Reviews for Cuanto, Cuando
kawaiilileevee chapter 7 . 11/29/2012
Seriously, Ash as a husband with kids makes me leery. Also, he enjoyed that kiss way too much! I bet he would have forgotten about Misty again, but that doesn't solve the problem, because then he'd just repeatedly cheat on different people. What an asshole!

nd Lance just sighs, and taps him on the nose, and says it's better if he just forgets the whole ordeal, and he sees some kind of weird blue energy gathering around Lance's hands and he doesn't know what to do but he doesn't want to forget...!

And time seems to freeze.

"You don't want to forget?" Lance demands, and his face is an angry mask of rage and pain. "After what you put me through, you think you can make demands? You think you can go back to being all happy now that I'm back to normal? What, are you going to keep me as a lover on the side or something? You're bloody married to MISTY for Lugia's sake!"

Lugia (who is still in the room) coughs, but doesn't comment.

This was funny, but there was still so much angst and sadness! *Sniff*
kawaiilileevee chapter 6 . 11/29/2012
I see! So genderbending is not a problem... but what made you choose Crystal as the name for Lance's final form? Stupid Ash! He just has to wreck everything! That blithering fool! It doesn't matter if Wataru was in a coma because at least he didn't have to worry about his lover betraying him for Misty...
kawaiilileevee chapter 5 . 11/29/2012
Wow, so Crystal sounds so innocent but she's really vicious... and I like Catelyn, too. She's a cute little blonde girl.

He remembers battling – over a lava pit, can you imagine that, on the back of … something glowing white, and falling, falling into that horrible fiery hell…

And he remembers a girl with a big hat and short blonde hair in a ponytail, laughing, laughing, and her laughter echoes on and on…!
He almost cries with relief when he realizes that he is in one piece and there are no scars on his pale skin. But even so, when he gets back home, he collapses into bed and cries, until his tears have dried up, because there's pressure building up in his chest and he has no other way to release it.

If he were Lance, he would have laughed and killed people until the rage burned out and his smile was as mad as the moonlight above, as brilliantly bright as the Dragon Blades in his hand.

But he's not Lance anymore. He killed Lance, and he knew it, when he made his decision to forget.

Now, he's just Wataru-san: a perfectly normal grade school teacher who lives a perfectly normal life.

Catelyn wonders, as she watches from the Dream Realm, with Crystal, if Lance really is happier as Wataru-san.

They doubt it.

After all, Lance would never cry himself to sleep.

I really also like Charlotte and Lugia's thoughts and feelings, even though Lance is the main character. Ash doesn't deserve him at all!
kawaiilileevee chapter 4 . 11/29/2012
Oh! The Onyx seal has reappeared too! I hope that will be enough to help Lance. Misty is Missingno's host, isn't she? That's bad! And Ash still loves her! He's the stupidest idiot in the history of the universe, honestly! How can he keep falling in love with a horrible, abusive bitch like Misty?

Charlotte thought she knew what he was talking about. It was a lifetime many lifetimes ago, when she and Lance and Ash had fought Misty – who had turned into Missingno, and it was in that battle that Lance – still a girl, still ice guardian – had lost her wings. Shattered them.

That was why her new wings were of dragon's blood and dragon's tears, blood and bone, magically forged into silversteel… to fit the Dragon Master.

Lance changes gender a lot, ne? He doesn't seem to mind...
kawaiilileevee chapter 3 . 11/29/2012
Oh! So the wands of the triple guardianship has shown up again! Yay! Charlotte is cool! But will the wands be enough to stabilize Lance's power? This must be based on the anime, then, if Lance met Ash at Lake of Rage in Mahogany Town *nods*. And is Articuno's ice medicine the poisonous 'liquid ice' that kills Guardians? That would be bad... but Lance is surprisingly emotional for someone who balances ice and dragon and darkness. Is love a dark emotion, too? No, it shouldn't be...
kawaiilileevee chapter 2 . 11/29/2012
Ash and Misty have kids? EEW! And Ash is still married to her and she's pregnant again? Yuck! But I really like how Lance thinks about balancing his emotions when in reality he's probably still balancing the Realm, unconsciously and without his powers. I doubt Ash is Destiny right now... but where is Charlotte? Is she his psychiatrist, then, since Lugia wouldn't let a normal woman do it, right? Or maybe Sabrina or Erika is working for Lugia... or one of the other girls that wouldn't break Lance's heart, like Karen or Clair or Lorelei. Clair would be an awful psychiatrist. She's more of a dominatrix!
kawaiilileevee chapter 1 . 11/29/2012
This is so sad... And Ash is such a jerk! He broke Lance's heart, didn't he? And then Lance gave up everything to forget...
LoveEternalCurse chapter 7 . 10/18/2012
YOU I HATE YOU FOR HOW AMAZING YOU ARE. I actuallly rewatched the Anime and was wonderinf if any one shipped LancexAsh And hoped if they did ash would be a little on the brighter side.

and you came through in spades, and this fic made me cry.

I have been reading bits and pieces, ande I think I am hunkering down to read your compilation of CCA .
Shade the Bat chapter 7 . 2/24/2008
Applaudes for Wataru
Farla chapter 1 . 6/17/2007
Proofreading, unfortunately, also needs to be done after uploading, to make sure your formatting and such are intact. "Notes: for telepathy, for thoughts" seems to imply that whatever you were using to signify that has been stripped.

Your opening seems intriguing, although the juxtaposition of "Wataru-sensei" and English kid names doesn't work well.