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HAMUCHA chapter 10 . 12/20/2009
(“Does that make sense?” )

Hm. Nah, I don't get it.
HAMUCHA chapter 8 . 12/20/2009
(“Will I remember?”

Dean sighed.

“I don’t know, kiddo,” he admitted.

“If I don’t remember…,” he was looking at Dean with almost frightened eyes, “how will I still be me?”

Dean was quiet for a minute.

“If you don’t remember, Sammy, I will,” he said finally, softly, eyes solemn as they met Sam’s. “Michael will. Tommy and Jake and Jo and Luke will. We’ll remember for you.”).

Such a good answer. I was hopping he was gonna say that.
HAMUCHA chapter 7 . 12/20/2009
(“Are there more bad things you don’t want to tell me?”

“Yeah, Sammy, there are,” he admitted.

Dean felt a tremor run through Sam and the nod of his brother’s soft hair against his bicep. The boy curled small fingers around his brother’s forearm.

“Do you think I’ll remember them, too?”

Dean turned his head, pressing his lips against the top of Sam’s head.

“I don’t know,” he breathed.)

Poor, Sam (sniff).
HAMUCHA chapter 6 . 12/20/2009
(“Do you think those hikers that disappeared got turned into kids?”

Dean sighed. “Yeah, probably. The timing is right.”

“What do you think happened to them?” Michael’s voice was hesitant.

Dean rolled his shoulders. The hikers hadn’t been reported missing for almost a week after the full moon – they’d had a back country pass for the weeks on either side of the lunar change. Dean shivered. Two little children. Alone in that cave, wandering through the wilderness. Lost. Scared. There’d been no report of found kids. Or bodies.)

Oh, god. That would be awful.
HAMUCHA chapter 5 . 12/20/2009
“Yes,” Dean said pointedly. “I can.” He handed Sam his pillows. “I’m the big brother,” he said angrily. “So move. Now.”

“It’s not fair,” Sam complained again. “You’re mean.”


“We’ll go to sleep now, Dean, we promise.” Tommy sounded betrayed even as he pled his case.

Aw, poor Sam. Dean should've been more gentle.
HAMUCHA chapter 4 . 12/20/2009
Aw, Tommy also sounds like a sweet little boy. The way he excitedly went running and stopped by his mother is a very interesting and funny picture in my mind.
HAMUCHA chapter 3 . 12/20/2009
When will they go to see Jo? When? When?
HAMUCHA chapter 2 . 12/20/2009
(“Good. How much time do I have?”

Sam angled his head toward the clock. “Twenty-seven minutes.”

Dean could see the anxiety on Sam’s face.

He was back in fourteen.)

Hurray, Dean!
HAMUCHA chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
(So. You can blame Janissa11 and her wonderful, amazing Under a Haystack series for this bit of insanity. I fell absolutely in love with her little Dean and wanted Jo to meet him. :) But, of course, that couldn’t happen, because I could never write a little Dean as awesome as hers. Sniff. But that did get me thinking about Jo meeting one of the boys as a child. Which left poor Sam. Here was the beginning. More to follow…)

Nice beginning! And I've read little Dean first, so I saw that you also can make an awesome little Dean.
Disneymagic chapter 11 . 11/22/2009
Lovely story, just lovely.

Great brother moments and little Sammy was so cute. Big brother Dean ever the protector, but still vulnerable and missing the affection of Sam's youth.

The rough housing/wrestling was a nice touch and well do I know how realistic that is as a mother with two boys of my own.

Awesome, thank you so much. chapter 11 . 9/18/2009
Just loved this fic. Perfect how your wrote their relationship with Sam de-aged, at first not really believing Dean was his brother as he was an adult and desperately wanting their dad, not remembering he was dead. Beautiful how Dean cared for his little brother and Sam putting his trust in him, giving both of them something they had missed with them both being adults. Believable how Sam was first de-aged then reverted to his adult self but still found himself needing Dean like he had as a child but stopping himself. Great the talk between them, though at first it looked like Dean had taken it the wrong way but they got there in the end and their relationship was better for it. And again, the addition of the Sweeds to the mix was experty done - the change in the dynamic with the boys when Sam was around Tommy's age and then when he was back to normal. Pity they don't have this love and support from such friends on the show.

Can't really do this fic justice with my review, but yet another one of yours added to favourites.
LizzieJoe chapter 11 . 6/4/2009

elderwitty chapter 1 . 2/8/2009
I know I told of the glee-squealing when I first read this, Son of Under the Haystack. It still delights.

-The slightly wondering sound of the admission, made Sam sound ridiculously young.

Foreshadowing? Or just hilariously funny? Tell ya what, we'll split the difference and go with, both. *glee*

Oh, dear. Dean's stunned reaction to wee!Sam. Sam's shouts for Dean, his Dean. Makes my heart clench. And then Dean (mostly) managing to gain Sam's trust, even after all John must have warned him.

-“I just… I just want my dad.” The tears in his voice were breaking Dean’s heart.

Not just Dean's. And it must be killing him to have hurt and frightened Sam, even if unintentionally or for his own good.

-“You smell like Dean,” Sam said again, drowzily. “And kind of like Dad.”


The bath. All of it, from the tears, to the shirt, to Sam's too-small palm. Especially Dean, non-contact Dean, unhesitatingly reaching out to soothe Sammy when he needs it. All so sweet.

