Reviews for Living With The Superstars
Tean35 chapter 1 . 4/23/2014
I love your style of writing can you please make a dean ambrose and torrie wilson story if you can't i total understand!
Wolfgirl777769 chapter 7 . 10/23/2011
Don't go! Keep going and please do Mixed Blessings,please? Also I am adding you. You may not remember me,but I review the idea on mixed blessings.
vampiregirl2009 wolfgirl77769 chapter 7 . 10/22/2011
Keep going and keep going on Mixed Blessing because I think Maria will save Randy from somebody. Also have Vince ,Linda and Stephanie visit Shane and Maria when Shane told them that he will ask Maria to marry him in the ring right before Randy's match. Update.
schmackie chapter 7 . 8/3/2010
Hey! I'm not really a Jorrie fan anyway. But I'm not a John/ Tiffany fan either. I'm reading the story for a hopeful Mandy pairing! So continue!
xsostarstruck chapter 6 . 4/12/2009
I think this Story is really cute and i hope you consider updating it soon! :]
bournek2fly chapter 6 . 6/29/2008
great chapter! i love the chinese food song! John is so funny!
bournek2fly chapter 5 . 6/29/2008
Great chapter! John is so cute when he is jealous!
berrycharismatic chapter 6 . 6/28/2008
brian is most likely going to get caught.
rory21 chapter 6 . 6/27/2008
LMAO! Cause i couldn't start this review in any other way! I hope you realize how much you've made me laugh with this chappie, it was so funny! (Yes, on the song i nearly choked on my water lol) That was genius XD


He's so adorkable! I wonder if he's going to make it through Ashley's lunch now. And oh John just can't get over the defeat, can he? lol Mickie is... well her usual self and it's so funny XP

I loved it chica! :D
Rikyra chapter 6 . 6/27/2008
hehe i love the story! my favorite was 'the Chinese food song'
bournek2fly chapter 4 . 6/27/2008
this was a great chappie! Brain was keeping me laughing! and Mickie is so funny when she jokes with orton! and Orton is so cute when he said "Can i help that i'm a chick magnet"! Great story Christal
XxBeautyFairytaleOfJorrieXx chapter 6 . 6/27/2008
Wow! yes finally updated! I have waited for months Chrissy but it was worth it. I hope John beats that Henry's ass! :) Torrie needs to see she belongs to John. I'm guessing John is gonna try and impress

carry on update asap!

Brian was funny when he went "Must-not-eat" lol
skiptothegoodbit chapter 6 . 6/27/2008
You do not know how much you made me laugh with this chapter. Brian is SO adorkable, and so is John but in a different way. I have to say I loved the Chinese restaurant song, a total classic! :D

Aw hopefully Ash's cooking won't be that bad :P

Update soon (because this was too awesome!)
jojocheer28 chapter 6 . 6/26/2008
Oh yay this story is back!

I love this one it's awesome!

Please update soon :D
bournek2fly chapter 3 . 6/26/2008
"we're gonna die" lol poor birds! great chappie
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