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TMNTFanForever85 chapter 25 . 12/5/2016
please please contine
Fairy-x-Heart chapter 25 . 9/20/2016
This is not usually the type of story I read, but I just couldn't stop reading! You have me hooked. I really enjoy how descriptive & realistic you are when writing about their anatomy & other things. I hope to get to read more soon!
KC chapter 25 . 7/2/2016
This fic has a history of going on long hiatuses... back in 2010, in 2012, in 2014... it's ok to take breaks and do all the other things that refill your mind and spirit. Goodness only knows what's been going on in your private life.

Still, just a request that you don't forget about it. This one has stuck with me. I need to see how the Hamato family move through this together. Even if you only give us an ending.

All the best to you.
Butler's Asssssss chapter 25 . 4/23/2016
Fuyutora chapter 1 . 2/24/2016
I'd give you full permission to delete that review below this comment. Completely. I haven't read the fic yet, but what they wrote was completely pms induced, unthought-out, idiotic rant. Don't waste your time reading it. Someone was just having a bad day and didn't fully think out a way to phrase an issue. In order to tell a fully story, one must delve into both sides of it. Being a little hypocritical rasict bitch isn't how you do that. So, as the comment below me can politely go fuck itself, I hope anyone reading this has a good day. _
No Name chapter 3 . 2/22/2016
You bitch.

I'm an anonymous flamer and if you know what that know I'm here to talk shit about you and your fic. Maybe this is your first flame, in that case yay! If not then this is routine.

Right off the back let me repeat what you wrote. "The native ones. Black, black skin, and they hardly wore anything. Maybe… hand fulla' nuts and bones on strings…"

Reread that and tell me what it sounds like. Go on reread it you fucking HIV infested twat. Go to hell and burn you cellulite wearing fuck face.

As a horrible and quite crazy human being, I can honestly call you an ignorant whore. Black skin with no clothes and bones? Really? Gosh, I wish I could beat your ass to a pulp, grab a nice knife, slice you many times while avoiding major arteries then when I watch you wither in pain... I'd finally stab you in your heart and burn your filthy remains.

But get this? You are a horrible and crazy person too. Why? Because you had the guts to write that. Why would you do that? Man...I just want a unicorn to shove it's horn up your ass.

And yes, I'm only complaining about that one little shitty sentence. Why? Because your ignorance.

Now if you were talking about Natives that were there hundreds of years ago in Costa Rica then maybe I would agree. But funny, you are not talking about that time period. Instead you chose one of the characters to be drunk in order to express your racist remark. Quite clever of you... NOT.

Not to mention, that tribes in any country are as you assumevor describe. Prick. They have practices and beliefs that actually MEAN something. Muffin top loser.

Let me guess, you are white? This includes all races that have WHITE SKIN (minus Hispanics.) Which to be honest would be horrible. Being white in this era pretty much sucks... are you blonde? (Yep, stereotypes.) If you are then you must give good head because that's all you're good for. (Not all blondes, just you.) Cheap bitch. Go to work and make that money your pimp wants.

So much hate for you on this review. I think that's enough for now and you can choose to delete this review but you will never forget my words. Why? Words hurt. They do, don't care who you are... Words hurt. And I hope that they hurt you.
Zelgadis55 chapter 25 . 2/3/2016
I've spent much of my spare time over the last couple of days reading this fic and man am I glad I did. This thing earlier on was hilarious. Even now, though the more recent chapters haven't had the humour, it's still been a highly engaging story and I really hope to see more in the near future!
childofsodom chapter 25 . 1/25/2016
Alright, Apache, jump on it! where's the next chapter? (if you are too young to know that reference then i apologize in advance. ;)
shelshokd chapter 25 . 12/12/2015
Hi Winny! Wow, wow, wow! I just finished totally binge reading the entire 'The Talk' fic. I am just blown away by your storytelling abilities! I was absolutely absorbed in the intricate personalities you've managed pull out of our beloved turtles. I was charmed, horrified, and felt completely torn up over everything the guys are going through, especially Donnie. How you came up with the stuff Don's struggling with and how it affects everyone he cares about is so richly detailed it felt like I was physically there experiencing every step. I wanted to scream at them so many times, lol! It is so incredible how you took what should be a fairly straight forward (and expectedly humorous) subject and revealed deeply layered, unbelievably complex sets of psychological issues that I never would have considered possible! What's so fantastic to me is that it totally makes sense. If you're going to write a story steeped in realities of life as Mutant Beings, especially in a world where they are wholly and completely unique, it makes sense to be in keeping with the biological, emotional and psychological effects that come with that situation. You handled it flawlessly, and with such humour and grace, it totally gripped me and honestly has me re-evauluating some pre-concieved notions about about some pretty touchy subjects.

