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Pk Love Omega chapter 33 . 12/25/2010
Pk Love Omega chapter 23 . 12/25/2010
I loveeee roy! XD
Pk Love Omega chapter 8 . 12/25/2010
I love marth lol
Mitcher the Idol Kidnapper chapter 33 . 2/26/2010
This is one good story! I actually finished this whole saga today, which is when I started...

However, I think that the fact that Link says"ya" really sounds unproper. Otherwise, this is one really good fanfic! I'll be waiting for more after Shades of Smash.
Anonymous chapter 3 . 12/30/2007
This fanfic has effort put in but needs suspense. The next fanfics you write should have the first chapter pull you in and leave you with a question that doesn't get answered till later.
Count Blarch chapter 32 . 9/4/2007
I don't think there's much to comment on about this chapter.
Count Blarch chapter 31 . 9/3/2007
I was expecting something besides an OoTesque Final Smash on the great beast, but meh. The fourth-wall breaking wasn't as good this time (and the battle wasn't as great as the battle vs the Hands, thanks to the annoying flashbacks that stupidly explained everything and the quivering at the beginning and all that whatnot).

I think making these stories less animeesque will help you out immensly. That's one thing holding you back big time with these.
Count Blarch chapter 30 . 9/3/2007
OK, more talking about our beautiful little Government. Well, whatever. The entire scenario where they hated the Hands and Link shouting was cheesy and non-realistic though (Giga Bowser's speech to his "son" wasn't very good either, and I'm still worried about these fan characters).

Well, great shwodown time.
Count Blarch chapter 29 . 9/2/2007
Ha, I would think Pichu's evolution would depend upon Pika and Jiggly, not on the two sadists, but whatever (Pika and Jiggly need their stones, by the way). I still don't like Tei and Sui being so powerful and commanding so much authority.

Hmm, OK, just setting up for an invasion of the beautiful little castle, and a giant explosion (always a good plot device, can never go wrong with explosions). Chapter wasn't as big (or as much to comment on) as the last chapter, just the kind of chapter you expect when reading this sort of story (OK, except for Giga Bowser's castle and the explosion). Well, whatever.
Count Blarch chapter 28 . 9/2/2007
OK, I've renewed reading, I may or may not go a little slower with it all (no one has reviewed your latest chapters, you really are in quite a helpless position here, aren't you)?

OK, again, I really dislike having Tei and Sui training the Smash Bros. The training regime seems like it came straight out of a video game/anime, and those regimes or nonsensical and wouldn't do actual good (since they are battling, why don't they practice battle tactics and teamwork comboes and such, instead of generic 'pumping iron'). Secondly, fan characters being above the Smash Bros. and having to train them is a funny smelling plot device (it can lead into all kinds of trash), although I think the here problem here lies more in that the Smash Bros. training is a plot device that smells funny in and of itself (reeks of DBZ especially). This is war, the training should be done by now. Too late at this point, but still an important area of discussion (and if I sound harsh, it isn't meant as mean).

Oh, and Pikachu and Jigglypuff should not have just sit there and given up after one attempt. Think about it, if you were in there position (and you acted as they did), how much do you think it would take to prevent you from ripping Tei's head off? I think that could've easily turned into a team-battle styled thing between Tei/Sui v. Pika/Jiggly, with the Smash Bros. looking on (not an in-depth battle, as we don't need the gory details of battle).

As for the Master, I wonder where Mario put his Zap Tap Badge?

Toadette, good grief, what happened to you? (Probably being manipulated, she is a young Toad after all).

Mario, Star Rod, fight with Giga Bowser? (Reminds me of something certain that I did that you may have read, but I don't care, you have free reign over that stuff anyways).

As for cutting off the pact, ouch, that's a painful decision. On the one hand, he could manipulate the pact in the battle to severely cripple Giga Bowser, but that'd require ingenius tactics on the part of the Smash Bros. (and while they have better tactics than what most writers might do, they still aren't supreme), and it's a nice pact just to have around in everyday usage (and a funny one to joke about). I wouldn't doubt it if there's something I don't see though.
Count Blarch chapter 27 . 8/10/2007
Didn't expect the iron sharpens iron bit.

OK, well, obviously there is still some vestigate of Link-centrism, and again, I do think you probably would do well to try and having less anime/RPG-styled training scenes, they aren't very realistic.

