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Dr.Zimmerman chapter 40 . 11/6/2017
Hey, Dunno if you ever going to continue this story but just wanted to say that this story (first and second) was amazing! I really loved the relationship between the siblings. It was a fascinating story that held my up all night and I couldn't let it go without finishing it in one go. If I have to give critic then it would be that Severus was too controlling and demanding, What I mean with that is that he was pretty much always supposed to be in the right, controlling about everything Armilla did, or for example how long her hair should be, ravening about how Armillas attitude or snarky speech was not acceptable (while Sev's was) etc. What I did love though resulting this was Severus moments of attempt to apologies, it showed his humble and caring side, A side his sister was only in favor of seeing.
I also have to say that I loved when Sev became anguished when his sister was in mortal danger. I think it would have been amazing to (in a separate fiction) read and see Severus version of Armillas kidnapping and every other danger situation she so often found herself in.

Well anyway thanks for an fantastic fanfic-story. /Z.
yuu chapter 40 . 6/24/2017
Hey, I found "Armilla" just a few days ago and I've become so addicted, that I read all of it in less than a week I love your story, especially Armilla, I love that you focus on the sibling reletionship between Armilla and Severus. It was really interesting to read how they grew closer. I'm a fan of the weasley twins, that's why I was just too happy with Armilla/George. I thnk they are great together. I guess, bonus is that Severus somewhat likeshe twins, or at least respecs their abilties.
Oh god, I have no words for Rougier. I hate that hag! She awkoe a darks side in me.. I copuldn't care less about her lossing a child.. i may be a horrible person for thinking like that, but just imagining, what she would do having Aurelius child. Still i think it would be a weird family, all the siblings being 17 to twentysomthing years appart.
I like how you portayed the father, I may be a sentimental Hufflepuff, but I can't hate him. He is a horrible person and I hope to never meet someone like him in real life, but he loved his daughter in his weird way, even if he didn't knew her at all. I'm interested who is responsible for his death. I thought it was Rougier, but it was the too oblivous choice. Maybe death eaters.
I'm not sure what to think about Draco and Lydia. I can see Dumbledore doing somethng like this, but it's still a little weird for me. Maybe because there wasn't too much about it.
I liked Harry in this story. And I like how you handled his realtionship with the Snape siblings. i was glad that he didn't become immedately friends with Armilla, when they were at grimmauld place.
Sooo.. I don't now if you ever read this comment, but I how many others in the comment section encourage you to think about continiuing "Armilla". It's somewhat a shame to abond it after you poured so much time and effort into it. Still, thanks for the great (even if uncomlete) story!
Greetings from Austria ;)
Guest chapter 1 . 2/24/2017
I'm a Chinese as wonderful your story is!I'v read part of your brilliant story,and I hope that I can finish reading it after my College Enterance Examination.
ThisIsAGuest chapter 40 . 1/1/2017
New Years Resolution: Keep the hope alive that this story will continue on this year!
ThisIsAGuest chapter 40 . 9/8/2016
I can't tell you how many times I've read Armilla 1 & 2. Very beautifully written stories with amazing, infuriating, lovable, real characters from your creation and the Harry Potter world. Each time I come to the last chapter here, I hope I'm gonna see an update. Please, please, PLEASE don't leave this story unfinished! Hope you update soon!
PasterPast chapter 16 . 8/16/2016
I am so sorry that I just sent the wrong review to Armilla by mistake-yeah me the guest. After all I am a Chinese and not good at English. So try to forgive me if I set any sentences wrong. And actually there was one Chinese who asked you to let him or her translate this fantastic novel into Chinese. And with pleasure I have read a part of it. The most important reason is that the translater was giving the translation at a slow speed. It has been 5 years since then and we haven't finished it. So I'd like to ask if you can let me translate it with another girl. We are all students but we will try our best to do it on our vacation. I had asked the translater for permission but he or she hasn't answered. Thanks!
And also here is what I want to say: I was thinking about if the Professor here was too gentle and soft. He could hold his sister's hands so easily, hug her so simply,and say something not so sweet but can touch ones heart. Then I just thought I'm ridiculous. He is a Proffesor who is always strict, steering or something like that, but all in all he is just a real man. A REAL man! He had the strong love of responsibility to Lily in almost his whole life, and now it comes to our little Armilla, defferent, but still ALWAYS.
The only thing I want to say is that it is brilliant and warm. So can you just keep on working it out? We all hope to read it to the end. But still a lot thanks!
All of them are so Cuuuuuuuute!
Guest chapter 38 . 7/20/2016
Fabulous ! Memorable characters. Keep writing, we are waiting for the next few chapters!
Nightshade2412 chapter 40 . 7/13/2016
Loving it so far! Glad the magic issue is finally resolved - that and the memory thing had me really freaked out and tense! Please, please keep going and finish this! I'd love to see a scene with George meeting Severus, as I can already picture the awkwardness. On Armilla's birthday perhaps? I don't know what you have planned. Well anyway, I love it so UPDATE! Please? :)
Lexi G chapter 40 . 1/13/2016
Please tell me you plan to keep going!?
TheAlmightyGoldfish chapter 37 . 10/20/2015
So I am going to Follow both you and your story. Please for the love of god... COMPLETE. You left on a massive... motherfudging OMGWHATGOINGTOHAPPEN cliff hanger! Why?!
Alice Ladeux chapter 1 . 2/10/2015
Hallo erstmal,
keine Ahnung ob du die Story gerade noch weiterschreibst aber es wäre schon echt super. :)
Ich hab überhaupt nicht bemerkt, dass du den ersten Teil auf deutsch auf deinem Profil hattest, ist schön mal jemand aus der Heimat hier auf dem Forum zu treffen. ;)
Ich folge der Story auf jeden Fall mal, für den Fall der Fälle das du hier noch aktiv bist. :D
Also super Story auf jeden Fall mal!
obsessivesyndrome chapter 40 . 1/19/2015
Great story, love it! Hideous as Rougier is, her perspective helped cleared a lot of questions and mystery about this incident. I admire how you have started this series years ago and you are still committed to it. Update soon please!
wolfluvr12 chapter 40 . 1/9/2015
Please update! Can't wait to hear what happens next!
Guest chapter 40 . 12/3/2014
Keep on writing PLEASEEEEEEEEE
Guest chapter 40 . 10/21/2014
is this going to cont? i feel like I've been reading this for years! i miss it !
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