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FireWolfe chapter 15 . 1/29/2011
I do hope there is an update one day soon.
Fire Wolfe chapter 1 . 1/29/2011
I reread this seires over the last few days. Once more I was facinated by the development and details you have gone into. I do hope you come back to this world one day soon. I truly love your enterprise fics. The characters live in a way that make me wish B and B had you as a writer for the telivison show. If they had the seires would still be on. More soon please.

Moichino chapter 15 . 1/19/2011
Phew! I just reread your entire Romulan War series - you are an incredibly creative author. Just fantastic. Incredible actions, cool weapons and support stuff, everyone totally in character - just thought I'd pass this on.

...and while I am absolutely addicted to Divergent Paths, I am dieing to read your next book in this series.

Guard of the Heradi chapter 15 . 9/17/2009

Need more... I think of all the 'episodes' of Endeavour, this is probably the best. Which says a great deal.

Really, REALLY hope there'll be more to read from your series soon, writing this good is too good to neglect.

Hope this finds you well,

Guard of the Heradi
belle and the beast chapter 15 . 8/14/2009
so... lets see, i've read all the storys in this series when i discovered them 3 days ago. I absolutly love them! i can't wait for the next one! so hurry up and POST IT! uh bye ;p
A. Windsor chapter 15 . 5/17/2009
Wow. This entire series is amazing. Cheers for creating new characters we actually can relate to and care about. (Even if at the beginning they were being killed off at an alarming rate... I actually cared about their deaths.) You've also done a great job of weaving in older characters as well. I hope you can continue the series, what with the Lorian stuff, and the Reed stuff, and every other awesome storyline you've introduced. Thanks so much for an enjoyable post-Enterprise ride.
dialee chapter 15 . 4/9/2009
If you are heading back into the Delphic Expanse, and this is the 2nd Xindi campaign, then according to Endeavour Janus, Eisler will die during Amaterasu.

If you are really, really going to kill him, the please make it an honorable death and make the circumstances, to quote Hopeful Romantic, "where no one dies stupidly."
Lucid Ataxia chapter 15 . 4/1/2009
I'd wondered if you were going to get into the Hoshi-is-a-telepath plot... this is the first time I've seen it done where she isn't in complete denial of it. Nicely done on sending her back to, essentially, the front lines, too; it would be interesting to see what Malcolm thinks of that particular development - his duty-bound side has got to be having (and likely winning much to his own dismay) several arguments with the side that wants nothing more than his love to be safe (relatively speaking).

There was also some nice contrast in seeing three (four if you count the mention of Rajiin, but she was jacked up here, so I'm not) different species of telepath - the Vulcan's relative acceptance, the Andorian's general paranoia and the Human's complete inexperience.

The way the Shran's side of the story is playing out is interesting with all the governing body vs. military implications along with the various reactions the technically treasonous talk causes (and the, again, nice contrast you give by having the UE president basically throw the war entirely into Archer's hands in the next scene).

I almost want to thank you for not making T'Pol some super melder that can heal damage from forced melds in the blink of an eye, but I wasn't expecting you to suddenly change your stance on her characterization, so it doesn't seem necessary to do so. The fact that she knew better than to even try as much as she would with Trip was a nice touch of detail, though.

I can almost taste 5 different possible plot-paths with Endeavour heading to the Delphic Expanse. I enjoy trying to guess because it's always a win-win for me. Either my guess is correct, and I give myself a pat on the back for catching the correct direction of the story; or I'm wrong and pleasantly surprised at the awesomeness of what I had missed and how it developed. So, yeah, I'm crossing my fingers that the Rapture has been suddenly schedule for sometime in the next few days.
DinahD chapter 15 . 3/31/2009
Interesting juxtaposition of the Andorian scene and the scene between Archer and President Molyneux. They both explore the relationship between the government and the military. In the case of the Humans, the government differs to the military in the handling of the war. In the Andorian case, the military is preparing to seize control. I especially liked the sentence: “It is the well-intentioned leader, the one who does what he does for the people because he thinks it is best for them that should be feared the most.”

The first scene does a wonderful job of adding to what we know of the Andorians. The Path of the Fallen Snow. The Great Tapestry. Terrific stuff! Jhamel fits in nicely here. She provides real assistance to Shran, rather than standing dutifully off to one side.

The idea of using the Fullara to help the Human guards is really interesting. It's also intriguing to think of using trellium as a method for, in essence, creating super soldiers. I wonder if the people who are given the trellium understand the impact it will have on their bodies and that the damage may be irreversible.

Telepathy figures prominently throughout. It reminded me a little of Babylon 5. Humans are singularly unequipped for dealing with species with telepathic powers. Here we see it playing a part in the dealings with the Vulcans, Andorians/Aenar, Rajiin's species (name alludes me at the moment), and perhaps the Romulans. If Hoshi can take advantage of this opportunity to learn about her telepathic abilities, she could be a tremendous help to Humans in the future.

So Archer's the man. He's proved that he can shoulder the burden and make the hard decisions. I guess, at this point, that's worth a lot more than time in rank. It was probably very difficult for him to send Hoshi back into the fight, but he's shown that he knows how important it is to get the best people for the tough jobs. Assigning Hoshi to Endeavour seems to indicate that Archer intends to put the tough tasks into the hands of the people he trusts the most: Trip and T'Pol. This decision also makes Archer rather vulnerable. He's still hurting from losing Erika. Now he's just put his three closes friends on one ship and sent them into the Expanse. If Endeavour was lost, I think Archer would continue to function, but a part of him would perish along with his friends and he'd never be quite the same again. This really shows that Archer has moved beyond the need to take all the risks himself as at Azati Prime and has accepted the true burden of command.

Trip and T'Pol's decision to leave Starfleet when the war is over makes a lot of sense. They've both seen more than enough. They will never be at peace with themselves until the find out what happened to Lorian. Your stories just keep getting better and better. A trip back to the Expanse sounds just about perfect.
krn chapter 15 . 3/31/2009
And so it came to pass that Act 5 was brought forth and Medea would be complete. The people, blessed by the Great Creator, did cry out in thanks and gratitude for the gift bestowed upon them. And they went forth and spread the word of Endeavour upon the land, to call back those lambs gone astray. Lost to heretical plot-devices and infidel character assasinations. Let the Word of Endeavour reunite them and the Light shine upon them. And it was good.


Armaments, chapter two, verses nine through twenty-one.
Alelou chapter 15 . 3/30/2009
Very nice ending ... definitely leaves one hoping that more arrives before the rapture. Shran's bit was particularly compelling. Coming up with a connection between the Romulans and the Xindi is quite creative and intriguing. I'm delighted to head back into the Delphic Expanse - perhaps you'll be able to explain why the Xindi disappeared from Federation history for so long...
Tangerine-Alert chapter 15 . 3/30/2009
Hurrah, brilliant work!

And back into the Delphic Expanse, this should be interesting.
Tangerine-Alert chapter 14 . 3/30/2009
Excellent work.

ECS Torchwood, brilliant work. I hope soon we'll see a mysterious blue box that isn't made of wood, and a man walking around knowing too much about everything.
framework4 chapter 15 . 3/30/2009
Delightful ending. Nicely done.
The Middleman chapter 15 . 3/29/2009
It's really great to see this completed. I think I'm going to go back to Elysium and work my way through again.
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