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jellals waifu chapter 14 . 7/18
fuck that was amazing
TsunaFishSisYis chapter 14 . 7/12
I just gotta say, this was a wild ride from start to finish.
Guest chapter 14 . 6/29
I'm still... confused. Like really really confused.
Guest chapter 13 . 6/29
What the fk did I just read... seriously what happened to the kittens?! I really REALLY hope this has a happy ending.
Tokki Angelz chapter 13 . 5/25
I swear I read this before, but I don't remember... It's still a good read, albeit the madness on the past few chapters... The writing is super humourous though (:
Tokki Angelz chapter 2 . 5/24
I'm not sure if I read this before... it sounds familiar xD But this is so cute, I', definitely reading it again!
Akatsuki fan girl 4ever chapter 1 . 5/23
Fluffy purring s-class criminals...LOL :)
Cassandra Echizen chapter 14 . 5/6
I have never read any Zetsu x Sakura but... Now ... I'm onto them. Wish they can be happily adventurously in love with each other.
VanillaMilkshake18 chapter 14 . 3/26
An interesting and elaborate story. Nicely written too.

No offense but I was a tad surprised at the number of favorites. After all I figured not that many people would like a storyline with an ending like this. I was proven wrong though.
VanillaMilkshake18 chapter 11 . 3/26
The curse...everything's too perfect. She gets assigned a high paying mission with low risk AND low importance - Tsunade brushed her off - no one's questioning where she is, she's given more time off work to take care of the cats.

None of her friends came to help her move.
Random Chick's Pen chapter 14 . 3/21
What I want to say is - Thank You.
I had never touched Sakura/Akatsuki before, stricton my SasuSaku, and had merely picked this up on an amused whim on a search for the former OTP (NaruHina booted into first place), and thought "What the hell? Sounds amusing, doesn't sound like the typical AkatsukiKittenGirl(self-insert/OC/Sakura)" that I've seen. Why not?" And I'm glad I did.
My former assumption was right, and I relied on it mostly being humorous to carry as a decent read, and it was far more than that. It WAS really funny, but the romantic aspects, and just their relationships in general were so well-done, appropriate/realistic (for them), and you're skills in the story-telling sold this as the diamond and the rough to me. I had no intention to take it seriously, as I really loved SasuSaku and Akatsuki pairings hardly ever give hint to real, good story for one to genuinely enjoy, but more as some annoying trope. I hadn't even MINDED the romance, especially when it was with Zetsu, of all people, instead of say, Itachi, Tobi, or even Deidara. At least they LOOK normal. But your plot was so well put together, and what you had written as Kakuzu was so well done and perfectly twisted to his criminal character - especially since he really did love her, in his own twisted way.
I think that's one of my favorite parts - Sakura enjoyed their company, got complacent, and definitely stored and showed compassion to them all, but the fear had come when it needed to for her character, rather than be ignored for romantic purposes, and she was so utterly paranoid you can just FEEL the whole situation was driving her mad.
And unexpectedly, I really loved Sakura and Zetsu together. It didn't feel like a betrayal to SasuSaku either, as it feels like it's own separate thing, like it doesn't interfere with it as it's a different Sakura, in more ways than one. I had also liked her feelings for Kakuzu as well, and found the potential for HidanxSakura, and his own feelings to have been so terribly sweet, I hurt with her for the love that never came. I loved all these pairings, and really wouldn't have minded if they came together, too, but it was Kakuzu's twisted manipulations that really ruined it all before it began (even though she had fallen for the ones that had been real,) but gave such a perfect ending to it all - and leaving Zetsu left. I loved this Zetsu, and I had always found the guy interesting, if not very unnverving - (REALLY didn't like him after the whole Kaguya thing - goddamn - but he was a good character, nonetheless.) I loved their love, and I wanted to thank you for that. I was also curious about Deidara, but I liked what concluded, nonetheless.
Because of you, Imma be more curious about more SakuraxAkatsuki pairings like Itachi or Deidara, as you've opened me to them. There are some pairings I'll still not touch, but you made me more open to them, and helped me come to love it.
I just really want to thank you for this excellent and humorous love story, and to let me know if you write more like it. I'm super thankful and serious about this, for whatever reason.
I loved "Take It or Leave It."
Thanks again!

Ran Chiyo

PM me if you just wanna talk - that'd be so cool!
Elicia chapter 14 . 3/15
I haven't read this since I was in high school 5 years ago. I'm glad to see it's still up! This is just as good and as emotionally heart wrenching as I remember it. Thanks again for sharing this with us
queenfirst chapter 14 . 1/28
This was a roller coaster from start to finish. I came here looking for some shameless smut but in the end was given a ball of FEELS. I FEEL SO BETRAYED BUT THAT MAKES IT ALL THE MORE AMAZING BECAUSE NOW I CAN SYMPATHISE WITH SAKURA ALL THE BETTER AND OH GOD HOW COULD YOU?

Now I'm off to cry in a corner. Keep up the heart-wrenchingly good work!
queenfirst chapter 8 . 1/28
I feel like Sakura didn't react enough towards the child-rape and political corruption...
LovelyAngelYuuki chapter 14 . 1/17
Well, I'll be... Okay, so if there ever was an award for epicly unforeseeable plot twist in fanfiction, this story would have it in its pocket. Repeatedly. Like, every month. Or week. Because honestly, I did not see that coming, but there was no logical fault in the plot, so it does make sense, but I NEVER SAW THAT COMING. I loved the humorous beginning, the sarcastic Sakura and the absolute ending. I do have to say though, I really did not enjoy that crazy plot twist. That was just so mind-boggling that my mind just stopped. Literally. I had to re-read the first immediate paragraphs where it went downhill. But still, bravo. I tip my hat to you, magnificient work. Highly original. The pairings too. I enjoyed those. Thanks for writing this story.
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