Reviews for What is WRONG with society these days?
MagicWriterK chapter 3 . 8/27/2014
...Good luck.
MagicWriterK chapter 2 . 8/27/2014
...Oh God.
MagicWriterK chapter 1 . 8/27/2014
Mew Pudding chapter 3 . 5/4/2014
merceyisawesome chapter 3 . 1/19/2014
I'm sorry, but this isn't funny. The story is suppose to pay attention to pudding and taruto and their prank, not the narrator. Honestly, your part was quite annoying to read. I don't think the characters should even know you're there; heck, there shouldn't even BE a narrator. And it wasn't even slightly funny when the characters tied you up. I don't want to sound like a hater, (even if I do) but that's just what I thought. So please, stay out of the story and pay attention to the characters instead, okay?
The Real Pudding NOT chapter 3 . 7/28/2012
Me: ok we'll need seven leatres of perpal jelly
All do evil laugh
Me: good story and pudding here is planing to prank lettuce for some fun

Puddings out
FireFlare chapter 3 . 7/17/2011
that was so funny. i love it! MORE! my sis and i love pranks. oh by the way i dare tart to boobytrap dren's room! :D
Sunnisheenae chapter 1 . 1/9/2010
The whole "rapped" thing didn't make much sense. Wouldn't she have woken up? There should of been a used syringe. Then Ichigo would have thought she'd been drugged (chapter 12). Other than that, it's great! Write more, please!
kiki chapter 3 . 7/20/2009
*dies from a laugh attack*(na no da)
MikaZuki Blood-AngelofDarkness chapter 3 . 5/8/2008
HAHAHAHAHA! I agree Kish is really hot. MY KISH-KUN! Update soon. Love this story. Torture them. I love you Kish!

MikaZuki Blood-AngelofDarkness chapter 1 . 5/8/2008
Holy shit! No Ichigo. Dont kill my beloved Kish. Shoot Taruto instead. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA love this story so far
xLilWolfGirlx chapter 2 . 4/20/2008

xLilWolfGirlx chapter 1 . 4/19/2008
The blame game does no good Tart. Bad Tart! Don’t lock Ichigo’s door when you leave! Pudding Fong, where did you get that condom?

“I stole it from Pai!”


And where did Pai get the condom?
kpizkool chapter 3 . 2/12/2008
Jay Huddson AKA Aqua chapter 3 . 1/17/2008

keep going! ROFL
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