Reviews for Kingdom Hearts: The Fallen Kingdom
S.T chapter 1 . 7/28/2015
No point in signing in as I couldn't post a second review, but this whole week I found myself thinking of this story, of the utter bliss it brought back when I first entered Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. This style of writing shall never grow old for me, and soothed my heart after a long period of unrest. Especially with the amount of crossovers this trilogy holds: going through the chapters again reveals anime and series I had not yet read/watched when I first read through this work, and now can appreciate so much more. Vash and Demyx being alike is so wonderful; Trigun has become one of my favorite classic anime/manga, so this comparison truly makes my heart soar. I doubt you read reviews on these old stories of yours on your oldest account, but perhaps you will see this and recall those summer days long ago in the fandom. Remember this time with joy in your heart, for all of the happiness your works have brought to others, and still bring today. I'm getting rather nostalgic now, but I cannot help myself. This story is so excellent at cheering me up, I have to express this feeling of elatement in the only way I know how: leaving a review.
xemnasevilperson chapter 29 . 7/19/2011
This is soooooooooo freaking amazing! I can't thank YOU enough for writing this series! For the past few months, your stories have been my love, my passion, and my haven. I even started my own stories thanks to you. Your my insperation, and I hope to see you get published one day, and if you already are, awesome! You made me cry (three times!), laugh, and smile at the happy endings.

You, Amanda, are amazing.
StarLightSeraph chapter 29 . 5/17/2011
A thousand apologies for now being able to review when everything finished. I realize it was a long time but I read all three in order from start to finish.

Best way I think even though it took me over a week.

Once again, I'm on the edge of my seat and about to cry with tears of joy. The way you ended it was perfect yet I can see a definent new beginning. I especcialy like how you incorporated how Earth is very much Kingdom Hearts. Walt Disney World is a colaboration of all of Disney's stories but then you have Japan's Final Fantasy...two worlds together in one story that spreads tales, a tale they all share. You brought that unity out beautifully.

I need a hankie...XD Seriously, this was amazing. You are an amazing writer. Good luck to your writing career but I doubt you'll need it. :)

Now...where can I find your novel?
that1dude chapter 29 . 8/11/2010
By god, that was fucking brilliant! It was so great, I feel the need to praise you, so sit back and brace yourself for some muthafuckin praise.

I have to say, this has to be one of the best and more entertaining fanfic that I have had the pleasure of reading. And not just in terms of humor (that too!), but very rarely do fanfics make me pause in wonderment of the author’s ability to weave a story together, especially from such humble beginnings (Axelerate has its own unique greatness, as did One More Vacation).

I must say, Madame, that your Magnum Opus has rivaled the storytelling of some of the books on my shelf. For example, that last chapter got me all choked up, there were almost tears! (Don’t tell anyone that! I have a reputation to think of! Tell them I had something in my eye!). Such was the power of your writing, I found myself (more) attached to these characters than in their original fiction, because you were able to expand on their existing personalities, yet still make them your own. Yes… your work would have been a beloved addition to my bookshelf, were it in paperback form.

Well, my ranting time is nearly up. In closing, I applaud you for all your hard work. Over the years I have witnessed your talent, sharpened on the whetstone known as , flourish into what it is today. I beseech thee, continue writing, on any subject of your choosing. As long as you continue to write, I guarantee you that we, the readers, will always support you.

Best wishes,

el unico hombre libre
Sora Tayuya chapter 29 . 7/2/2010
Wow…before I begin this chapter…I have to say that I was KIDDING about the 20,000 and over comment there last review…but still, HUZZAH for me and my killer talent! WHOOOHOOOO!

OH, so the girls are from one of the previous parts in this trilogy, okay. Well, I still don’t know what world they’re from…

…(goes through entire thing until the part where Cloud is grieving over Aerith and telling about his contract with Hades)…wow…the sincerity of this entire thing is overwhelming…I really don’t know what to day…your hypothesis of our world is startling, and very possible. I, myself, can see how it works, but still…still I feel that there could maybe even be a little something more, but no worries. Those deeper thoughts are there for another day.

