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origin of summoners chapter 15 . 1/31/2010
great fic.
Dancing Spirit of Sol chapter 1 . 2/25/2008
Just as good as the other one!
Charles McCoy chapter 1 . 2/2/2008
This is just a general review, and a message. I did not realize you hadnt finished the story, which gives me an ideal

Anyways, keep up the good work!
Greki chapter 15 . 8/31/2007
Ah last chapter of this book!

Yes, the first time I read this chap I though: "Oh no! I must save this poor soul from the suffering spiral of teen angst! I mustn't fail!" So here I am, with you stuck with me for the time being. Fun, nope?

Hurrah for Loqua!

I just love your party-thingy sort of stuff! I wonder how Vyse got into that... And it actually made Fina to tease him! OMG, the world is gonna end!

Lol, it would have been funny to see Aika doing that. xD

Aw, Centime's cool and cute too. Wonder if he's real... wonder too how he ever became a *pirate*...

LOL I love the "boner" part! XD I give it a 10/10!

Vyse must learn to keep his mouth shut! Specially when taunting fate. ;;

Oh, finally, blood!

Oh... don't think I'm obsessed with it... I certainly am not.

Aw... your last scene was more touching than the game. Poor Cap'n! T.T

Well, I think I'll stop for today, I actually wrote a bit to much on each review, and I think it's best to write them like that in fewer chaps per day, instead of a few words for lots of chaps per day. Do you agree?

Let's hope so, see ya! And as always, great fun! (Plus now I wanna play SoA, you always inspire me to do so!)
Greki chapter 14 . 8/31/2007
Oh, that "psychotic suicidal" part reminded me... you never got them to do that match of bungee! I wanna see 'em do that, in fact, I wonder what Fina's face would be if she saw them. xD

Poor her!

Yes, my eloquency has not left me as you can already guess. Oh well, who cares? xD I do not believe that people would care for fancy, flamboyant words such as these, after all, many of them are just redundant.

Anyway, I can't really blame them for using it, after all the phrase "in desperate times, desperate measures", does exist for a reason. We all make mistakes.

Hmm, I think that Vice Captain Lucas never has a boring day.

You know, I think Blue Rogues are my heroes. I would have loved to be one! xD Even with their bordering to psychotic suicidal valor! I think that's the fun part of it.

Oh, the battle ship reminded me of what you said about the fixed cannons. I think they're fixed because the Little Jack, as stated frequently, is old. And well, it's not like they're sea ships, but rather *air* ships, if the cannons are not secured, they could easily fall... or maybe in a tight turn they could be sent flying to the bridge. Imagine that...

Btw... I think so many hits to the head can be very, very damaging to the self-conservation area of the brain...

Great chap! I love your ship battles!
Greki chapter 13 . 8/31/2007
"Long and exciting journey", indeed. As always, I'll start with an "I love" combined with "your sarcasm". So, as you can guess I'm back again, and now I do have time to finish this book; hopefully advancing to the next one. Who knows? I'll try!

Anyway, you deserve reviews, so it's not a problem!

So yeah. Aika's a great, great pirate. And as always, poor, poor Fina. At least she's learning. xD

Lol, I wonder if Aika's patented killer glares resemble Gaara's from Naruto. They're both red-heads, can easily kick people's butts... though their personalities are somewhat on the opposite. xD

Anyway, I think I'm starting to fall in love with Fina, she's too damn cute! And I think I already said that, and I'll keep saying that 'cause she's too damn cute. She always does something too damn cute! Not to mention perfectly innocent. Oh, btw, that statement made me imagine Aika in a bar kicking random guys all ways round just 'cause they were sarcastic. Fun!

Hmm... btw, why do their foes actually bleed but not them? Nice combat, btw!

Both of them actually, so yeah, next!
Greki chapter 12 . 8/30/2007
"The Ixa'takan smirked. 'Well, when you put it like that it sounds stupid'"

And I have to say, yes, old man, it does. xD

I wonder if there's some sort of miraculous (sp?) patience that comes with being a perv.

Anyway, this shall be my last review for today! Sis needs PC.

So yeah, poor, poor Vyse, he can't even have decent dreams without being disturbed. xD Oh, I just loved the ending.

And as always, I love Fina's unique ways of suprising people. Poor Vyse, I wonder how he manages!

Hmm... I have noticed that my vocabulary as of lately has been "poor someone", "I love", and "xD". Oh well, "oh well, and anyway" as well. xD

So yeah, that's all for today! See ya!
Greki chapter 11 . 8/30/2007
Intellectual monologues... lol, I don't think I've ever heard a more sarcastic euphenism.

I said it before, and I repeat it again. Aika's too damn cool, and, most importantly, hilarious! But specially more when Vyse teases her. Oh, they are certainly corrupting poor Fina... let's hope she doesn't follow all of Aika's examples. A swearing Fina OMG. O.o

Technically speaking, they all have power over life and death... I don't think, however, that she would use that power that often. I don't know, I think she'd hate it, no? Oh well, who knows.

Oh my, Fina's too damn innocent for her own good... *specially* for Aika's good. xD I do believe that there's nothing more funny than an irate Aika in the presence of a perv, lol specially a certain someone from later in the story.

And, poor DeLoco, wonder how many heart-attacks he's got now.

