Reviews for Bloodstained Hands
Anon chapter 9 . 9/6
Wow, I am so glad I hung onto this one. I've been deleting all fanfics that haven't updated in 2 years, but this one has always had a special place in my heart. I'm glad to see you still writing and I hope that nothing serious has been keeping you from writing. I look forward to your next chapter :)
Lady Avarice chapter 9 . 8/17
I really hope this is continued, I'm really enjoying this story so far.
z fire chapter 9 . 7/3
So I really, really love this story. Please tell me you are still working on it?
Kiinotasha chapter 9 . 6/6
I really love what you have done so far, the characters all act and sound like themselves, and it isn't hard to see Danny there among them. The background story you have laid out for us is believable and fits well with both cannons of the show. I'm curious as to how they are going to explain ghosts eventually, but I am very much in love with what you have so far. One of the things you might want to keep an eye on is that Jack never calls Jackson Danny, it's always either Daniel or Jackson.
anon chapter 9 . 4/2
im so glad this updated, after so many years! i dont even know sg-1 but its definitely one of my favourite fanfictions
ElizabethBathog chapter 9 . 3/15
This is good and i hope you keep your promise about not abounding this! So many do that its sad when you read a good story to see it haven't been updated in years! I don't mind if it is a bit dark so don't worry about that. Good work and update soon! :D
kairi102 chapter 9 . 1/9
This chapter was definitely worth the wait and held a lot of much needed answers I can't wait for the next chapter :)
Lord Sia chapter 9 . 1/8
I like the balance so far, though it will be interesting to see how you'll integrate the settings further - for instance, I predict *interesting* reactions from the Ascended upon encountering Danny.
tsukinopen chapter 9 . 1/3
love this
The Alien of Pluto chapter 9 . 1/3
This chapter was definitely worth the wait! You've got this "lighthearted DP vs grim SG1" recipe down pat.
ethiopian1987 chapter 9 . 1/3
This chapter was good. I could see Hammond having a good conscience and regretting his part 8n what happened to Danny.

I hope to read the next chapter inside of 5 years but either way this story is worth the wait.
HaiJu chapter 9 . 1/2
Holy crap, it lives!

This is great, really - I'm excited to see how this little drama will unfold, and whether the conflict between Hammond and Danny will get resolved. I rather suspect that Danny's rapid healing will out him, eventually, but if he's made it this far without tipping off NASA (has he?) then who knows?

Blending lighthearted DP with SG-1? Pfff. Come on man, you've read Cordria's stories and mine, and if you haven't yet you really ought to check out Phantomrose96's new collection of oneshots on Tumblr. There's a subset of the phandom that lives and breathes darker and gritter. Even if canon is consistently blasé with its depictions of chaos and destruction, there's a solid precedent for treating it seriously in DP fanfiction.

In a scenario like this, with an adult Danny having to navigate a political minefield while dealing with interstellar travel, it's the perfect place to get a little more serious. Not that I'm opposed to silly in any way. :D

Anyway, thanks for writing!

Random Flyer chapter 9 . 1/2
So glad you're still working on this. I'm also glad you took the more serious route with Danny and Hammond's past. Danny Phantom as show is pretty dark when you think about it, and you did a great job blending it in with the tone of SG-1. Update soon please! And keep writing!
The Cat's Meow92 chapter 9 . 1/2
Best new years present ever! I would love to see Danny off world and prove himself. He would not be a liability with his powers though I can see him using them and then having some major explaining to do posibly even while detained. I really hope that you update soon. I am curious if Danny will win over the team.
Thank you for writing!
Pheek chapter 9 . 1/1
So happy you're continuing this! Keep up the good work!
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