Reviews for The Loss of Innocence
Alexis Erika Rose chapter 2 . 7/22/2007

Well, that's good info, but you might want to take the 'one shot' thing off your summery lol. That's a plus to this site, you can always change that kind of stuff, and NO pre-approval required :D Yay!

Well I commented the whol story! :D Now write more stuff and post it here so I can read it!

Oh, and send me a message on MySpace and I'll give you my e-mail and you can send me what you have on your Dragon Rider's Story! I want to know what's happening! YOu can't tourment me like that! At least J.K. gave us a whole book, before she made us wait two years for the conclusion lol.

Well that's a bout it lol

Lot's of love! ttyl!

Alexis Erika Rose chapter 1 . 7/22/2007
Guess who this is?

I'll give you a hint... um... idk lol Sorry Blonde moment :p

Any way I like the story. I have since you first started it, we were dating then weren't we? Oh well. lol :P

At any rate. You have a problem with changeing tenses, but I think that's about it. :D

There. Now you have a review. Also, I'm going to favorite this, and put it on my Alerts list :D