It seems you forgot about the Chancellor from SMRPG in the Toad council, and I do wonder where Toad himself is. Oh, and the council is really screwy (Toadette, they need help). Otherwise, it's hard to tell if you are setting up an evil council in the Castle or just a misguided one (or an idiotic and misguided one, which might be a nice twist).
Count Blarch chapter 26 . 8/10/2007
OK, the training scene was definetly animeish (meaning, it was half good and half not-good). Thinking up a legit training scene is hard. My only real suggestion to avoid that is to simply have them battle. After the battle, another one is drawn up with a completely different scenario and context. Just a myriad of different battles and needing to employ different strategies to win.

The scene with returning to the Mushroom Kingdom was good (and you avoided the ever-so-idiotic notion of having Bowser retaliate and try to fight, you did good to remember what a better course of action for him was). Although considering this is Bowser, Mario, & Luigi, I sincerely doubt even a battalion of Toads are going to do much of anything to hurt them, especially Bowser. Alls he has to do is coup himself inside his shell for a while if he wants to live, and Mario and Luigi are Mario and Luigi. Peach is to be worried about though.
Ralf Jones chapter 26 . 8/9/2007

Great chapters !

Plase keep going !

G/S rules !
Count Blarch chapter 25 . 8/8/2007
Well, and here I was expecting a fight chapter, and it is a talk chapter. Gnerally, I very much hate the anime/game trend of revealing all sorts of manner of backstory very late in the story (the only exception is in the case of a mastermind manipulator or other such plot points that were meant for said devices), although you didn't reveal too much except Giga Bowser's origins and his babbling about the future. Seeing the pact come into effect (and Giga's counter) was good.

Really, I'm finding less and less to comment on as far as technical quality goes. The major problems I commented on a while back are improving (obviously, still need work, but it's nowhere near as bad), leaving me only with plot decisions to talk about. That's not a bad thing at all, though I do hope you don't get mad at me for delving into plot decisions (I want to help out, after all).

Having a war be started is a nice plot point, and gets us off of Smash Planet for a bit and back to Earth, which is nice. Really, the more I think of it, the more I dislike Smash Planet, because then one is tempted to forget about Earth and all the other planets (although you did the whole war thing thanks to that, which works). Look at your first story, Smash Planet didn't come until late, meaning you danced around all over the place and kept up more story than just when you are on Smash Planet, where the story gets limited to brain-bashing and the big gung-hos blabbing. I think if Smash Planet is used again for a significant amount of time, you should shift focus half the time to other planets so that way story is not diluted.

Oh, by the way, you really do need to play Donkey Kong Country 2, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, and DK: King of Swing. They are all nice games, and you said that you don't know much about DK. I would say DK64 (since that has plenty of important DK-related stuff to toss into a SSB story), but that's a subpar game, sadly, so I can't. Regardless, even those three could help out DK massively (though do be aware that DK in Jungle Beat is a lot different than he is in the other games).

Also, the PKMN world was radically altered after the first story, and its been three years. The Zelda world had a lot of attention in story 1 (first 10 chapters), and now Mushroom Kingdom gets attention. PKMN is the second biggest of Nintendo's mascots (Zelda is third), so thematically, you probably should give the PKMN world a priveleged spot. Sides, there aren't a lot of fanfics with the game Trainers, while yours does, so it'll be nice to see the game instead of the anime character.
Count Blarch chapter 24 . 8/8/2007
Well, isn't Samus the genius one, saying that in front of their face (the dissection bit). Not very tactful.

OK, this chapter was a big fight chapter, which is to be expected, although considering Melee Master's strength from earlier, I think a bigger battle was expected. Still, there is the whole unlimited power going on, so I suppose Hand wasn't a good fighter to begin with, relying purely on power; and from what there was, the fight was good, with the Smash Bros. working together as a team to whoop some butt. And we don't want to overwhelm with the big battle with Giga coming up.

Seeing the little peace between Bowser and the Mushroom Kingdom keeps with the flow of the story from earlier (I like seeing Bowser placed rightfully as a demon turtle, but you didn't forget the peace talks from earlier as others would have).

Really, this chapter was a fight chapter, and it was good, if a tad underwhelming thanks to the Melee Master's power from earlier (although unlimited power dimension does that, people have to rely on wit more than power, and 22 2 in that regard).

Now then, on to the real big fight chapter.
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