The ceremony was beautiful…*has to pause for a few minutes*…I cried…just a little…but…I was smiling…

Of course, Organization XIII would mess around after a wonderful display like that…oh, Xigbar…

*Screams in happiness and amazement and cries some more at part with Demyx because her theory at the VERY BEGINNING OF THE STORY (which never happens to her) actually WAS CORRECT, for once in the reader-person’s life*

And…for the entire part including Xigbar’s crazy strobe-light party, I almost died of awesomeness.

OH gods…Rabid. Yaoi. FANGIRLS. Haha! Perfect.

It is always a sad thing when long story (or trilogy in this case) comes to an end. Ha, I avoid them like the plague, and this is only the second story that I have ever even read that has an ending so far. It is, like the other one I read, amazing and perfect. Again, the grammar and touch-ups were a little bit needed, but it was perfect all the same. Exellent.
Sora Tayuya chapter 28 . 7/2/2010
…sigh…*face-palms self*…oh Xigbar…gosh, I never thought that I would see Xigbar being…well, Xigbar in the middle of this epic all-worlds fight. Wow. It is amazing though, and it is wonderful. A bet, really?

Good for Demyx! That was rather epic, but what about his past? Does he remember yet…

The ending is so very confusing…who are those peoples…why are they the only ones who know Sora…how can this possibly end in one more chapter without it being like over 20,000 words…

But still, a killer wicked chapter.
Sora Tayuya chapter 27 . 7/2/2010
1) Great work with the battle scene, this scene is of epic purportions, and you’re doing a fine job with it

2) Holy Beep you killed Aerith, but Cid lives! Poor Aerith…it seems that everyone is out to kill her…

3) *first three sentances of Sora’s part* HOLY BEEP THEY ARE IN OUR WORLD. LIKE, OUR WORLD OUR WORLD. THE BEEPING real WORLD. Woah…

Yes, I do believe that, before I read to confirm it, that Sora is flippin’ in OUR world. That would explain the “lack of” yet “different” darkness…and that is the statue of Walt Disney with Micky…wow…

Okay, so now I’m back to the part with Demyx saying that he’s totally going to die (which is true if he doesn’t suddenly get a big part) and I’m really confused. This sounds like something amazing is about to happen, yet I don’t see it for the life of me. And I’m REALLY uncannily good a reading a situation, so I really hope that what I suspect to happen happens soon, otherwise I will have no idea what to think.

… oh?...oh…oh! Demy!

(also…who is the mysterious prince who was the only other person besides Xehanort to see Cero and Teir die? I have a very, very interesting suspicion that it is Demyx…hehe, because his name could spell DEMYX, except that there is like an extra D and E…)
Sora Tayuya chapter 26 . 7/2/2010
Woah. This was a rather epic chapter. Hollow-fied Ichigo...hehe.
Sora Tayuya chapter 23 . 7/2/2010
I got Very x20 lazy and decided NOT to review every chapter, like I usually do. Ha, but with the amount of reviews you already have, you probably don't need another twenty, huh?

All of it has been very good so far. I got a little dissapointed once you split them off and sent some of them to Hogwarts, but that was the only real kind of annoyance I saw. (I have nothing against Hogwarts, I just think that it is a bit too much for the plot of this to continue in the way it is)

It is going really well though, and I especially like these new developments of Sora's supposed little sister (which is cool) holding him hostage and without his memories apparently for now, and of Demyx being forced into the Triwizard Tournament.

Though one of my irritations is still that I feel that Demyx isn't really center enough for him to be the one you said is the main-character. I know that he is getting more face time than he would be otherwise, but still, Sora, Kairi, and Riku are still way more leads than him. Poor kid...getting beat up by a crazed taichou each day...
Sora Tayuya chapter 6 . 7/2/2010
Oh great, now you have me screaming at my computer, clutching it and yelling “WHAT THE FLIP HAPPENED IN TWO DAYS FROM THE AWESOME LIFE THAT THEY ARE LIVING NOW!” Dang.


