Reviews for Watching You Walk Away
Xaiyu chapter 1 . 6/29/2007
omg is me~

I luff it, you know I do, hon XD I got all watery-eyed reading it again;_;

I feel like I should say something loud and robust that will make you chuckle, but I'm totally out of ideas! CHUCKLE DURN YOU!

Eh? EH?



WILL xaiyu ever think of something robust and loud and chuckle-worthy? WILL the long-awaited Soap continue? WILL I STOP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS?



Mantinas chapter 1 . 6/27/2007
KaijuuRebellionCd1 chapter 1 . 6/21/2007
cute i absolutely loved it good job oh and if you wondering yea it's S.p.O.d why i'm on a different name well let's just say i'm hiding from angry reviewers who want my head for not updating yet even though i've found the stinkin chapter guide. yeah so what's kickin the bitin your ass like to see you again seems to do to mine every time i look at it? anyway about my emo stage lol that's fukin hilarious cause i am half emo only half but none of that new age crap with dorks who wear the the scarfs in summers and tones of gay bangs not to mention the tight pants nah i'm old school lol, anyways how did i get off topic again?

So yeah i'm just pissed cause ya know Kaijuu's in a big fight right now and we shouldn't even be actin that way ya kno were like sister beside SiB and Darky who are actually twins but ya know what i mean. so yeah that was my problem but i'm over it now just irritated but hey that's life...

Some help for the writers block or stiff problems your having with YBTM just take a sheet of paper and write down random ideas you have and try to fit them into the story, it works believe me that's what helps me with my fic.

hince the land before time scene in to see you again also it helps to create a chapter guide think of possible chapters write them down then describe what happens in the particular chap.

well that's all the advice i can possibly offer you right now but never fear all sha'll be clear soon iffy-Chan! lol

Oh and sorry about the mistakes on to see you again but i didn't want to bother my bud Devo-Chan (my new beta!) cause she's workin at her slave drivin job lately.

wow this is a extremely long review sorry but i'm in a writing mood don't mean to spill it on you.

but your story is really meaningful and smart so seat back and give your self a pat on the back...laters S.p.O.d
better.then.u chapter 1 . 6/19/2007
u could go on and this would make a great story