Reviews for Adventure Outside
Guest chapter 1 . 11/25/2010
I don't get it?
All Kinds of Awsome chapter 1 . 7/5/2008
I'm not quite sure how to respond. I'm torn between laughing and a face plant. Great writing, though! Really good job.
Lady Silverhawk chapter 1 . 3/16/2008
Definitely gave me a few giggles. Nice job!
Isee chapter 1 . 10/28/2007
That was awesome! Probably the only totally convincing Akito I've ever read. I love how she's insane and yet oddly matter-of-fact at the same time. The insanity also goes a long way in explaining "the way Akito is."
Sambucivox chapter 1 . 7/16/2007
Ok... so... I've only watched the anime of Fruits Basket -which I found slightly boring and slow-paced compared to Ouran and Death Note. However, Wiki gave me the details about Akito.

I love this fic. It makes me laugh in a twisted way. It reminds me of Neil Gaiman and Amélie Nothomb rolled into one and served with an extra ration of black humor. Also, I enjoy Adi88 reviews. For now on, you two are joint in my mind.

BTW, your Temperatura has 22 reviews and growing. All of them excellent.
Adi88 chapter 1 . 7/2/2007
First of all, haven’t been avoiding this - I actually read it first, very soon after it was up, and then since I felt guilty and made myself review first, but still wanted to get to the others posthaste, this got a bit left behind. But now I am here, and already know it is immense love. So, with the actual making of review…

“I am having an odd day.”

- Oggsnognazash, understatement award…

“At breakfast, I was managing to keep some few spoonfuls of cereal down but not, as I quickly discovered, copious and moderately important-looking amounts of blood.”

- Because it sort of sums up the atmosphere of the fic. Kept the cereal down but not the blood. Of equal importance, these two things, or of no importance either of them, or… something.

“So I went and found Hatori. He’s always fixed me before.”

- Desperate times, desperate measures. Ordinary times, ordinary measures. Hmf. Something I’m not putting my finger on. The whole ‘they got all worked up’ thing.

“It’s interesting, the way that blood loss induces actually spectacular headaches.”

- Spectator. That’s it - it’s all commentary. Detached. Some little tips for the folks back home in Sanityville.

“I had approximately three minutes to hyperventilate – which I controlled quickly, because who knows what’s in Outside air – and generally fear for my life.”

- That’d been that long, and the AL-ness of that icky outside air, who knows where it’s been, and oh… beyond agoraphobia. It’s got more to it. I don’t know.

“They sedated me, I fell asleep, I woke up, they told me that my stomach was fixed and not to worry.”

- Exactly. Breakfast happens.

“Did I tell you about the pain?”

- Oh yes. This confirms the commentary, narrative thing. Transgresses simple first-person boundary. Akito she says, ‘I can see you.’ *shiver*

“But now the pain was gone. I didn’t feel like any part of my was being stabbed by a two-foot needle.

It was mildly pleasant.”

- Still, nothing worth getting worked up over. Just like the vomiting in the first place. Pain didn’t merit mention until it was gone, and so it’s gone-ness is “mildly pleasant.”

“Oh good, I think I said, we wouldn’t want me dying without my knowledge.”

- For the lack of quotation marks, which normally annoys me but here is so very in keeping with the tone. Can’t be bothered with quotation marks. Narration to do.

“And then Hatori went to retrieve dinner from the Main House, since the food there isn’t filthy.”

- For tones of Rin and Girl, Interrupted.

“…or something just as purple and stupid…”

- Something about defining birds and fish as purple.

“I walked five steps before I stumbled and discovered (through myriad abnormal bouncings and shiftings) that I was not, in fact, bound.”

- Zwah, totally missed that first time through… oh. I don’t know. THIS is what makes her… yers, the panic, and so disconnected, and everything.

And then everything out there defined as either Outside or by a notness - not juunishi, not clean…

Urgh, and… Jesus. And the righteous shall smite the generally ambigious. Oh that makes this so much more nasty.

“I said that I’m male with all of the patience that dealing with idiots all my life has taught me.”

- All her life. Ordinary life. Life Inside, up against this.

“And it probably humiliated me, in the part of my mind that I can’t let show in real life.”

- Real life. Oh… just oh.

“I told him – it – the Outside thing to let me go. I informed him that greater people have burned for less, just for good measure.”

- Something… rapists dehumanizing their victims, which clearly he’s doing, but… she’s doing it more. She beats him out for that. And that threat, because yes. Burned in hell.

“Just to prove that, yes, thank you very much, I am a boy, I kicked him in a place that must require very insider information to understand the weaknesses of.”

- Obviously.

“Maybe Hatori would be there, and he would fix everything.”

- Like before…

“I was ready to make a grand entrance, standing in the doorway with a pose in mind.”

- ‘Do you always open both doors when you enter a room?’ God I love Akito.

“I didn’t know that. My body felt fine. Or it felt like it was floating. Disconnected.”

- S’not the only thing. And love for this key distinction between actual okay-ness and being disconnected.

“I just told him that it was hard to tell what my body was doing, without the pain to tie me to it.”

- Mm… because it reminds me of “Waiting.”

“Thank you, adult masses, for allowing me to get so far in life without being taught such a hugely revolting Outsider custom.”

- ‘Outsider custom.’ Things must be consigned to the Outside. Damn straight. Also, calling it a custom. Ugly but not entirely false. Or, really, even remotely false, given the correct setting.

Of course she doesn’t know what he looked like. All Outsiders look alike.

“I hate the Outside. Obviously, it hates me back.

At least we have that settled.”

- Moral of the story: Akito was right all along. Proof positive. What better evidence does she need to keep her darlings locked Inside? We Outsiders are a degenerate lot. Can’t say she’s wrong.
kyoshigurelover chapter 1 . 6/24/2007
This was great. **SPOILERS TO ANYONE THAT HASN'T READ CHAPTER 97** I love how Akito keeps thinking that she's a guy because that's what she's programmed to think. Amazing job. You're right, she is insane.
loritakitochan chapter 1 . 6/24/2007
amazing way of writing!the story is a little strange but interesting...

"Thank you, adult masses, for allowing me to get so far in life without being taught such a hugely revolting Outsider custom."

great line!
Hinamorii chapter 1 . 6/24/2007
A bit odd... yet sort of... good... I actually liked it.