2) Thank you for saving the painting

3) Yes, “Why ARE we still sitting here?” is a very good thing to say at a time like this

4) HOLY BEEP LUXORD IS AT THE SUMMIT (No, I don’t care that Riku is there, I care that LUXORD is there and could possibly be dead or dying)

…um…why Port Royal? That isn’t exactly a “multi-world friendly” town, or at least not the “ambassadors who actually want to remain serious” type of setting. Even though Xigbar and Luxord certainly won’t mind.

Oh great. Well, at least it wasn’t lame and letting EVERYONE hear. Still, that is an annoying thing that Sora has to do now, and go tell everyone what she said. Very big and dramatic. Dang.

I like the bar scene with Axel making fun of not one, but TWO emo kids. Priceless.

Hm…Roxas is at least worried about that voice, so that is good. Since he is really worried and all about Demyx…and I’m worried too. I mean seriously, you’ve introduced so many other people from other worlds so far, I don’t understand how Demyx is the proposed main character of choice here…right now it seems as though it would be the Keyblade trio, and a lot of main characters from the other worlds…I’m really worried for Demyx now…

Gods, Demyx! Don’t EVER say something random like that, jeez! You had me freaked out of my mind!

Oh…so everybody else remembers but Roxas and Demyx, huh? Oooh…well, Roxas (even though he doesn’t know it) has a good reason to not know, but I wonder about Demyx… aww, they got to have actual playing Fun, not anything random…aw…that is really nice…(gets very happy with a somber note…)

0.0 (Yells at same time as Sora/Riku) RIKU’S CAPTAIN?

HOLY GUAKAMOLE! IT’S FLIPPIN’ DUMBLEDORE! ... I might die of sheer awesomeness right now.

(Face-palms. Again.) Oh Demyx…the Beeping summit is still going on… and you and Roxas are there…wow. Just…wow. Oh, and ha! Riku’s girlfriend is his second-in-command, ha! …still, that is really weird, unless Dumbledore himself picked out the crew, I swear that this is a really fishy situation that Riku got picked for captain. He is really, really NOT the leader-type. I mean, unless ONLY Albus Dumbledore selected the entire crew, this has to be strange.

Wow, so Naruto IS in here…wicked killer author-person, killer cool!

I’m gonna voice my opinion (though the story is and obviously has been over for some time now) and say that Kairi IS NOT GOING because she is a Princess of Heart. But…ROXAS SHOULD GO. Or Demyx…or something better should happen, because going off on a random pirate ship is sooo not as cool as other things that could happen…

1) Kiba

2) Sakura; NOT AERITH! SHE’LL DIE! (Haha, sorry, I found her background and was joking with my friends about her and her random KH appearance when she’s supposed to be dead)

3) Urahara

4) Matsumoto…though Marly was sooo tempting…hahaha!

5) Hinata; Ariel…wait, she’s having a baby… Jeez…you totally just gave away the fact that each world has a Princess of Heart now…and Elizabeth is totally not Princess of Heart material, though no one else could even come close so…

6) Ichigo or Naruto, either one is great especially if Ichigo and Naruto get in a fight if Naruto got the spot and Ichigo was demanding to go and help get Orihime’s heart back…ha! I can see the hot-headed argument now…

7) Axel; Jiraya’s too old (and …wah! Runs off in denial of his death)

8) Ishida (he’s the only one I know…wah)

9) …wow…you’re right…(if Naruto’s not going, then no Hinata and no Sasuke. It wouldn’t be fun otherwise)

10) Yoruichi…(wait, you say she’s not a choice? *zaps voting buzzer* Now she is)

11) Cloud, but I love them all!

The hidden psychic answer to this last one is…ROXAS!...or DEMYX! Yay!

