Reviews for To Love and to Love Again
Sasusaku Lover chapter 41 . 11/26
Awesome! Believe me when i say your fanfic is better than any other i've read... Keep up this great work !
otaku.anime.2512 chapter 41 . 11/21
Fantastic! I'm like, super happy because I loved every minute of this fic. The way you introduced the Curse Mark was something super unique, and making the Konoha 11 part of the C.I.A was something I definitely enjoyed reading!
otaku.anime.2512 chapter 35 . 11/19
Amazing chapter once again! I had a guess it was him as Mystery Dude No.2, but now I know for sure. This is a great fanfic, and I'm enjoy every bit of it!
otaku.anime.2512 chapter 24 . 11/17
I love this chapter. My guess is that it's Shin (You know, Sai's 'brother' in ANBU?), or Suigetsu. Both ways, I am still looking forward as to why they follow Kabuto. Love your story!
youknees chapter 41 . 11/17
Finally, done! I must say this is the longest SasuSaku fanfic i've read so far! And i must also say one of the best!
The plot, storyline, characters, i just love all of them! I also want to say i love the kids. Like they are just the cutest ever!
Anyway, just want to thank you for this. I give it a 100%!
Yesi chapter 13 . 11/4
Teared a little at the mention of Rin as Sakuras mom. So cute :)
artsypatsy chapter 41 . 11/3
youknees chapter 13 . 10/31
Wow. Didn't expect that twist! And didn't imagine Sai would be an agent! This story is getting interesting and i am hooked up!
Kaiza Mena chapter 41 . 10/29
OH MY GOD! KYAAA! The most beautiful, coolest, and best story ever I read in my life! You suprised me because of the story! Every detail in this story was great and have sense in the story! SASUSAKU moments in this story was so KYAAAA! Its so beautiful! WOW! When I just read the summary, I never thought the 'shinobi' thing would never involved but you totally freaking suprised me the sharingan, team 7 etc. So far, it is the best story I ever read in SASUSAKU world! Your a great writer! I really like the plot you made EVERYTHING! And because of your "greatness" in writing a story, I would like to request make another beautiful and great sasusaku story! Thanks for the story! You make my sasusaku world great! KYAA! SASUSAKU is so GREAT!
chichivivas chapter 41 . 10/24
I got One word to describe this story, it was EPIC! You are a great writer, I'm a die hard fan of SasuSaku and heavy reader of FFs. I must say that this fic is one of the great SasuSaku stories I've ever read. I totally love how you portrayed Sasuke's character. Please write more stories.
chichivivas chapter 30 . 10/24
Really, you went there! That heartbreaking goodbye was modified and portrayed into an good AU setting, the dialogues were great. Shannaroooo to the highest level! It still hurts everytime I read Sasuke saying thank you in the end. And the bench was funny, really? You can use some couch you know, hehehe but it was hilarious and I just like it.
Lostrissy chapter 41 . 10/16
I must say that this fic is among 5 best naruto fics i've ever red! It had all elements- nice plot, developed characters, ups and down, twists and turns. It made me gasp every two or three sentences, and it left me in wonder "whats gonna happen next". Though, i've found it just last night, and went through all 41 chapters, asap.
Even though, SasuSaku arent my main pairing, you made them look perfect, and i never though about SakuSai and you made it seem- pretty nice. As for the original characters, you made me fall in love with the kids- they are simply perfect and so precious. It wasn't to cheesy or sappy, in my opinion- you added the perfect amounts of everything- fluff, plot, character development, lemon and FEAR. I must say i was genuinely scared that someone is going to die in the end, and that i would have to bawl my eyes out (not that i didn't do it throughout the story nonetheless). I like how you managed to insert the original (kishi's) characters, plot from the original manga, blend them in, but still managed to make it unique and highly possible.
As for the other "agents", i'm somewhat sad that everyone were involved- beside Sakura. I had a feeling like she was left out completely. Even though she had a legit reason to be left out, i somehow wished that she would have joined sooner, and kicked some serious ass (or atleast heal/ treated).
Thanks for writing such a perfect story.
New and very happy follower :)
The King in White chapter 41 . 10/14
This was really good. I don't tend to care for modern day AUs, but this one was great.

... you do know there's no CIA in Japan right? They have their own intelligence agency.
TKDnarutard chapter 1 . 10/5
TO ALL WHO ARE DECIDING WHETHER OR NOT TO READ THIS: YES. READ IT. I'm a die-hard FanFiction reader (especially for SasuSaku), and have read thousands of stories (just check my Favorites list- it's only a small portion of all the stories I've read), yet I have never found a better story than this. I found this three years ago and ever since then, I've been rereading it every few months (IT'S JUST SOOOOO GOOD). Whether it's fluff, action, lemons, or plot that you crave, this story's GOT IT ALL.
SakuraMizukiri chapter 41 . 9/16
Wow... When I started this fic, honestly, I was expecting some half-hearted piece of writing that I would quit reading after three chapters. You proved me wrong. I've been switching my OTPs for Naruto a lot, and when I started reading this I was for SasuNaru (The order I believe was SasuSaku, NaruSaku, SakuIno, NaruSaku, SasuNaru, NejiSaku, Then SasuNaru (I think) again)but this, this Fanfiction changed my mind completely. I loved the way you portrayed the characters, the plot, description- everything! It's actually really depressing to see this end, but all good things must. I'm truly loving your work, and I hope to see more from you in the future. Thank you for this wonderful journey! Peace out!
-SakuRa Mizukiri
(Internally still fangirling over the fact that I have Sakura's first name -Squeal- Thanks mum and dad!)
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