Reviews for Ramone
ADDAMSFAMILYTREE chapter 1 . 7/9/2016
Very interesting. Now, all we need is a really good crossover in which Barney is being framed, and Detective Lieutenant Scanlan is about to be placed in charge until further notice, and Barney's only hope is to rely on Jessica Fletcher to look for clues to his innocence, and hope that the following defense counselors do their best to get him off the hook: Ben Matlock of "MATLOCK", George Baxter of "HAZEL", Anthony Petrocelli of "PETROCELLI", Owen Marshall of "OWEN MARSHALL: COUNSELOR AT LAW", and finally, Perry Mason of "PERRY MASON"? Plus, Perry calls in a favor, and has his very own maternal identical twin 1ST cousin, S.F.P.D. Chief-Of-Detectives Robert Ironside of "IRONSIDE" take command of the old one-two, and along with his regular staff, Ironside brings in his pal Det. Lt. Mike Stone, and his partner Inspector Steve Keller of "THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO" to help out with the investigation in general. Plus, Maribeth and Christine from "CAGNEY & LACEY" get assigned to the 12TH during the investigation as well as Toody and Muldoon of good ol' "CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?", and Marshal Sam McCloud of "McCLOUD", too. Ironside also puts in the proper requests for Inspector Jacques Closeau of Surete to help out as well as Baker and Ponch of "CHIPS", Jim Reed and Pete Malloy of "ADAM-12", Mick Belker from "HILL STREET BLUES", Sam Cade of "CADE'S COUNTY", Jim Rockford of "THE ROCKFORD FILES", Frank Cannon of "CANNON", Mike Danko & Terry Webster & Willie Gillis & Chris Owens & Lt. Eddie Ryker of "THE ROOKIES", Dave & Ken of "STARSKY & HUTCH", Barnaby Jones of "BARNABY JONES", Jill & Kris & Sabrina & Kelly & Tiffany & Julie & Bosley of "CHARLIE'S ANGELS", Hooker of "T.J. HOOKER", Hondo Harrellson and his team of "S.W.A.T.", Cody & Nick & Murray of "RIPTIDE", Milton & Mark of "HARDCASTLE & McCORMICK", Lt. Phil Columbo of "COLUMBO", Rick Hunter of "HUNTER", Joe Mannix of "MANNIX", Michael & KITT from "KNIGHT RIDER", Robert McCall from "THE EQUALIZER", and Perry's pal Lt. Arthur Tragg, just to name a few.
Jennifer Ryan chapter 1 . 6/23/2007
Hooray, another Barney story. You're a Barney writing whirlwind. PS - no need to credit me when you didn't use any of my suggestions. Heh.