That's phenomenal storytelling, well done! Please please PLEASE continue this one! I can't rest my brain without resolution! I'm getting in on these 8 yrs later but it looks like maybe you haven't written anything new on this story since maybe 2012? Still trying to figure this FF format all out. Can't wait to see how this resolves between Don, April and Renet. Poor Donnie, poor brothers, poor April, its all just devastating me!

Ok, moving on to your other stories now. So Awesome!
Guest chapter 4 . 10/28/2015
Oh this is just a goddam riot right here! Fekkin hilarious! You are an amazing author, and I love your brain. Lmao
TheLadyOfSouls chapter 25 . 10/7/2015
Interesting story. A different take on our favourite brothers to be sure.
Silexwitch chapter 25 . 9/25/2015
I gorged myself on your story over two nights. I'm remarkably impressed at how the story is developing for it's first chapter to now...and obviously into the future since the twists and turns are becoming extreme. Although I'm familiar with some of your shorter works, I must say the grand arching lines of your chapter stories are truly a joy to behold.
Thank you for writing, I will continue reading.
KameTerra chapter 25 . 9/22/2015
Kidsin bed. Husbandworking late. Dishesdone. Glass of winein hand. SO here I am at last, ready to delve into this latest chapter of The Talk. GASP! And I want to assure you that it says nothing about my enthusiasm for this story that it’s taken me so long to read. If you’re anything like me, I know you probably can’t wait for the reviews to roll in, but rest assured I’ll be catching up with this and the rest of your updates (GASP again, more updates!) as I can.

I love how on the run over, Raph is able to relate to Don—even to realizing that Don’s subtler form of anger was analogous to his own need for violence, and that maybe Don couldn’t used praise from him…

LOL! Leave it to Don to find a way to vote!

When Mike gets hurt during the fight, my heart is in my throat. I can visualize it so well—an encounter that should be a piece of cake, under normal circumstances… but an accident waiting to happen when something is off. I love this, the excitement, the action, and the reality—we know, as –serious- writers of the ‘verse, that they have to get hurt more often than we see in the show. Skilled as they are, it’s bound to happen. But still, with each battle there’s a chance one of them will suffer more than just a minor injury, and that fear must be very hard to keep at bay and still keep fighting. And the caution paid to infection, too—I love this detail. That’s reality, baby. Lovin’ it.

When Don was holding that ninja… he was thinking of April, wasn’t he? Poor Don…

“"Guess that was careless of you."”
Oh Don. Ohhhh, Don… Great bit of dialogue, but I’ll blame that on the drugs… even though I fear he would’ve said it either way…

“Donatello doesn't answer. Instead he shakes his head and laughs. "Classic Raph… Sometimes I play this game where I see how many sentences you can go without dropping the F-bomb. Right now your high score is two."”
And here, again… he’s SO picking a fight… I can barely keep reading….

“"I was thinking I could've been sober."”
Aaah, there it is. This entire confrontation is pure gold. I can feel Raph’s helplessness, and Don’s…I don’t know. Tiredness. That feeling that he’s just done. High, yes, but even beneath that just done. And aarrgh, I just can’t even believe it when he starts just whaling in on his brother like that, it is SO painful to read.

You wrecked me with this. You really did. I could see Raph becoming unhinged enough to do that to his brother, but it still HURTS, you know? For a character I love to be capable of that… and for Donnie, who thinks he deserves all of it and more. So glad you updated, and can’t wait to read more!
RelaxedReady chapter 14 . 8/24/2015
Really fantastic chap! The interaction at the shop was deep, firecracker of hope was lovely, and i liked that Jonas too...seamless :))
RelaxedReady chapter 8 . 8/23/2015
God Damn this is killer fic right here, "slow pimp nod" destroyed me, this is my second time reading it and I can't wait for the latest chapter. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CONTINUING!
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