Finally yes, I quite agree with Isapa about Centime. You made quite the character of him! xD
Greki chapter 10 . 8/30/2007
Hmm... I think DeLoco's nuttier than what I thought him to be... A cool, funny nutt, but a nutt none-the-less. Btw, why do people call weird, nutt people "nutt"?

Anyway... I think I've said this phrase already, but I don't care. I'm too lazy to be eloquent as of now. xD So, yeah. I *love* great ship battles, in fact, the first time I played the game all I wanted was to continue through just to play more ship battles. I specially loved my good ol' Delphinus. I always equipped it as best as I could. It was awesome!
Greki chapter 9 . 8/30/2007
Lol, let's just hope he doesn't have a heart-attack before firing the first cannon. XD

Anyway, back again! School was evil, so evil! It still is, but I love it anyways. :P

So yeah, delicious and rare fruits, huh? I love eating watermelon... I'm not sure if I'd love being eaten by it, though...

Not much to comment on this one, though, so next!

PS: Let's hope I can finish this book today and more or less catch up!
Greki chapter 8 . 8/28/2007
I'm back!

Sleepy though... and with an exam tomorrow, so today I'm just gonna write this one review. It shall be worth it, though, don't worry.

Anyway, thanks for your kind responses! I don't exactly remember what it was but I remember it was something good... and well, yeah.

Anyway, yesterday I spent a good deal of playing SoA, I'm at Yafutoma and a thought came to me... I wonder how Aika's gonna deal with that much water. ;; Poor her. LoL, not to mention that this is the first time that I've seen Cupil's Spike phase, have you seen it? It's so... weird. o-o It's the one which looks like a table... the first time I saw it I thought: "LoL, that gotta hurt." XD

Oh, btw, I saw your newest chap! Way better than the game! I loved it! I always love a good war scene. I think, though, that you need to brush up a little on your Spanish, unless you're using a translator? If that's so, I can translate the phrases you want for free, after all, I've seen that there aren't many in the whole story.

Anyway, to this chap!

She sure is crazy! And you made a great entrance for her too! But... yeah, she's bordering on losing her mind (if she hasn't already) or a limb in a proccess... traveling in those conditions... she's, as we say in Spanish, "una lunática psicótica asesina suicida."

Yep, yep. (-_-)

I was a bit confused when both stayed alone and had their conversation. When she said, "I feel... similar(...)," what exactly did she feel similar about? I know that later it's very... *very* obvious, but in that moment he said a lot of things, so I wasn't exactly sure.

And finaly, yup! She needs to learn a lot of things, not that they aren't teaching them to her. xD Por Fina.

So yeah, I'll see ya some other time, gotta do lots of stuff! LoL, I shall always be amazed at my incredible capacity to break my grammar... I shall let you decide if that was sarcasm or not. xD
Greki chapter 7 . 8/25/2007
Back from class... for a little bit, though, I need to do an investigation in a little bit.

On to review, then!

I'm sure having Aika as best friend would be quite interesting... a bit dangerous, but interesting. And yes, Fina's suspictions are right regarding that matter. xD Poor her. Oh well, at least she enjoys it.

Anyway, regarding our last... "convo"? Ehh, doesn't matter... lol, Aika is certainly getting her into quite the "shape"... XD

Seriousl, though, I gotta tell you that I do know that getting into shape is a pain in the ass, pardon for the expression. I practice Karate-Do, Shito-Ryu, in midday, everyday plus weight exercises, running, and jumping the rope in the afternoons. I have to tell you, however, that with a regulated training you just need a fortnight to get into shape. You just keep it afterwards.

Btw, yes, you do type fast. xD

Oh, and I checked the newest chapter. I shall comment on it in due time, however I can't wait for the next one! Keep up the great work!

But yeah, this review shall be the last for today, I need to do that investigation. See ya, and thanks for writing this story!
Greki chapter 6 . 8/25/2007
Poor Aika... I bet that headache will last for a good while. I love your ship battle scenes! You make them so, so real! It was great indeed! And poor Fina... why don't Vyse and Aika train her?

Anyway, gotta go now! Class starts in a little bit, see ya some other time!
Greki chapter 5 . 8/25/2007
Yes, Cap'n to the rescue!

Btw, I love the fact that the Bane's cliffhanger wasn't that torturing for me. Good to read already stabblished chaps. xD

Anyway, it's good that you made Aika as rash as she's supposed to be. Even though she's sly in your story, you haven't forgotten some of her qualities from the game. Quite a nice balance if you ask me.

Btw, who spoke in this part?

"Fina..." She sighed, and attempted to clear her mind. The sounds of swordplay not ten meters from her slowly faded from her mind as every facet of her being focused.

Was it a typo?

Oh... and shouldn't there be some blood...?

I noticed that too on Valua, with the bullet.

Either way, love their "verbal jabs", sounds quite suitable. xD They're all my heroes, whoo! When I grow up I wanna be like 'em!

Lol, I wonder when that'll be.

Either next!
Greki chapter 4 . 8/25/2007
A great entrance for the Bane! Anyway, both Aika and Vyse are lucky... or perhaps Fina's the lucky one? Considering how winded she's getting... maybe not. It's a good idea of distorting their voices like that, and it has sense too. You did great on it.

I wonder if Fina's going to get sick from worry watching those two...
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