Reviews for Words are Power
MixkaRules18 chapter 632 . 3/2
Thank god you said it was PMS, I can't see seph as a dad
MixkaRules18 chapter 631 . 3/2
Well I'm left-handed and we lefties are not evil!
MixkaRules18 chapter 630 . 3/2
Good chap. Sorry I say this so much but I've reviewed 630/725 chapters it's hard for me to come up with something new
MixkaRules18 chapter 629 . 3/2
Het isn't my thing, but hehe naughty Zack and Aerith.
MixkaRules18 chapter 628 . 3/2
Damn, not sure how to feel about this.
MixkaRules18 chapter 627 . 3/2
*nosebleeds* I think I love you for writing this.
MixkaRules18 chapter 626 . 3/2
Breaking the fourth wall much? Haha good chapter! I'm picturing all of this now
MixkaRules18 chapter 625 . 3/2
If you did the battle between those three...dear god the earth would be gone.
MixkaRules18 chapter 624 . 3/2
Hehe, I'm getting the best images of Riku in the kitchen. Anyways good chap!
MixkaRules18 chapter 623 . 3/2
Eh not much to say, (I might be stupid) but I don't know who Harlequin is, sorry. But still good chapter!
MixkaRules18 chapter 622 . 3/2
HAHAHAHA! Oh my god this is great! God it's like a threesome in Cloud and Riku's marriage. That bike probably means more to cloud than riku does. HAHA!
MixkaRules18 chapter 621 . 3/2
This a sweet chapter. I still love Cloud and Riku as a couple I wish that there was more fanfiction about them. But this story always satisfies me when I get in the mood to read about these two.
What a Rubber Chicken chapter 725 . 2/16
MixkaRules18 chapter 620 . 1/19
Aww that's sweet! I love that Demyx gets his pet back
MixkaRules18 chapter 619 . 1/19
*Sniffs* So sweet!
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