bang. Love all the work you done here.
Hercules8 chapter 12 . 4/1/2014
Nerd overload! Nerd overload! In chapter 12 you had just made some of my favorite Heroes and Villains. You are AWESOME! :o
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