Sammy grabbing his own breakfast and just dropping the rest is so perfect an illustration of the selfishness of childhood that I can't even quantify it. And Sammy's wonder at his first computer makes me giggle every time, what the edging in front and touchpadding and "trusty sidekick geek boy."

The nine year old b!tchface really makes it, though.

-“Come now,” she said without hesitation.

Family. In six words. Brilliant.

I know I delineated in the first review how amazing the images are that you've conjured to show us the meeting between Sam, Tommy and Jo. Tommy's instant obedience at Jo's call. How, despite training that let Sam almost escape Dean (what the flailing and eeling) even when injured, he hangs back shyly, using Dean as a protective wall. How he's unsure of Jo but still trusting enough of Dean's judgement to let her close. How he stands up to Tommy, then makes friends once Tommy reveals his eventual overtopping of Dean. And Dean's grumping at same. I _know_ I did, but when I went back it didn't say any of that. Fiction so good it causes hallucinations, that's what I like. And this:

-“I think the two of them together may prove somewhat challenging,” she said thoughtfully.

What she said.

I love Jo watching the boys in the kitchen, doing their pas de deux of comfort. And her analysis of Sam's see-through mask is masterful. There's no way he's as open as he seems, not when he and Dean had the childhood they did. But hiding in plain sight is always the most convincing disguise. And then Sammy and Tommy, thick as thieves - giggling, chattering, hyperactive, non-sleeping thieves. Good thing Dean's not jealous, huh?

-“I don’t want to be the adult,” he said, somewhat petulantly.

Me, neither, also petulantly. Work and bills and responsibilty, and I'm supposed to do the dishes and the cleaning and feed the cats and go to bed at a reasonable (for me) hour. Sucks. Sammy/not!Sam. Jo's realization that Sam just has no basis for relating to her, and her reversal of that. Cookies is always a good plan. Sly!Sammy cookie baker FTW!

-“Not too much longer, baby,” she whispered against his ear. “Just hold on a little while longer.”

I miss my mom. Thank god Sammy has Jo. I think that's why I love this 'verse so much. Sam and Dean get the emotional support they need and deserve and almost never get on the show. Overt, and that's what a nine year old needs here.

-Jo took his ear and gave it a twist.

:giggles with a slightly unholy glee:

Tommy tacklehugging Luke, although in my mental movie he looks more like Hobbes than Cato. Sammy getting pulled into the tickle pile. “They didn’t have Dean.” And then the devastation, not only of Daddy (jesus, 'daddy' not 'dad') being dead, but everybody he trusts lying to him. With more bad things to come.

The bad things come, adult emotions in a baby's dream, but there're good things, too: love, forgiveness, Looney Toons. A plan to get Sam back and Michael to keep watch. Luke and tacos and jump rope diversions. Why didn't I know about this during my babysitting days? Poor Jake - I know how he feels. All my siblings correspond to cousins except me. Aunts/uncles not as into Irish twins my parents, I guess. "Baby" as both a pejorative and endearment. It really is all in the tone. And then a successful plan (that was a plan?) and Sam's return. Good.

I can't point at anything specific in Chapter 10, I can only read it three or four times and smile like a loon. Success, explosion, reunion, apology, laundry, lunch, realisations, decompression, reconnections, reorientation and detention. Action-packed.

Luke and Jo's awesome ability to read Sam and help him, even with stuff he doesn't know he needs. Like how to fix his relationship with Dean. Not just the current stress, but the long term tension that's almost unnoticed. The talk by the car. Guh! I want Kripke to film this, now. Jo's surprise every time they leave echoes my own. Why would they ever want to leave a place that is so patently good for them? What? Fate of the world? Whatever - they deserve a break. And Jo worries when they're away.

Concrit - none. This is perfect. Well, it is posted on this site, where the review screen is seriously lacking. Other than that - yeah, perfect.
vonnie836 chapter 11 . 1/22/2009
Great story. I loved how you handled the emotional aspects of it. Little Sammy not being able to remember and having to learn to trust Dean and the Sweeds. The way he was all little boy and happy to have a playmate and yet still hat issues with dealing with everything. The way he idolized his dad and needed him so badly and then he remembered without warning his dad was dead. Getting back to being adult he had difficulty to physically and emotionally readjust back. His need to be close to Dean, the way he suddenly remembered what his dad used to mean to him, what a lesson for Sam to learn and what a gift. The same with Dean, who suddenly lost his equal and had to deal with a brother who was pretty much helpless. How he missed the adult Sam, yet the little Sammy brought memories and responsibilities back that he had forgotten. And then Sam is back and it was difficult to get things back right. How they suddenly appreciated and understood each other better was awesome. I loved how the Sweeds fit in, especially Jo, in supporting and guiding both of them. Very well written and great to read. Hugs, Vonnie
Dimminished chapter 11 . 8/31/2008
ah, once again I became so immersed in this wonderful universe, that you've created, that it sorta makes me sad that Dean and Sam don't have these people in their lives on the show.

Little Sam was adorable and big brother Dean was probably the best big brother I've read in quite some time. I loved it. You're writing is a gift I'm not quite sure how to repay... so until I can think of better compensation, this review will have to do. CU next story. :)
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