Reviews for Edward's Clorox Experience
EmoTwihard chapter 2 . 4/30/2010
thats gross...BUT FUNNY! LOL I LOVED IT
barefootduchess chapter 2 . 4/8/2009
Ok... can you please give the web address to decode all the obvious code language?

I'm sure it's hilarious, but I won't know until I can read it properly.
Litsztomania chapter 2 . 6/8/2008
EW! funny but gross
shatter714 chapter 1 . 3/26/2008
haha! Hilarious! I love your writings keep up the great work! chapter 2 . 1/25/2008
I hope you add another chapter!
edwardandbella100 chapter 2 . 12/24/2007
you need to explain yourself better, like what the heck is in the jar, and what is a freakin bannana? are we suposed to have a twisted mind?
edwardandbella100 chapter 1 . 12/24/2007
you have to stop writing stories like this, jasper, emmet, and carlisle are so not like that. Use your storie writing talents for better stories that don't involve crap like this!
Standupdoutei chapter 2 . 9/15/2007
SO HILARIOUS! I loved this one even more! "Jack Meoff" was PRICELESS!1!
Standupdoutei chapter 1 . 9/15/2007
this is so funny~! yay! I love the dirty-ness of it! :D
Jacob brought sexy back chapter 2 . 8/5/2007
Umm...I don't get it...what's in the pudding?
goolsbygirl chapter 2 . 7/20/2007
omg that was so funny hahaha
Acariciandote chapter 2 . 7/9/2007
This brings back some fond memories from the Anti-Clorox Club on the Lexicon! So many good times within the short period before we were locked haha...

Wonderful job inserting so much innuendo. I can't wait to read more.
Wyn13 chapter 2 . 6/27/2007
That is hilarious, but it ruined the pizza I was trying to eat.
Rosalie303 chapter 2 . 6/24/2007
oh wow.

write more... or die!
b00kw0rm chapter 2 . 6/23/2007
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