…I got a tinsy bit hyperactive…hehe…I’m a little hyped up on all of the world changing going on…it is fun…
Sora Tayuya chapter 5 . 7/2/2010
Well, I like the opening scene. It is really fun. But…(groans in comic exaggeration) uggg…I have to look up yet Another person, this mysterious lady who came in with Saix. Ha, I wonder if he finally found a girlfriend. I hope she likes men who bay at the moon. (One Wikipedia trip later)…dang, I can’t find her. Well, I’m not totally savvy on all of what you read/watch anyways (gods, I just used the word “savvy” in a sentence…), so it figures that I wouldn’t know. Oh well, plus, she may just be an OC for all I know. I’ll just accept it, because this is a really fun read.

Oh, and you are doing an excellent job with the overall flow of the story, pulling all of the government issues and worlds together nicely. Especially with Triton, I am very glad how you put that. That sounds just like him too, not wanting to leave Ariel when she’s pregnant. It looks like you are going to be putting in worlds from the sources you read/watch though (yes, I checked your profile), so too bad that there will be no Naruto, One Piece, or Pandora Hearts, but I’m still really glad to hear that Bleach is there. That is killer.

Oh, and it was funny when he tried to freak out Kairi by telling her about his drink. I figured that his “special” would be blood something.

…oh by the gods…(screams loudly at realization of who has found Sora and bangs head against wall when the reader-person sees Kurosaki Ichigo, Urahara Kisuke, and Yoruichi-sama…and what Yoruichi does to poor, poor, innocent Sora)…gods…who else is there? Ishida too…wow...and Urahara is such a perv…oh, Chad…and…ah! Orihime…

Oh no…did Orihime lose her heart? But… …and man, I thought that since now the worlds (all worlds mind you) are connected, shouldn’t they have been INFORMED about Heartless? You know, to prevent something like this from happening? Plus, I kinda think that Orihime could be great for a Princess of Heart, but it’s not proven or anything…oh, and that explains Ichigo’s freakish behavior anyways. About Orihime AND Rukia. Jeez, that really sucks dude.

And what is Kisuke threatening or offering Sora? I really have no idea who those people are, unless they are supposed to be like Sora’s parents or Riku’s parents or something. But, apparently he REALLY doesn’t want the others knowing about it…and Yoruichi has a good point about a scandal. That is really a hard, complex question. Goodness…well, this CANNOT be good…for anybody…

But, it brings to light an interesting possibility that now Ichigo can work with Sora’s people to go on this obviously soon-to-be-coming adventure. Wicked.

(Breathes in VERY deeply, and VERY slowly) Okay. (Major face-palm moment, followed by repeatedly banging reader-person’s head against this wall. Noticing this wall has a very large dent and a few noticeable cracks in it, she moves on the opposite wall and hits head harder.)…By the gods…

I will take this moment to point out that I HAVE NOT watched Inuyasha, so I am totally lost. But, I heard that it is a wonderful show. (I am just lame and have bad memories of it as a small child, and trying to block out the violence when it turned on and I screamed and freaked out. Bad times…bows head in shame…-.-)…ah, men. (Shakes head)

Yup, it must be Riku’s elusive parents.

Overall, a very wacky, fun chapter. Though, the basic plot is outlined, I bet that something far more sinister is in the brewing. Wicked. Plus, a lot of fun worlds are coming together. Heck, I’m half glad that a few of my favorite anime aren’t in here, gosh, they would just make a mess of everything with all of the overwhelming chaos of One Piece people (I can see Zoro wandering around now…wow…such a scary thought…), and Naruto is very typical to be found with a Kingdom Hearts crossover, so I’m kinda glad that that isn’t in here.

Still waiting for Lexaeus and Luxord. Lux had better show up soon, he IS my favorite character after all...

Oh, and I have decided that you are an AMAZING author person. Kudos. Though, I must make this a point before I rant later on each chapter: it would do you a world of good to get a beta reader to review over your old chapter on here, or at least review over them yourself. I think that you could improve the overall quality of it by at least 20% with the few grammar and puncuation, wording and other such minor points that are normally only noticable by Beta readers like me. Sorry, but on each amazingly loooonnng review I give for the overall story, at least ONCE I have to revert to being naggy.
Sora Tayuya chapter 4 . 7/1/2010
So…we pretty much now know the contents of this chapter because of the chapter title, huh?

