Reviews for To Love and to Love Again
moonfairy014 chapter 41 . 7/22
the longest story I've ever read after many years and every chapter is worth it! I'm so amazed with this! Great plot twist!
whatnameshallitake chapter 13 . 7/9
YouSureBoutThat chapter 3 . 6/20
This story seems good so far, but I do have one major pet peeve; blatantly stating the POV. It's very easy to see who's point of view you're in from context clues alone. There's really no need to say "Sakura's POV" or "Sasuke's POV" and it really bothers ne. It makes the fanfic seem less professional and it's really not necessary.
BillyBobBoo chapter 41 . 6/14
That was such a beautiful story!
maleisha54 chapter 41 . 5/15
This was so...awesome!
AmandaFray chapter 41 . 5/12
best. fic. ever
Lily chapter 41 . 3/21
Hello! I don't know if you will read this since you published a long time ago but I just wanted to say your story is AMAZING!
A friend of mine who read it as you were publishing it recommended it. I've spent the past 3 months blasting through all the chapters (as much as my time allows)! It was so great! Thank you very much for this! It has been a pleasure indeed!
Rizu Hatake-hime chapter 41 . 3/10
Aaaawww.. I love Sora, Suki, and the Uchiha twin! Though the coincidences were rather yeah too much with all the CIA agents around Sakura and the triplet, twins, and all *maybe unlikely to happen in real life* but still I'm a sucker for happy endings. I loooooove it! :)
Guest chapter 41 . 2/28
Omg! You have no idea how much I love this story! I wish it could become a movie! You did such an amazing job that the word dose not do this story justice! I wish there was more but it ended great! I wish now if you can write about the kids story now. But I have read it twice and I will never get bored of it!
LaLa916 chapter 41 . 2/16
Very great story ! Well writen and plan, loved it. You are an amazing writer. Thank you for the awesome story to read !
Guest chapter 41 . 1/17
Wonderful. I have read this before and had to re read on this rainy 3 day weekend I also read your other story to. You're an awesome writer I hope u write more on this couple in celebration of them becoming cannon. Lol thanks for this awesome beautiful and amazing read.
Poppy Young chapter 41 . 1/11
Yay! I loved this fanfic! I find it funny how it's so easy to have twins and triplets in this fic lol. Also I love how the uchiha babies took the perfect traits from their parents and how all the newborns crave what their fathers like hehe. Sigh you just also raised my expectations of a boyfriend to be like sasuke, I don't think there are many sasuke's out there. Lol. Anyways I love how this was never a moment of boredom, taking into consideration the length which usually can happen. I find when I sort of get bored I end up skim reading and miss a lot of the details but with this one I'm pretty sure I was extremely attentive. But ahhh the saskura fluff was the best, amidst the scary moments in 'sound' (I freaked out on several occaisions at some parts). I also love how sora and suki and growing up and they have mini roles i.e suki a mini doctor and sora a mini protective sasuke, dawww it's too cute XD. Also I love how it progressed coz sometimes there's stupid stories that just like ok I've babbled on long enough let's make the two mains just fall in love. But with yours I can 'see' the emotions and how they came to love one another. I also love how it wasn't all just fluff (not I would have minded), you incorporated action, suspence and mystery. Anyways I loved this fanfic! Thnks for writing such a good fanfic
Poppy Young chapter 40 . 1/11
Haha I actually glad sakura and sasuke are in the CIA. Haha I can't wait to read the last chappie!
Poppy Young chapter 38 . 1/11
My heart can't take it! Ohemgee this was like action packed. Wow now Sora has the curse gosh! Wow. I need to stop reviewing and read on. Lol
Poppy Young chapter 37 . 1/11
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