Reviews for The start of something new
Lamanth chapter 1 . 6/23/2007
*dies* Can’t talk I’m floating on clouds. *floats*

Sorry I can’t really say anything about this at all, mental pictures are fogging my brain to much for me to think. That was so gods damn hot! How the hell do you manage to write in a way that makes my brain trickle out me ears?

Mimi/Matti is defiantly yours... but what I loved most was the fact that it wasn’t just Mimi/Matti it was Matti/Mimi too, which I love! In relationships you should be equals. But it makes me want to write a beach scene, now I just have to find a pairing, plot, ect. *rolls eyes*

*hits over the head with Muse*

Muse: Hey!

Oh get a bloody grip. Anyway back to the hitting. You know I’m here for you no matter what... well except for giant slugs then you’re on your own.

Loads of love

Iluvbeyblade chapter 1 . 6/23/2007
You have a pair of handcuffs? Wow! . Aw, you were down? Poor Turkey! *cuddles* I hope you feel lots better. . Ok, to the fic ...

YAY MORE YURI! I feel very inadequete! I'm the only one of us who hasn't written one! And I want to! *grumbles about lack of plot ideas* Oh, and what a way to start it! *drowns in puddle of drool* Mental picture there ... *shivers delightedly* Hehehehehe ...

Good kiss, too! And, is it just me, or did I see little Maddy (Matti to everyone else, I like being different!) take control at the end there?

*mental pictures make head explode*

So, it was, to use a spelling that I normally wouldn't but that describes this pretty well; HAWT, and yuri - yay! - and had a happy ending and seme Mathilda! (I'd better not tell my friend about that, she's always saying that even Mathilda is more seme than Ray cause she's a yaoi fan! SHE WILL NOT BE RIGHT!) Ooh, that's a point, you got any more yaoi coming up soon?

So, anyway, I loved it, Turkey! And I got first review, HOW GOOD AM I? Unless someone else is writing one right now? No! I will win! *types faster* Ok, talk soon! Luv you!

Xx Jellybean xX