I like this scene, it is very life-like. And I’m gonna assume from my readings I did on your first chapter on part one of this Trilogy that this guy helped save Axel (yes, I actually DID go and read the first chapter of that, thank you very much), so cool. But, that is bad because he is the guy whom the mysterious lady had been telling to, well, um kidnap Sora, right? Well…that is bad.

…Hmm…why are the Princesses of Heart (yes, It is obvious who the “six others” she mentioned is referring to are) all worried about Kingdom Hearts? And plus, this really is a wonderful, perfect storybook ending. Life continues, each Org member got a new shot at life too, the worlds have been restored and are coming together, peace is prominent, the daily chaos of households of ex-Nobodies is enough to fill even, well, ME with happiness to last a lifetime. Yet…heh, no one would want to write a story about all of THAT boring stuff, ne?

(scene where Sora is randomly kidnapped…and I agree with him, why the Beep doesn’t he ever get kidnapped? Weird…) …matte kudasai (wait a second)…where are Lexaeus, Saix, and Luxord? The random messy orange hair made me think of how people often talk about Lexaeus’ hair, no offence to him because he is really cool. And obviously the person/people who have randomly pulled Sora into a building is NOT them. The only other teenagers I can think of with orange hair is Tidus or Wakka, but I don’t know their characters too well to notice…

Okay…so, I just researched Alucard just to see background info on him, and I did this: 0.0 Oh what the Beep. Wow, and now I wonder why he was talking about Sora with that random lady…I am so confused…oh well. Demo (but), he sounds awesome. Now I have to look up Shera…I didn’t know that Cid, grouchy old Cid, was married…(a Wikipedia entry later)…hey, not bad old timer! Aw, they are cute together, kawaii (cute)!

Yay! I love Bleach…dang, I don’t know ANYTHING about Final Fantasy (other than Reno…hehe). I'm gonna take a liberty and assume that since you announced that Sora's been kidnapped and no one noticed or anything, that it is not very important. If it was dangerous or important, then it would be on a larger scale and waaaayy more drawn out.
Sora Tayuya chapter 3 . 7/1/2010
Ha, I just realized that this is a trilogy that I am starting off here at the last one, oops. Actually, this is written in the way that perhaps that isn’t all that bad…good, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to the other two right away, I have so much to do…

OH, and evil guy and lady at the beginning here. Very, very evil.

That flashback of Roxas remembering Axel’s last words as he left the Org were kinda scary, and sad echoes too. Oh nice, it is almost unanimous how many people believe that the Organization XIII would KILL on DDR or on Guitar Hero. I love every music-crazed minute of it. And I agree with Demyx, he is SO like a ninja, Beep you Larxene. And Marly is such a cheater, and still Demy beat him, ha!

…AAAAHHHHH! Baka voice being evil to Demyx…Demyx never did anything to the voice…and that was scary and bad now, darn it…

Good for Larxene. Axel and Marluxia deserve it, with all of the pairings those two have with Larxene all the time. Still…I think that Roxas is acting quite normal about the threat, I mean, a normal person might just forget the random threat if they were going partying like the Org is tonight. That is still really bad though…

OK, so I actually DID go back and browse your works on your homepage so I get that Vexen’s married and everything, but I’m just gonna accept it because I will read those stories another time. This is actually really a fun thing for me to do, they will be like prequels. Good for Vexen, getting out of the reach of those hooligans for a bit and settling down.

Aw, poor Zexion, but at least it beats having to work somewhere where he couldn’t see them when they got together like this. And, leave it to Xigbar to want to get roaring drunk that fast. I cannot Wait to see what the end result of this night could be like…

And Xiggy is just SOOO proud to be the unofficial “housewife” of the Organization. Awesome, but I wonder who’s next to come…
Sora Tayuya chapter 2 . 7/1/2010
I might die. I really might. This is just too perfect. The artistry shown here is astounding; you are blending action, practical comedy, and realistic figures here in a “finale” of KH in a wonderfully realistic manner. I will admit I’ve never quite seen something quite like it, though I have been wanting to read thru something of this quality for a long, long time now. And soon to break the good ending to the sad story that is KH, you are about to do horrible things to Sora and send people on another worlds-changing mission, hum? Awesome. Freakin’ awesome, to say so very bluntly.(as of this point, I have read through the 3rd chapter)

Now I will proceed to comment on THIS chapter, and since I have deemed this work of the good quality I enjoy reading, I will review part-by-part, since it is too good to resist (A.K.A. Xigbar is killing me, non-literally for once in his non-existence). Also, this is a very rare storyline as far as I can tell as well, I rarely see a work that continues after KHII in this manner, a very realistically KH possible based work. I am seriously going to enjoy this, I can tell.

You cannot hold back an enraged Zaraki Kenpachi, silly Demyx. Heck, I don’t think that you could hold back a not-enraged Zaraki. Heck, could anybody?...anyways. And, I just love the reception that the 11th squad captain receives upon busting in. Gosh, that was totally amazing. Oh, and remember how I mentioned Xigbar above? Here is one of the many, many times he kills me. Oh gods, he is just too much awesomeness. It is at this part that this story goes on my “favorites for all eternity for overall run-together in wonderful fashion of epic-ness” list. Yes, it is just That amazing.

“Riku has a girlfriend, Riku has a girlfriend!” Gotta love that line. And, this is a very amazing continuation of KHII, even if it could never happen in our world unfortunately for us players. Darn though, it is just That awesome. And life-like, gotta give you your due there.

Xigbar, Xigbar, Xigbar…gotta love him. Heck, that moment with Xemnas was amazing. There is little else I need to say, no? Oh, and because of this little scene with irritating Xemnas in way that only Xigbar can fully perfect, I have mentioned this story to a few of my friends now. I could not help myself.

IN the bar: that comparison Yuffie made to the Org members and such I could IMMEADIATLY tell who she compared them too. It was, again (as I will no doubt be doing a lot) hysterical.

…since I don’t follow FinalFantasy, I had to research who all of the people (not in KH) were, and who Hojo was. Gosh, he’s creepy. I feel really bad for Vexen if he’s modeled after Him. Wow, his background and history is horrendous, he cannot possibly Ever be up to good. So now I’m REALLY worried about how this speech went, and what he’s planning on doing with this. If he seriously takes any of the Keyblade masters and does freakish experiments on them, I swear that if I ever invent an alternate dimension teleporter some day (as I plan to) that I will find him and kick his disgusting A** to the center of whatever H***hole they have on their planet, if they have one.

Honestly, though, I seriously thought that this island seems a lot like Laputa from the movie Castle in the Sky by Miyazaki. That would be really cool, but I bet that that isn’t what your planning for it. I am worried about whatever that creep’s plans are…

Dang, this is just too amazing…
Sora Tayuya chapter 1 . 7/1/2010
Impressive. Sounds like a bit of a major crossover, am I correct in thinking? I couldn't totally follow what everyone is doing right now, but it sounds like basically instead of just the Disney worlds it is a lot more worlds, which is really cool. I am enjoying this writing style as well. I couldn't completely figure out where Everyone was from, probably because I haven't heard of them or something before. Like, the French peoples and whoever snuck out of that office to get outside (and then was shot at by their boss...). I did enjoy the Bleach people, though I'm a bit worried for Demyx's life...

Oh, and I am totally in the dark on what is happening with the household full of Org members and how they forgot/lost their powers, but I suppose that people should be lost at this point. It is, after all, only the first chapter.

Look at me, rattling on like this. Well, consitering I only go on like this for good stories, I'd say that this could turn out to be a very, very nice thing, for you and me both.
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